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Corporate Yacht Charter

For people who hustle the whole year, Yacht Rental UAE offers a terrific list of options for the ultimate corporate yacht charter in Dubai. Enjoy a wonderful evening at the sea and jazz up your corporate events with our luxury yachts. From gourmet meals our private chefs prepare to tantalizing cocktails from expert bartenders, impress clients and boost competitive spirit by hopping onboard one of our luxury yachts.

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Aicon 85 – Tayget
  • Build Aicon
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht Extra Sound system, Microphone
165 Benetti yacht corporate party on yacht
Benetti 164 – Code 8
  • Build Benetti
  • Length 164ft (50m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 10
  • extras on yacht Extra Sound, Virtual hostess
  • food on yacht rental Food Canape, Drinks (selected)
Black Pearl exterior design corporate party on yacht
Duretti 85 – Black Pearl
  • Build Duretti
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 45
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht Extra Sound, Virtual hostess
  • food on yacht rental Food 40 pax canapés, Drinks (selected)

Corporate yacht party – upgrade work events in style

Corporate event in a yacht

Looking for an innovative way to host and enjoy corporate events? Plan a corporate yacht party. Hit the waters with the beautiful models we offer for yacht rental Dubai. From an exciting range of beautifully sculpted yachts, jazz up your party with a fine selection of cocktails, gourmet cuisines, and a range of fun water activities for 4 hours.

If you are looking for a sleek model with a few close or high-level associates, try our 85 ft Tayget by Aicon. With a capacity of 20, you can have a gala with your colleagues post the team building event at just AED 20,000 for the whole package.


Whether you are planning to host a corporate event or a yacht party in Dubai, make sure to charter our yachts today.


If you are looking for a more spacious option for your corporate yachts party, we recommend the 164 Benetti – Code 8. With a capacity of 50, it’s the best option for a big corporate charter yacht party. Whether you want to celebrate a new milestone or launch a new product with a bang, our Benetti yacht is well-equipped to create a memorable night. From entertaining clients, office parties to a product launch and business meetings, our services for a corporate yacht charter in Dubai are all you need for an unforgettable event at the sea.

How to book corporate yachts rentals Dubai

Chartering corporate yachts rentals Dubai is pretty easy! Follow these simple steps to meet your perfect sea party partner.

Find the perfect boat

Check out the terrific and well-maintained yachts we offer from our event-based categories. Whether you have a team-building event, or a party on a small or large scale, we have the perfect boat for every occasion.


Connect with our team on WhatsApp or reach out to us through our contact form. Let us help curate the perfect luxury yacht charter plan for your event with the right food, crew, and activities right in your budget.

Book with ease

Booking your perfect ride for the sea is easy with Yacht Rental UAE. All that you have to do is share your booking details, date, pickup location, model, and other requirements- pay easily and securely with your preferred payment mode (cash, credit card or crypto payment for example), and you are done.


And that’s it! Your corporate yacht charter Dubai is booked. All that you are left to do is cruise on your chosen yacht for an event you will never forget.

Discover your adventure on the water

Why limit your luxury yacht charter trip to the boat alone! Feel free to dive into the water and enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean from our hand-curated range of exciting water sports.

If you really want to get your colleagues into high spirits and feel energetic for a challenging week ahead, some of our corporate event yachts come with add-ons like a Seabob. And if anyone is not confident enough to tackle the waves all by themselves, they can always try a ride on our donut boats. Get your office gang onboard and surf through the rebellious waves with the exceptional security of our water activity experts. Our corporate charters are amazing on their own, but choosing such additional activities will amp up the excitement even further.

Our yachts – take a look at our overwater beauties

Are you ready to book one of our yacht corporate events options? Here are our top 3 models that you can choose from to host a fabulous team building event:

164 – Code 8

Corporate yacht trip

Want the ultimate taste of premium amenities and tasteful naval design all in one yacht? Try our Benetti 164– Code 8. The package includes food and beverages including canapes, and also a virtual hostess.

  • Package price: AED 75,000
  • Capacity: 50
  • Guest: 10
  • Length: 164 ft

85 – Black Pearl

Want to turn up the heat at your post-corporate hospitality event part with some live music and hand-picked drinks? Try our Duretti 85– Black Pearl! And the best part is you get a virtual assistant throughout the trip to look after your needs.

  • Package price: AED 15,000
  • Capacity: 85
  • Guest: 6
  • Length: 85 ft

Aicon 85 – Tayget

Cruise through the pristine waters of UAE in style with this classic beauty- Aicon 85- Tayget. Magnificent cabin designs, a relaxing Jacuzzi, and a flybridge to soak into the beauty of Dubai; there is literally nothing else that can make your corporate yacht charter trip better. The package includes a premium sound system and microphone to elevate the mood.

  • Package price: AED 20,000
  • Capacity: 20 ft
  • Guest: 6
  • Length: 85

How can you enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai?

There are countless ways to admire the beautiful city of Dubai. You can try the level 43 sky lounge, get a seaplane tour, zipline over the Dubai Marina, get a hot air balloon ride or live the dream of millions by staying at the Burj Khalifa.

However, nothing beats the beauty of this glamorous city better than a trip on the waters of the UAE. Here are some popular destinations you can explore on our boats:


Dubai Canal

This 3.2 km long canal with a 6.4km waterfront stretch across the heart of the city amidst the Sheikh Zayed Road before connecting the Arabian Gulf. If you want the ultimate cocktail of nature and brilliant architecture while motivating your employees, Dubai Canal is a great choice.

Dubai Creek

Say you are looking for a short ride with more focus on getting Instagram-worthy pictures. In that case, try the Dubai Creek on our corporate event yachts. We cannot think of a better frame than the exotic blue waters overlooking the hustle-bustle of the city.



If you want to hit the deep waters, pick any of your favorite Dubai beaches. Be it Jumeirah beach or the La Mer beach; our yachts are well-equipped to tame the ferocious waves while giving you an unforgettable trip around the city with your colleagues.

Top class yachts – why choose our yachts?

Trip on corporate rental yacht

You have countless options, so why should you choose Yacht Rental UAE to book the perfect ride for the sea? Here are 3 ways we can add extra magic to your private yacht events.


Boats are fully cleaned and sanitized between events

A common reason why many people are apprehensive of corporate boat rental services is hygiene standards. After all, when a boat passes from one group to another, the last thing you want is to deal with the trash left behind.

That’s where we stand apart. We have more than 100 yachts sailing all across the UAE, yet each of them is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between two events. With us, you only board squeaky clean boats as good as new.


Spacious and comfortable for all gatherings

You cannot really enjoy the beautiful sea if you are out there struggling to make room for yourself or get some fresh air in a packed crowd. For a successful corporate yacht charter in Dubai, you need to adequately accommodate all your guests and goods and still leave enough room for everyone to be comfortable.

That’s why at our luxury charter yacht company, we only offer spacious and comfortable boats. Let us know your total guest count, and we can suggest the perfect model for your special events.


A professional and experienced captain

The sea can often become unruly, and the beautiful blue waves can turn into your worst nightmare. That’s why all our yachts are equipped with professional and experienced captains who are trained to tackle the worst of the weather. We place all our guests in safe hands so that the only thing that you have to worry about is fun and leisure.

Are you looking for your next corporate venue for a memorable party? Let’s get started!

Frequently asked questions about renting a yacht for corporate charters

What makes Yacht Rental UAE different from other corporate boat rental platforms?

We have devised corporate charter event packages based on extensive research by our expert team. We offer a range of yachts of varying sizes to choose from for corporate events. From food to a hostess, we take care of everything you and your colleagues need to throw a fabulous work event.

How can I make a booking for a corporate event at a yacht rental in UAE?

Start off by checking out the yacht models we offer for corporate events. Once you have selected your desired model, you can simply reach out to us on WhatsApp or send us a message with your contact details and requirements. We will get back to you immediately. Let’s connect!

What does it cost to rent a yacht for a corporate event in Dubai?

The average price to rent a yacht in Dubai for corporate events largely depends on the number of guests, boat model, and the total duration. For instance, the price for renting the 85 ft Black Pearl’s corporate package with us will cost you AED 15000.

Is it possible to organize a corporate charter event on a yacht at a large scale?

Yes, it is defenitely possible to organize a large-scale corporate hospitality event on a yacht. We have several yacht options with a capacity of over 200 passengers. You can let us know your requirements at the time of booking.


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