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Yacht Charter Guide Dubai

If you are hoping to enjoy the best sailing experience possible in the UAE, then do not miss out on checking out a yacht charter guide in Dubai. This makes it easy for you to find the yacht charter options that perfectly fit your needs. Get a one-of-a-kind experience viewing the city's stunning skyline with the wind in your hair as you explore the blue sea.

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Yacht charter guide Dubai – find everything you need to know to plan and book

A private yacht charter is an ideal option to experience the extraordinary glamour and the marvelous modern architecture of the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. A charter guide will help you explore the city’s hidden gems and iconic hotspots. It will also give you a flawless experience when you rent a yacht in Dubai.

Completely hassle-free travel plans are a luxury but they don’t come easy. With expert yacht charter services, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the excitement and fun of a high-speed boat tour. Plus, a professional crew could also help you discover some best-kept secrets of the city’s destinations. Having an experienced captain will give you the benefit of leveraging local expertise for a guided on-the-water journey.

You will find the most exclusive yacht selections at Yacht Rental UAE. This will leave you with an unforgettable yachting experience. The fleet includes a range of handpicked luxury yachts. Depending on the model, these yachts can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 500 people. In addition, the yachts can carry up to 4-20 overnight guests.

Generally, the larger the yacht, the more amenities you can expect. For example, the 100 ft Medusa offers several luxury amenities and can comfortably accommodate up to 25 guests. On the other hand, the 220 ft feet Lotus yacht comes with over-the-top facilities like a movie theater, a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, a spa room, elevators, a salon, large guest cabins, a gym, and even a nightclub. Yacht rental prices range from AED 400 to AED 15,000 per hour and AED 10,000 to AED 359,000 per day.

Why a charter guide is important

A charter guide will help you plan your yachting vacation efficiently. Starting with the basic yacht definition, you will be facilitated with the following:

  • The real taste of Dubai  

The charter guide will help you get the authentic taste of Dubai. It will also guide you when cruising beside Dubai’s Deira side souks. The streets like these feature a unique blend of different cultures. The famous spice souk and gold souk can be easily reached through the marina. Besides, the charter guide will also advise you on the city’s best spots for dining and wine. For example, the Armani/Privé Nightclub and the Cavalli Club are popular options.

  • Stress-free travel and vacationing

The charter guide focuses on the little details of cruise travel. As soon as you are on board, the crew comes into action to ensure maximum comfort for the visitors. From making arrangements for water sports to presenting customized menus, each and every requirement of yours will be met with perfection. The crew makes sure that you get the most well-deserved vacation without worrying about anything. A yacht charter is about escaping from the world and making lifelong memories that you can cherish.

  • Customized recommendations and arrangements

Irrespective of the yacht model you rent, you are sure to have a memorable experience while cruising Dubai’s waters. A high-end yacht selection includes several top-notch options. These yachts offer you the chance to enjoy the best time on the sea with your friends or family while witnessing the mesmerizing views of the city.

Sail smart

yacht rental Dubai interior

Take time to think and plan what kind of yachting experience you need. It will help you determine what type of yacht and charter guide will suit your requirements. For example, are you looking forward to having some fun and enjoying entertainment with friends or family? You will probably need to charter a megayacht for that purpose. If you want an extended voyage, then a motor or superyacht will be a good option.

Price ranges to consider while booking a yacht

The cost of a yacht charter guide Dubai depends on various factors such as boat condition and size, guests and crew members’ count, season, activities, and others. Define your budget when exploring yacht charter at Yacht Rental UAE. You can opt for a large-sized boat for an extended trip. You also need to consider the incremental costs (such as deposits and activity charges) that may be incurred during the voyage.

A day on a small yacht of around 48 ft costs around AED 10,000 to AED 30,000 while sailing for the same period on a yacht over 100 ft costs between AED 70,000 to AED 359,000. Note that these are the basic prices. So, charges may increase depending on your facility’s needs and duration. In addition, there are additional costs for premium food and drinks, VAT, and other services.

Yacht types that suit your varying needs

Yacht Rental UAE’s yacht fleet includes sailing yachts, motor yachts, superyachts, and megayacht’s. The fleet consists of yachts from several brands like Sunseeker, Rodriguez, Majesty, Benetti, Aicon, and Azimut. Each yacht differs from one another based on functions, build and features.

You can check the build, length, capacity, and several guests and crew members each yacht can accommodate with us to make an informed decision. In addition, there are good deals on hourly and daily basis in the yacht charter guide Dubai fitting every budget.

Easy steps to follow for yacht charter

Yacht charter Dubai trip

Follow the easy steps listed below to hire a yacht charter guide and book your trip with Yacht Rental UAE in Dubai.

Visit our website

Surely, you would want to know what kind of services the company provides. If you are a resident of Dubai, you can request a tour to check the rental yacht facilities in person. It will also give you a good idea of the scale and size of the yacht you are planning to book for the trip.

You will find all the details related to yacht booking, such as yacht selections, amenities, the experience of crew members, the expertise of the yacht’s captain, etc. on the website. You can also request personalized quotes through the site.

Pick a suitable yacht

yacht sail in Dubai

Your choice of yacht plays a crucial role in your overall trip experience. Hence, choosing a yacht that perfectly fits your yachting plans is essential. For example, a large yacht may not be necessary if you want to enjoy and have fun sailing on the Arabian Sea with your special someone. However, it is perfectly alright to book a huge yacht just for yourself as well.

The luxury charter guide deals allow visitors to choose from the best yacht brands such as the Benetti, Sunseeker, Fairline, Rodriguez. and more. Plus, with a personal crew, chef, and captain on board, you will get the ultimate treat of luxury cruising.

A megayacht or superyacht is perfect for partying and celebrating milestone events. The yacht charter guide Dubai ensures that you have all the information you need to plan a perfect charter trip. Having a trained chef and crew on board is better than spending on a big-sized charter yacht. On the other hand, a large boat is ideal for weddings or family reunions. Check the particulars and features of yachts carefully before finalizing the option.

Contact us for a booking

Another pro tip of our yacht charter guide is that once you have decided the time of year, destinations, time range, type of yacht, and the number of guests, proceed to the website for bookings. Feel free to reach out for a charter guide or additional details about the yachts and related services.

It is best to ensure yacht booking well in advance. This is because Dubai has become one of the major tourist destinations. Hence, finding the right deal in the high-demand season will be tough. Keep in mind that both the yacht and timing are essential for a flawless yachting experience.

  • WhatsApp or call us

To connect with the company directly, click on the WhatsApp option featured under every yacht charter package on the site. However, if you do not have doubts or queries, you can proceed to the final step of yacht rental booking by using the booking option. Alternatively, you may call us at +971582656580 for bookings and queries.

  • Send an email

Feel free to send us your concerns at You may also enquire about yacht charter costs via email.

You will receive confirmation through email or WhatsApp

Once all the steps for booking a yacht are completed, including the payment, we’ll send you a confirmation about the same through WhatsApp or email.

Reach the destination on time

To check out the yacht charter guide Dubai, you may inform us about your yachting plans through call or email so that we can make the necessary arrangements. The crew and boat’s captain make sure the guests reach their destination as per their choice of timing.

Enjoy your trip

Dubai yacht interior

For a flawless yachting experience, avoid adding too many activities and itineraries to the plan. Besides, consider your and your group’s interests when hiring a charter guide and planning the trip. This is an important tip you must know as part of your yacht charter guide. Do you want to spend the maximum amount of your time on sightseeing excursions, or do you want more water sports and other activities? Keep plenty of time for relaxing and exploring the sea.

Take your vacation in Dubai to the next level with a fabulous yacht charter trip. Book now.

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Frequently asked questions about yacht charter guide Dubai

What are the amenities available onboard a yacht?

A luxury yacht offers several amenities to make passengers more comfortable. The main facilities you can expect on a luxury yacht are bedrooms, sundeck, washrooms, lounges, cinema hall, kitchen, spacious lounges, and salon. Some models also come with Jacuzzis. The service providers make every possible effort to make the guests feel welcomed and give them the comfort of home on the sea.

What destinations can I visit in Dubai?

Dubai houses the world's top architectural marvels. The city's most popular attractions are Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, Burj Al Arab, and Wild Wadi Waterpark. All of them are easily accessible through the marina. In addition, you may explore the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean on a charter yacht. There are exclusive packages for private yacht charters that we customize according to the interests of our guests.

What documents do I need to sail to Dubai?

While travelling to Dubai from another country, you need to submit your relevant visa and passport. You only need an Emirates ID or passport to go on a sailing trip in Dubai if you are travelling from another emirate in the UAE. It is recommended to reach out to the customer representative of Yacht Rental UAE to learn about the documents needed for the bookings or verification.

Which are the lowest yacht rental costs?

Yacht Rental UAE offers the most cost-effective deals suiting individual budgets and requirements. The lowest cost for a yacht rental is AED 10,000 per day and AED 400 per hour. However, additional costs, such as VAT, may apply to this price.

What is included in a yacht’s rental costs?

The rental costs we charge for a charter yacht cover guest accommodation, fuel charges, crew members, water, ice, and soft drinks.

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