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Desert Rose Yacht - The Supersized Party Yacht

A custom-made mega yacht that has been designed and built to carry a large number of passengers onboard. The Desert Rose yacht has design elements borrowed from a catamaran boat as well as a cruise liner. This mega yacht is commonly chartered to host yacht parties and other major events. Find out all the unique aspects of the Desert Rose that make it so desirable to rent.

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Desert Rose Yacht

A detailed guide to the Desert Rose yacht Dubai

With three spacious decks available, the Desert Rose yacht makes for the perfect yacht to charter for events. There are a host of different amenities and facilities onboard that make cruising on the Desert Rose comfortable and extremely joyful.

“Desert Rose with its huge capacity of passengers is the right choice for hosting corporate events and weddings on a yacht.”

We offer similar supersized yachts for charter as part of our luxury yacht rental services in Dubai. These yachts are capable of carrying over 150 passengers. Find out more about the Desert Rose below:

Interior of the Desert Rose mega yacht

At any given time, the Desert Rose yacht can comfortably accommodate over 200 guests onboard. The interior of this mega yacht has been designed by some of the leading designers in the industry. It has been decked up with top-notch materials that would perfectly complement a wedding celebration or a gala dinner onboard.

Some of the notable features on the yacht include an outdoor bar area, live cooking stations, and a 90-capacity dining area. Not only that, but the dining lounge aboard the yacht has been sectioned off into three segments, the buffet area, the standard area, and the VIP lounge area.

The total number of cabins in the Desert Rose yacht is 14, which allows 20 guests to comfortably stay overnight. These rooms are divided into 8 regular bedrooms and 6 VIP suites.

It also features 18 bathrooms equipped with all the required amenities and other facilities. Some of the other aspects include a luxurious saloon, a modern kitchen with all the latest equipment, and a fully functioning laundry.

Desert Rose Yacht rental

Other amenities

  • A fully digital yacht management system that can be controlled from an iPad.
  • RGB lights placed in different parts of the yacht with over one thousand different color combinations
  • A full surround sound system and two 150-inch TV screens for entertainment, and an additional 20 displays across the entire yacht
  • 150 tables for guests onboard
  • Fully automatic climate control system

Dimensions of the yacht

The yacht measures a total length of 155 ft. 47 meters. It has a total surface area of 1100 square meters. These dimensions show the sheer size of the yacht and its capability to accommodate a large number of guests without any hassle.

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Performance specs of this supersized mega yacht

Powering this massive mega yacht are three diesel engines. The power output produced by all three engines combined is 1240 horsepower. 440 horsepower powered by one engine and a total of 800 horsepower by the two other engines.

Apart from this, the Desert Rose also features two 96-kilowatt power-producing diesel generators and two thrusters steering with joysticks. This engine is capable of propelling the Desert Rose to an estimated top speed of 20 knots. The massive proportions of the yacht are not designed for it to travel faster but rather to cruise on slowly.


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Highlights of the Desert Rose yacht – A quick look at what you can expect

If you are planning to opt for a Desert Rose yacht rental in Dubai, here’s a quick look at the overall details of the yacht.

Desert Rose Yacht Details Specification, performance, and other figures of the yacht
Yacht engine 3 Diesel Powered Engines
Total horsepower produced 1240 horsepower generated in total by combining the three engines
Length of the Desert Rose 47 meters (155 ft. in length)
The total surface of the yacht 1100 m2 (11,840 sq ft)
Number of decks on the Desert Rose There are a total of three decks
Estimated top speed 20 knots is the estimated total speed
The total capacity of the yacht The total capacity of the yacht is 200
Number of cabins in the Desert Rose 14 cabins are on the yacht
Other amenities 17,000-liter of freshwater pool with a temperature control system, two 150-inch theater screens, modern safety equipment
Crew onboard There are a total of 12 crew members who are trained to assist passengers based on their needs

Top events to host on the Desert Rose yacht

Desert rose Mega yacht Dubai Marina

  1. Wedding – bride, and groom can easily accommodate their guests
  2. Corporate events – Perfect space for hosting office parties
  3. Yacht party – A bachelor or bachelorette party on a yacht sounds fun
  4. Anniversary celebration – Make your special day even more memorable
  5. Product launch – A unique way to introduce your product to the market
  6. New Year party – The most exciting New Year celebration
  7. Festival occasions – Plan your Christmas party on a Desert Rose yacht
  8. Birthday celebrations – Host a birthday party with friends and family

You can host a memorable yacht wedding in Dubai on a fabulous yacht.

The above-mentioned are just some of the many different types of occasions and events you conduct on this yacht. There are no restrictions as such regarding the types of events you can celebrate.

What’s important to note, however, is that with a 200-guest capacity with an additional allowance for 20 more, the guest list also needs to be limited to this number.

Overcrowding the yacht with access is not only prohibited by yacht rental companies, but more importantly, is hazardous to passengers. Therefore, we always advise our clients to ensure the number of guests is within the yacht’s capacity.

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Desert Rose – Cruise in one of Dubai’s largest yacht

What looks like it just arrived from out of this world is indeed a very popular yacht for rent in Dubai. The massive size of the Desert Rose yacht and the extensive amount of space available in its interior and cabins make it the most desirable yacht to rent for parties and mega celebrations.

Whether you are planning your wedding or are looking to host the greatest New Year party, make sure to check out our yacht rental in Dubai.


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