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Azimut Yacht Rental Dubai

If you are looking for an Azimut yacht rental in Dubai, then you have found the right page. We have a huge collection of Azimut yachts that can suit your preferences. Have a look at the available models and what they have to offer.

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Azimut yacht rental Dubai – yacht for the world

The Azimut collection is highly requested among clients for yacht events. Under this collection, we have over 15 premium yachts that feature a clean and modern design. The wide range suits any kind of lifestyle making for a comfortable cruising experience.

Azimut yachts feature sporty lines, luxurious interiors and versatility on board. Combined with a generous flybridge on top, these yachts make for the perfect sailing experience.

Rent Azimut yacht – performance-oriented luxury charter

Azimut yachts are some of the most premium and luxury yachts in the industry. The Italian company has majorly focused on its sporty design and the sheer amount of luxury on offer. As soon as you step into one of these, the experience would be no less than a 5-star hotel. Azimut is famous for its elegant and modern design and the great amount of comfort that they offer.

Azimut yachts are known for their elegant design

Luxury design, comfort and safety features

All of the Azimut yachts come with premium luxury cabins and lots of features built-in. These yachts come fitted with an excellent quality audio sound system ensuring the best experience in terms of entertainment. Alongside that, you also get a high-end big screen TV and a walk-in closet among other amazing amenities.

The beds, sofas and everything else on offer ensures the utmost comfort of our clients. Each cabin is thoughtfully designed and they offer a classy experience for all our clients. Ensuring the best experience onboard, we have all types of amenities available to keep you comfortable throughout your stay. And for all our adventure-seekers out there, these yachts come with power-packed sports equipment.

Azimut yachts not only focus on comfort and design, but also take safety into consideration. These yachts come with all sorts of safety features built-in. Combining that with our certified crew member and our professional captain, we can ensure that you will have a safe and comfortable trip along the shores of the Dubai marina or any of your favorite destinations.


You can rent this yacht at anytime of the day but its famous for overnight experience.


One of the best yacht producers

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Azimut yachts have built a reputation for building some of the most comfortable and luxurious yachts. The Italy-based company has always focused on delivering the best experience to all its customers.

Azimut yachts in Dubai – why should you rent one?

If you are visiting Dubai, it is a must that you at least once go on a luxury yacht charter to cruise around the shores of the Arabian Gulf region. And if you are already staying here then what are you waiting for? With the help of the rich Azimut collection, you now have the option to choose the perfect yacht that suits all your needs.

Azimut yachts are Italian luxury yachts

Sailing around on a premium luxury yacht is a must, especially if you people are in a group. On private yachts like these, you can do anything from a private dinner with your girlfriend to hosting a party for all your friends. That’s not all! You can even host corporate events or just a fun family outing. The moments that you will create on a premium luxury yacht like this will surely be memorable and precious.

Azimut yacht charter – the grand collection

There is a wide range of options to choose from the Azimut yachts. They offer all sorts of yachts for all kinds of lifestyles. With such a big collection on board, we ensure each and every one of our clients comes with smiling faces as they step down the decks of these yachts. Some of the popular ones that we have available are as follows:

Azimut yacht rental Dubai

Guide to rent Azimut yacht in Dubai

Renting a yacht takes a lot of surfing around the web and finding the perfect choice. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to Yacht Rental UAE, you can now easily find and book the perfect yacht charter for your needs. Under the Azimut collection, you get tons of options to choose from and then you can plan anything from a family getaway to a corporate dinner. We help our clients to get their dream yacht charter for rent on an hourly basis or even on a daily basis.

Hourly basis

Once you have decided on which yacht you want to cruise on, you can just pick the number of hours and you are good to go. Thanks to the wide collection of Azimut yachts available, you can now hire them starting at AED 500 per hour.

Daily basis

In order to have a party of a lifetime, it would be best if you hire a yacht for a couple of days. You can now rent one of the Azimut yacht charters on a daily basis at a starting price of AED 10,000 per day.

Frequently asked questions about Azimut yacht rental Dubai

Is lunch included when we rent Azimut yacht charter?

Yes, we offer snacks and lunch on most of our yachts. In order to ensure a perfect dining experience, you can let us know your preferences at the time of booking.

Can I throw a party on one of the Azimut yachts?

Yes, we offer our clients special party packages. At the time of booking, just inform us about the number of guests and the theme of the party and we’ll take care of the rest.

What are the charges for Azimut yacht rental in Dubai?

Renting one of the luxurious Azimut yachts will cost you a starting price of AED 500 per hour or AED 10,000 per day. We have many options to choose from under the Azimut collection and the prices can go all the way up to AED 7,000 per hour or AED 70,000 per day.

Why are the Azimut yacht charters so special?

Founded in 1969, Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht-manufacturing company, that has always made yachts based on safety, luxury, style and the best quality. All the yachts under the Azimut collection are luxurious and suit every lifestyle.

Is smoking allowed on the Amizut yacht charter?

Smoking is allowed in some of our yachts. In case you are a smoker, we suggest you mention it at the time of booking so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Is swimming allowed on the Azimut yachts?

Yes, you can make a request for snorkeling or swimming. Our cabin crew will provide you with complimentary equipment for snorkeling on our vessels.


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