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Dubai Harbour Yacht Rental

The upscale seafront district Dubai Harbour is the largest marina in the region and is home to a well-developed cruise terminal. Visiting the Harbour is an opportunity to experience the finest sailing, dining, and retail activities the Dubai emirate has to offer.

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aicon yacht charter dubai

Aicon 85 – Tayget

  • Build Aicon
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 3,500 Price Per Day AED 40,000

Yacht Rental UAE

Baglietto 108 – Lady Maya

  • Build Baglietto
  • Length 108ft (33m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 7,500 Price Per Day AED 75,000

Gulf Craft 95 - D321 in dubai

Gulf Craft 95 – D321

  • Build Gulf Craft
  • Length 95ft (29m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,300 Price Per Day AED 30,000

64 Nuvari sailing

Nuvari 64 – Luna

  • Build Nuvari
  • Length 64ft (19.5m)
  • Capacity 25
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 900 Price Per Day AED 20,000

101 Majesty Infinity sailing

Majesty 101 – Infinity

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 101ft (30.7m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 3,000 Price Per Day AED 48,000

68 Azimut sailing

Azimut 68 – Sports

  • Build Azimut
  • Length 68ft (20.7m)
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 900 Price Per Day AED 13,000

fairline liberty yacht

Fairline 76 – Liberty

  • Build Fairline
  • Length 76ft (23.1m)
  • Capacity 33
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,000 Price Per Day AED 22,000

Get a taste of the upscale lifestyle of the UAE at Dubai Harbour

Dubai Harbour view

Boasting the largest marina in the UAE and a well-developed cruise terminal, Dubai Harbour is a popular destination for boat enthusiasts. With the largest cruise terminal in the area, the Harbour is expecting cruise ships as well as luxury megayachts and superyachts from all over the world.

The area offers beautiful views of the city’s landmarks like Ain Dubai and Burj Al Arab. While the berthing areas are open for visitors to explore, the restaurants, bars, and cafes in Dubai Harbour are set to open in the near future. There are numerous overwater luxury opportunities in the popular seafront district of Dubai Harbour.

Connecting the world at Dubai Harbour

Sailing Dubai Harbour

Around 150,000 passengers are predicted to arrive in the area by the end of the 2021-2022 cruising season. Considering the large number of berths in the Harbour, this is an easy feat.

In November 2021, the cruise ship AIDAbella marked the beginning of the cruise season in the UAE. There were 1,200 passengers and 600 crew members onboard during the trip. This historic event is a promise of the Harbour’s maritime growth in the future.

Similarly, the Dubai International Boat Show 2022 was organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre in the Harbour recently. The yacht models of top brands like Gulf Craft, Azimut, Princess, and Benetti were featured during the event. With around 800 brands participating, the Harbour proved to be an ideal place for the show with its superior berthing options.

All in all, Dubai Harbour is standing out as a prime destination for people from all over the world to come together and experience maritime luxury.

What makes Dubai Harbour a popular tourist spot?

Dubai Harbour yachts

Dubai Harbour has plenty of entertainment and lifestyle opportunities to offer its visitors. The combination of beautiful beaches, terrific city views, and numerous retail offerings make it a worthwhile destination for tourists. Take a look at the best features that this area has to offer below.

  • Convenient location with great yachting opportunities
  • Ideal space to berth and maintain luxury yachts
  • Retail, dining and leisure experiences galore

Convenient location with great yachting opportunities

Located at the intersection of Bluewaters and the well-known Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbour has a uniquely convenient location. Watching city landmarks like Ain Dubai and the building on Dubai Marina while relaxing on the beautiful beaches in the area is a wonderful experience. This seafront district in Dubai Marina is drawing attention as a maritime hub for tourists from all over the world.

Ideal space to berth and maintain luxury yachts

“Dubai Harbour reinforces Dubai’s positioning as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and is set to play a major role in rekindling the city’s connection to the sea, providing more options and easier ways for people to experience a once-in-a-lifetime nautical experience.” – Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer of Dubai Harbour

With an impressive floor area of 120,000 square meters, the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal is a highly sought-after location among tourists and residents hoping to explore the maritime opportunities in the area.

Dubai Harbour Marina is set to be the largest in the Middle East. There are 700 berths, 2 terminals, fuelling stations, and a 910m long quay in the area. Yachts of varying sizes up to 525 ft can comfortably dock in the Marina. Many of the best luxury yachts in Dubai are often found floating in the area for these reasons.

The destination is soon to be home to a yachting community center that provides various maritime services for yacht owners and manufacturers. The 2 terminals enable complete passenger turnaround for cruise ships of all sizes.

Retail, dining and leisure experiences galore

From upscale restaurants and classy bars to thrilling adventure sports activities, Dubai Harbour is introducing all you need to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the city. Visitors do not run out of things to do in Dubai Harbour.

The destination does justice to Dubai’s reputation as a world-famous shopping hub; top luxury retail stores are about to launch there. While the restaurants and stores are under development, you can still enjoy the premium dining and shopping opportunities that Dubai Marina offers within a walking distance of the Harbour. The renowned British restaurant The Croft is a great option to check out.

Dubai Marina offers plenty of adventure sports opportunities like parasailing and jet skiing close to the Harbour. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then skydiving is a bucket list activity that you can enjoy in the area. Find out more about what is happening in Dubai Harbour here.

Yacht experiences to look forward to in Dubai Harbour

Dubai Harbour yachts

There is no question that Dubai Harbour is a perfect place to enjoy yachting. When you book a yacht and sail along Dubai Harbour, you get to enjoy some incredible views of the sea and the towering skyscrapers of the Marina.

Our professional team will help you design the perfect charter trip in Dubai Harbour. We have a range of options for yacht rental in Dubai that are ideal for sailing in the Harbour. You can jet ski in the middle of the sea or sail away to nearby destinations like the Palm Jumeirah and Blue Waters. Simply anchoring near the Harbour is a great opportunity to gaze at the Burj Al Arab while relaxing in the middle of the sea. Whether you want peace or adventure (or both), we plan everything down to the last detail for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions about yacht rental in Dubai Harbour

Where is Dubai Harbour located?

Dubai Harbour is located at the intersection of Bluewaters and Palm Jumeirah, close to the Burj Al Arab and Ain Dubai.

Is Dubai Harbour a good area to park yachts?

Yes, Dubai Harbour is considered the best place to park yachts in Dubai. The marina fits 700 yachts of sizes up to 525 ft. The area is developing high-end yachting services including a fueling station to make the berthing experience even better.

Which yacht can I rent in Dubai Harbour?

We offer a range of yacht models to rent in Dubai Harbour. Our popular yacht options include the 64 ft sleek Nuvari, the sporty 82 ft San Lorenzo, and the vast 141 ft Naval.

What does it cost to rent a yacht in Dubai Harbour?

The cost of renting a yacht in Dubai Harbour depends on the yacht model you choose. For example, you can rent the stunning 64 ft Nuvari for 900 AED/hour and 16,800 AED/day. On the other hand, it costs 4000 AED/ hour and 40,000 AED/ day to book the 90 ft Sunskeer. Our concierge will help you book the right yacht for your Dubai Harbour trip based on your requirements.

What is there to do in Dubai Harbour?

Dubai Harbour offers countless leisure, dining, and shopping options for its visitors. Several swanky restaurants and bars are set to open that offer panoramic views of the city. Visitors can enjoy fun activities like skydiving in the area. It is a great place to park yachts and simply enjoy gorgeous beaches and city views.

What is the yacht berthing capacity of Dubai Harbour?

Dubai Harbour has 700 berths that fit yachts of any size up to 525 ft.


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