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Benetti Yacht Charter in Dubai

Bask in luxury and go where the waves take you when you book a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai. Marvel at the feeling of the sun on your skin and the sight of endless blue water stretching out all around you while onboard our Benetti charter yacht. Vacations under the warm sun cannot get any better than this.

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165 Benetti yacht

Benetti 164 – Code 8

  • Build Benetti
  • Length 164ft (50m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 10

PRICE PER HOUR AED 16,000 Price Per Day AED 160,000

Book a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai for the perfect summer holiday

Benetti charter trip

It is not an exaggeration to say that Dubai is the place where sailor dreams come true. For one, the weather is always warm and sunny (except for a couple of days in a year). Plus the sea is calm and incredibly blue. Also, the city’s officials are keen on expanding the sailing possibilities in the area and are highly supportive of tourists who want to explore the gorgeous waters. Considering all these advantages, doesn’t renting a Benetti yacht in Dubai sound like an awesome idea?

The Italian yacht manufacturer Benetti’s yachts have been showing their passengers a fabulous time since 1873. Laughter, fun, and peace (if that is your vibe) are guaranteed onboard any of their yachts. Our yacht rental Dubai company enables you to choose to embark from a number of locations across the city.

What can you even do all day onboard a Benetti, you might ask? Well, for starters, you can organize the best event ever, from an exclusive birthday party to your friend’s raging bachelor party. If this is not really your scene, you can have a great time onboard with your closest friends (or alone) turning your pirate fantasies into reality. Who would want to miss out on the opportunity to be Captain Jack Sparrow for a day, after all?

So without further ado, check out our options for Benetti yacht charter in Dubai, choose the activities you want to experience, and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Benetti charters – for award-winning sailing experiences

The global luxury yacht market is predicted to reach a value of around 14.5 billion dollars by 2030. Considering the large number of luxury yachts that are manufactured every year, one might think that there is nothing unique that a yacht can offer anymore. However, Benetti yachts continue to defy expectations and win awards for doing so.

For instance, the company’s yacht Rebeca, which is also the first unit of its Oasis 40M range, and the Alfa, which is a 70-meter luxury yacht, were acclaimed during the World Superyacht Awards organized by Boat International.

The ideal blend of phenomenal exterior design, spacious accommodation, premium amenities, and sublime naval architecture make each Benetti yacht extraordinary. We make sailing even better by enabling more trip customization options for our Benetti yacht charter in Dubai.

Escaping life in the city with Benetti yachts in Dubai

Granted, Dubai is a fabulous city to live in. It is futuristic and forward-looking in every way and has countless opportunities for recreation. However, it is hard to deny that it is good to break away from the city once in a while, especially when the sea looks so gorgeous and inviting. And what better way to take a break than by sailing off to the sunset using one of our Benetti yachts?

What’s more, there is just so much to do on a yacht, especially onboard one as grand as a Benetti Oasis charter, for instance. We can help you organize the best events ever, (and we do mean the best). Take a look at some of the popular ideas below.

  • Unforgettable birthdays
  • Fun fishing experiences
  • Scenic sunset cruises
  • Memorable family reunions
  • Wild bachelor parties

Unforgettable birthdays

Imagine celebrating one of your milestone birthdays while popping champagne onboard a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai with your loved ones. And of course, stocking up on summer cocktails to come to terms with your birthday will not hurt either. If the idea of surprising your best friend or your special someone on their birthday sounds like a great idea, we can help you do that as well while we plan your perfect Benetti charter trip. Believe us, this is the kind of birthday surprise that is hard to top or forget.

Fun fishing experiences

Does stretching out on a yacht’s patio, holding a fruity drink, and staring off into the sea while working on your patience sound like a wonderful way to pass time? If yes, we recommend using our option for fishing while onboard our Benetti yacht charter in Dubai. Fishing is a pretty fun activity, but it is not meant for everybody. Either you might end up getting lucky in the first few minutes of dropping the fishing line, or have to wait for hours without reeling in anything. However, it is a great way to relax. And of course, if you get your best mates to join you, it will be a rather thrilling experience. Also, you can cook your catch in the yacht’s gourmet kitchen and devour it in the open dining space.

Scenic sunset cruises

Nothing beats watching the sun sink and disappear when there is nothing but the endless sea around you. The experience is even better when you are sailing on a Benetti yacht with no one but the people you love around you. It is a great opportunity to truly live in the moment and leave all worries behind. You can either do it by leaning back and contemplating life, or by throwing the wildest sundowner party ever for your friends, all during a Benetti charter trip. To be honest, both scenarios sound awesome to us; you can take your pick or do both on different days.

Memorable family reunions

There is no better place than Dubai for family members living in different parts of the world to come together and have a great time. This emirate has so much to offer for everyone, be it your toddler niece or your grandmother. Family reunions tend to be chaotic; when it happens while on a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai, it becomes lively and exciting.

For instance, imagine organizing an impromptu cannonball competition with your cousins and diving into the warm waters together. Or else, everyone can take turns cruising around on a jetski. When the stomachs start rumbling, you can have your whole family spread out in the dining area eating incredible food while laughing and talking over each other. We have amazing options to book such as watersports and food packages. When the chatter gets too overwhelming, you can catch a break with a nap in one of the yacht’s comfortable bedrooms.

Wild bachelor parties

As the best man or maid of honor, it is up to you to give your best friend the most amazing send-off into married life possible. You need to organize a night to truly remember, the shenanigans of which your gang will keep bringing up during get-togethers even after decades. Well, this is what our Benetti yachts in Dubai are there for.

Get a DJ onboard, throw in all the additional activities and book some incredible food and drinks to keep the party going from evening to dawn. Take a bunch of photos throughout the night since it is going to be a blurry but terrific night that you would want to splash all over Instagram.

Benetti yacht charter rates in Dubai to keep an eye on

Benetti yacht interior

Life and everything in it is just so much better when you are onboard a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai. For instance, laying down and watching the stars is a surreal experience. However, doing it to the sound of waves lulling all around you is even better. Similarly, reminiscing about old times with your friends is certainly wonderful, but doing it in the middle of the sea on a Benetti yacht with no one else nearby is a bucket-list-worthy experience. Possibilities for both peace and adventure are endless when you book a Benetti yacht with us for the following prices.

Experience luxury by the hour

Maybe you just want to escape from the city on a busy weekday for a few hours of peace, sipping a summer drink and watching the sunset with the warm summer wind in your hair. You can do this while lounging in a Jacuzzi when you book a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai with us. An experience like this will clear up your thoughts and prepare you for the busy days ahead. After all, there are no problems in life that are not solvable by watching the sunset from a luxury yacht. Our yacht charter Dubai rates for a Benetti yacht start from AED 16000 AED (excluding VAT) for an hour for the 164 ft Code 8.

Extend grandeur for a day

An interesting aspect of a Benetti yacht is that once you get on it, you will never want to leave. We won’t blame you; with a gorgeous Jacuzzi, vast lounge areas, and scrumptious food, a trip on a Benetti is an awe-inspiring experience. So why not make the most of it and extend your rental period to a day? This will cost you AED 160000 AED plus VAT for the 164 ft Code 8.

Top landmarks to spot onboard a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai

Dubai is a city that has been designed to impress; even if you are not fond of cities, you will be fascinated by this one. There is no shortage of architectural marvels in Dubai; after all, it is home to the tallest building in the world. While you are marveling at all the incredible features of your Benetti yacht, you can also get unbeatable views of some of the city’s landmarks. We can plan your charter route based on the views that sound most appealing to you. Just think about all the envy-evoking snaps you can capture on the way! Here is some inspiration.

  • Look up at tall skyscrapers at the Dubai Marina
  • Marvel at the design of the Palm Jumeirah
  • Experience the upscale at Bluewaters Island
  • Gaze at the phenomenal Burj Al Arab

What makes a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai a worthwhile experience?

benetti yacht sail

A Benetti yacht is not an average luxury yacht; it is equipped with state-of-the-art features that can make any boat enthusiast drool. Plus, Dubai is the place to be for anyone who is looking for their next adventure, because the possibilities are infinite there. Sailing on a Benetti yacht in Dubai is what summer dreams are all about. Learn more about what makes it extraordinary.

  • Mind-blowing facilities
  • Sensational experiences

Mind-blowing facilities

Yachts come in all shapes and sizes, and Benetti’s 60m yacht is one of the smaller yet grander ones. However, Benetti’s 164 feet Code 8 model is so luxuriously designed and so lavishly furnished that it can make anyone’s jaw drop in wonder. It is so massive that it can comfortably fit 50 people at a time (14 overnight). Imagine having all the space for yourself and your closest friends!

This yacht features twin MTU 16 V 4000 engines, 4524 horsepower, a cruising speed of 16 knots, and a maximum speed of 18 knots. It also comes with a charming Jacuzzi, a wide dining area, a luxury deck, an advanced music system, a garage, a fabulous saloon, a gourmet kitchen, a satellite TV, and much more. We know the list is long already, but these are just some of the features of this incredible yacht, and they make the experience of a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai truly memorable.

Sensational experiences

Is it the idea of drifting off to sleep on a yacht’s deck, with your sunglasses and sunscreen lotion on, to the soothing sound of waves that makes you yearn? Or is it the thrilling thought of being an explorer on the lookout for life-altering adventures across the open sea that gets you all hyped up? Or maybe you are one of those people who want them all. Well, we can customize your yacht charter trip to include any or all of these experiences.

For instance, you can choose to add a few watersports activities to your trip, including jet ski rides, Seabobs, and much more. We can also get an awesome DJ to get the party going, and even some live shows to keep you entertained. If you want to make your peers back home jealous of your vacation on a Benetti yacht in Dubai, then why not splurge on a private photographer? It goes without saying that the photos are going to be incredible, considering that Dubai’s bright blue sea, a stunning yacht, and its lavish amenities will appear in the background. We will organize it all; all you need to do is show up in your summer wear, and look and feel fabulous.

Frequently asked questions about renting a Benetti yacht in Dubai

What all are included in the rental price of a Benetti yacht?

Our Benetti yacht’s rental costs cover a professional crew, safety equipment, full use of the yacht’s facilities (including Jacuzzi), fuel charges, water, soft drinks, and ice.

Can I book a DJ while renting a Benetti?

You can level up any party onboard our luxury Benetti yacht by booking a fabulous DJ and dancing the night away.

What is the overnight guest capacity of a Benetti yacht?

A 164 ft Benetti yacht can carry up to 14 overnight guests and 50 passengers otherwise. A 115 ft Benetti can fit upto 50 people as well.

Is fuel included in the Benetti yacht rental price?

The Benetti yacht rental price covers the fuel charges that will be incurred during the trip.

Can I request any extra activities while renting a Benetti?

You can request a range of additional activities during your Benetti yacht trip including an international DJ, premium food and beverage packages, live entertainment, watersports, party decorations, and much more. Our concierge will assist you in choosing all the right activities while planning your yacht trip.

What are important safety measures to follow while sailing on a rental Benetti yacht?

You need to follow the local laws of the UAE to prevent any trouble during your trip. Make sure to adhere to the crew’s guidelines for your safety as well. Also, anyone under 21 years of age is required to be supervised by a mature adult at all times while onboard the yacht.


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