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Lotus Cruise Dubai - A Floating Party Hall

One of the biggest yachts in Dubai, the Lotus mega yacht offers a ton of different amenities that you can enjoy onboard. It is amongst the most popular yacht people charter in Dubai to host large events hosting hundreds of guests. In this article, we take you on a tour around three different decks of this behemoth yacht.

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Lotus Cruise Dubai

All you need to know about the Lotus cruise Dubai

At our luxury yacht rental company in Dubai, we offer the Lotus mega yacht for parties and other events. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, the bookings of this supersized luxury yacht have gone through the roof.

Let us take a look at some of the key details pertaining to the Lotus cruise yacht.

“The Lotus mega yacht is referred to as a luxury party venue in the sea.”

Lotus yacht size

At 243 ft. (74 meters) long, the Lotus mega yacht can capacitate up to 500 passengers onboard. Fathom that because that number is preposterous. The Lotus yacht is categorized as a custom houseboat that is outfitted with all the amenities that you would expect on a luxurious watercraft. It has three decks with a total space of 30,000 sq ft.

Exterior design of the yacht

Lotus Cruise Dubai Party

The Lotus mega yacht carries a very distinct exterior look. What you will notice right away is the honeycomb-like structure throughout the Lotus yacht. The bow of the yacht stands tall and majestic, just like how you would imagine a spaceship to be.

Another interesting aspect is the yacht’s stern. It has a wide and spacious stern that can capacity 11 four-seater tables for guests to enjoy their meal while taking in the views of the city. There’s also an open pool area that makes for a perfect party experience.

Interior of the Lotus yacht

On the interior of the Lotus yacht, the honeycomb-like theme design continues with protruding wall textures and other furniture with the same design.

Call it classy, and that’s how we would define the cabin and hall space of the yacht. It has white flooring with cream and coffee-brown shade lounges on one side and white dining set tables on the other.

It has a total of 9 cabins with an overnight guest capacity of 18 passengers. This yacht has over 20 television displays and 3 projection screens that can enable 60 passengers to watch movies on these big screens.

Amenities onboard the Lotus cruise yacht – what to expect

The Lotus mega yacht is all about opulence and extravagance. Thus, it goes without saying that the yacht comes with several high-end amenities that make cursing on the Lotus an exciting experience.

Here’s a list of some of the top facilities you will find in the Lotus cruise yacht:

  • 42,000-liter swimming pool
  • Six state-of-the-art hot tubs
  • Jet Skis for guests to try out adventure watersports
  • Premium sound system for a theater-like experience
  • A full-scale dancefloor for the disco enthusiasts

Lotus dinner cruise Dubai – Enjoy the most lavish dining experience in the sea

Lotus Cruise Dubai 2022

The Lotus yacht is practically a five-star hotel on the seas. It has plenty of dining space on the interior and the top deck as well. When you charter this yacht from us to host any of your mega events, you can also opt for a custom dining menu.

There’s also an onboard kitchen area for the preparation of cuisine right while you are partying with your friends. So the opportunity to dine on this luxurious mega yacht is something you can’t miss.

Lotus cruise Dubai Marina – The berth of the yacht

Dubai Marina Mall is where the Lotus yacht is currently located, along with several other high-end yachts that we offer. If you are looking to rent this supersized yacht from us, you can reach out to us, and we can give you a tour of the yacht.

Lotus mega yacht highlights

Now that we have taken you through an elaborate tour around the Lotus yacht. Let’s get a quick look at all the standout highlights of the yacht.

Lotus Yacht Features Specifications and other features available
Year of Build 2017
Total passenger capacity of the Lotus Yacht It can accommodate up to 500 people easily
Length of the yacht 243 ft. (74 meters)
Total number of guest cabins on the Lotus yacht There are 9 luxury suites onboard the Lotus mega yacht
Type of boat or category it is classified under The Lotus yacht is classified as a custom-made houseboat
Entertainment system onboard It features 20 TV units, 3 mega projector screens, the latest home theater-style audio system
Water-sporting equipment’s The yacht comes with a custom Jet Ski that guests can use to hit the waves
BBQ equipment It comes with modern BBQ grills to serve dinners with freshly roasted meat
Current Berth Located currently at Dubai Marina, UAE
Total crew members on the Lotus yacht A total of 12 members are there at all times to serve guests needs

Rental price for Lotus cruise Dubai

The Rental prices for the Lotus yacht charter will be determined based on all your yachting requirements. While most of them charter the Lotus for parties and other events, some may choose to charter it as part of their travel experience. The standard rental charges are AED 59,000 for 4 hours and AED 359,000 for a full day.

Custom requirements like bespoke décor, catering, and other entertainment options like DJ will all cost extra. You can inform us how you would like to host your event, and we will provide you with a detailed price quote.

Cruise on a Lotus mega yacht today

Lotus Mega Yachts

Host the biggest, most extravagant parties on the Lotus cruise Dubai. Everything from the large passenger capacity to its 9 cabins and more are all the factors that make it a suitable yacht to host major events.

Therefore, if you are responsible for hosting your office celebration, make sure to reach out to us to help you charter the Lotus yacht for your party.

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