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Aicon 85 – Tayget

Per Hour AED 3,500 Capacity 20
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Experience the grandeur on the waters

Benetti 164 – Code 8

Per Hour AED 16,000 Capacity 50
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Embark on a journey of excitement and adventure

Majesty 101 – Black Diamond

Per Hour AED 2,500 Capacity 50
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Yacht rental Dubai | Turn your luxury sailing dreams into reality!

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We offer 100+ yacht options from the finest brands around the world. Each model in our huge fleet comes with state-of-the-art facilities, trained crew members, and premium safety features for a memorable luxury yachting experience.

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AED 8000 - AED 359000
AED 600 - AED 16000
aicon yacht charter dubai

Aicon 85 – Tayget

  • Build Aicon
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 3,500 Price Per Day AED 40,000

165 Benetti yacht

Benetti 164 – Code 8

  • Build Benetti
  • Length 164ft (50m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 10

PRICE PER HOUR AED 16,000 Price Per Day AED 160,000

Al Shaali Yacht For Rent

Alshali 52

  • Build Alshali
  • Length 52ft (15.8496m)
  • Capacity 28

PRICE PER HOUR AED 900 Price Per Day AED 10,000

Carnevali Italian Yacht view near Ain Dubai

Carnevali 55

  • Build Carnevali
  • Length 55ft (16.764m)

PRICE PER HOUR AED 900 Price Per Day AED 10,000

Fairline Squadron Yacht for rental

Fairline 75 – Squadron

  • Build Fairline
  • Length 75ft (22.86m)
  • Capacity 33

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,200 Price Per Day AED 14,000

Gulf craft yacht for charter

Gulf Craft 88

  • Build Gulf Craft
  • Length 88ft (26.8224m)
  • Capacity 65

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,500 Price Per Day AED 19,000

Baglietto 108 – Lady Maya

  • Build Baglietto
  • Length 108ft (33m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 7,500 Price Per Day AED 75,000

90 PR Marine yacht in dubai

PR Marine – 90 Haigan

  • Build PR Marine
  • Length 90ft (27.4m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 4,000 Price Per Day AED 40,000

Gulf Craft 95 - D321 in dubai

Gulf Craft 95 – D321

  • Build Gulf Craft
  • Length 95ft (29m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,300 Price Per Day AED 30,000

64 Nuvari sailing

Nuvari 64 – Luna

  • Build Nuvari
  • Length 64ft (19.5m)
  • Capacity 25
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 900 Price Per Day AED 20,000

Sunseeker Java 64 exterior

Sunseeker 64 – Java

  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 64ft (19.5m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,500 Price Per Day AED 15,000

Stealth 80 exterior design

Custom 80 – Stealth

  • Build Custom Yacht
  • Length 80ft (24.3m)
  • Capacity 60
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 7,000 Price Per Day AED 120,000

88 Viking exterior

Viking – 88

  • Build Vikings
  • Length 88ft (26.8m)
  • Capacity 48
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,000 Price Per Day AED 30,000

88 Virgo sailing

Custom 88 – Virgo

  • Build Custom Yacht
  • Length 88ft (26.8m)
  • Capacity 65
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,890 Price Per Day AED 41,000

101 Majesty Infinity sailing

Majesty 101 – Infinity

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 101ft (30.7m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 3,000 Price Per Day AED 48,000

Lotus yacht exterior

Custom Yacht 220 – Lotus

  • Build Custom Yacht
  • Length 220ft (67m)
  • Capacity 500
  • Guests 18

PRICE PER HOUR AED 14,990 Price Per Day AED 359,000

77 Majesty sailing

Majesty 63 – AA3

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 63ft (19.2m)
  • Capacity 30
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,200 Price Per Day AED 15,000

Azimut 62 yacht sailing

Azimut 62 – Freedom

  • Build Azimut
  • Length 62ft (18.8m)
  • Capacity 25
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,400 Price Per Day AED 14,000

Oryx 36

Oryx 36

  • Build Oryx
  • Length 36ft (10.9m)
  • Capacity 10
  • Guests 2

PRICE PER HOUR AED 600 Price Per Day AED 8,000

The Ultimate Escape: What it Feels Like to Rent Our Yacht

Imagine stepping onto a beautiful yacht and feeling your worries melt away. The sea breeze, the sparkling water, and the endless horizon promise a journey of pure freedom and relaxation. Whether you are drawn to the sleek lines of an Azimut or the classic elegance of a San Lorenzo, Yacht Rental UAE makes your yachting dreams a reality.

With our company in Dubai, your yachting experience isn’t just a trip – it’s a carefully designed adventure that’s unique to you. We help you choose the perfect yacht and plan a trip that fulfills all your seafaring dreams.

Find Your Ideal Yacht

The right yacht is the heart of a great sea adventure. It should reflect your style and what you want to do on your trip. Think about the kind of experience you want, then choose your yacht:

Brand Best For Amenities Popular Routes & Destinations
Aicon Speed and Italian style Sleek design, sunbathing areas, entertainment system Short cruises around Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
Alshali Traditional comfort and charm Spacious decks, majlis-style seating, fishing options Overnight trips, exploring the Musandam Peninsula
Azimut Modern design and innovation Open-plan layouts, panoramic views, water toys Day trips to Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas Island
Benetti Timeless elegance and pure luxury Jacuzzi, cinema room, formal dining areas Extended voyages, Mediterranean destinations
Duretti Space and reliable performance Large cabins, flybridge, fishing equipment Exploring the UAE coastline, day trips
Fairline Exciting design and modern comfort Convertible lounges, wet bar, high-tech features Short cruises, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah
Majesty Grand spaces and top-notch features Helipad (on larger models), swimming pools, opulent interiors Multi-day cruises, Arabian Gulf exploration
Numarine Cutting-edge style and technology Beach club features, futuristic design, high performance Day trips, exploring nearby islands
Nuvari Power, luxury, and flexibility Performance hull, customizable layouts, tender garage Weekend getaways, secluded coves, coastal cruises
PR Marine Bespoke features and advanced design Tailored interiors, unique options, gyro stabilizers Custom itineraries, destination flexibility
Rodriguez Extravagant size and pure opulence Multiple decks, lavish suites, spa facilities Exclusive parties, corporate events, longer cruises
San Lorenzo Custom-made luxury and craftsmanship Hand-finished interiors, designer collaborations, helipad options Bespoke voyages, unique destinations
Sunseeker Sporty style and British excellence Performance-driven, sleek lines, watersports focus Exciting day trips, exploring the Dubai coastline
Viking Classic feel and reliable performance Dependable construction, fishing-focused options, spacious layout Offshore fishing expeditions

Plan Your Dream Trip

Where do you want to go to in the UAE? What activities do you want to include in your trip? We help you answer these questions so your trip is everything you hoped for. With Yacht Rental UAE, you can explore hidden beaches, visit exciting cities, and do all your favorite watersports. Let us know what you want, and we will create a plan that’s just for you.

Celebrate on the Open Sea

A yacht is the perfect setting whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or just the joy of being on the water. Enjoy delicious food, beautiful views, and the company of your loved ones. Yacht Rental UAE can help you make your sea celebration unforgettable!

We give you the privacy and freedom to enjoy the sea your way. Relax in luxurious surroundings, try exciting water activities, and explore destinations you have always dreamed of. We will take care of all the details, so you must enjoy the moment.

Service Tailored to You

Our crew understands that the best luxury is personalized. Everything is designed to make your trip special from the moment you step on board. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Attention to every detail so you can relax completely
  • Trips planned around what you love to do
  • Delicious meals prepared by skilled chefs
  • Friendly and discreet service from our experienced crew
  • Expert guidance ensures your yachting adventure is safe and unforgettable

Ocean Adventures Await

A yacht trip is not just about relaxing. It is about exploring and having fun! With Yacht Rental UAE, you can enjoy various adventurous activities, such as:

  • Snorkel among colorful fish and reefs
  • Use a jet ski to race across the waves
  • Try the latest underwater scooter technology
  • Go fishing for big catches in the deep sea
  • Enjoy romantic sunset cruises with someone special


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