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Rent a Rodriguez Yacht in Dubai

Magic lingers in the air, exciting anticipation grows, and life brims with possibilities when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai and set sail across the open waters. If you want to break your travel dreams away from the confines of the city and set them free across the blue sky and sea, then this is for you. Our Rodriguez yacht rental models never disappoint; they exceed expectations and raise the standards for other yachts.

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Rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai for the adventure of a lifetime

Rodriguez yacht model

The mild morning sunlight on your skin, a fruity summer cocktail in your hand, a gentle sea breeze in your hair… can life even get better than this? You can experience the bliss of doing this (and much, much more) when you join onboard one of our Rodriguez yachts.

If you are more of a party animal than a daydreamer, then you will have a wild time on our Babylon yacht in Dubai as well. From a straw sunhat to an international DJ, we will make sure you have everything you need on board to have the time of your life. Lavishly decorated bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a comfy lounge area, an open-air dining space, and other fabulous features make life on the yacht luxurious. Believe us, you will never want to leave.

You can stay onboard your rental yacht for an hour, a whole day, or even a few nights if the mood strikes. You can rent a Babylon in Dubai using our fabulous yacht rental Dubai services for prices starting from AED 10000 an hour. The yacht also fits up to 30 people ( and 10 overnight guests). So you can either throw the most elite and exclusive party ever for the chosen few or revel in all the grand space on your own. It’s entirely up to you. Or else, simply do both on consecutive days, because why not?

This yacht is the perfect venue ever to host a small wedding (maybe a romantic proposal onboard first?), a birthday party, an epic bachelor/bachelorette party, and other events.

So let’s look at how you can rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai that matches your vibe, shall we?

But first, is a Rodriguez yacht rental worth all the hype?

A Rodriguez yacht is definitely worth the hype.

Do you ever wonder: “What even is the point of booking a luxury yacht in Dubai? Do I really need to get on one to sleep in a king-size bed, eat fine food and pamper myself? Can’t I just rent a penthouse in the city for that?”
Well, this is a thought that people who don’t get the hype of yachts tend to have. So let’s clear the air with a few focus points.

  • Unparalleled luxury
  • Breathtaking views
  • Fabulous water activities
  • Surreal events
  • Unbeatable photo opportunities

Unparalleled luxury

First of all, when it comes to the luxury aspect of a yacht, Rodriguez is unbeatable. You can stay in it for days and days and not have a dull moment. It even has a fully equipped gym to burn calories in and a wide terrace to sing your heart out on. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Breathtaking views

When you book a penthouse, you get to lounge on the balcony to the view of monotonous skyscrapers. On the other hand, when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai, you get to lean back and relax on a fabulous patio to the view of the endless sea, a gorgeous sunset, and the stunning Dubai skyline as well.

Fabulous water activities

There is just so much to do on the Babylon yacht in Dubai. Just let us know what kind of watersports you enjoy and we will stock the yacht up with an assortment of jet skis, paddleboards, and much more. You can spend your time frolicking in the turquoise blue water as much as you like.

Surreal events

Regular parties turn into otherworldly experiences on a Rodriguez yacht. Imagine swaying to loud music with your friends with nothing but the starry sky above and the bottomless sea below you. It is an opportunity to truly forget the rest of the world and party like there is no tomorrow.

Family events will also become a whole lot more interesting when they happen on a gorgeous yacht like the ones we offer. Plus, an out-of-the-box proposal onboard will have anyone swooning. What’s more, we can arrange for live music and dance shows, a popular DJ, or even a celebrity chef to liven things up when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai with us.

Unbeatable photo opportunities

Our Rodriguez yacht rental models are nothing short of phenomenal. There is no such thing as a bad photo when one of these yachts features in the background. For instance, Babylon has the kind of bewitching and eye-striking design that can make the yachts nearby change course and sail away in shame.

What features make the Babylon yacht so remarkable?

Babylon yacht interior

Exceptional design and performance make the Babylon remarkable.

When it is the question of a beautiful yacht, Rodriguez has some of the most fabulous models in the MENA region. You get a chance to come onboard the best of the best when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai. However, Rodriguez’s Babylon has the edge over the others because of the incredible features it provides; it is one of the most sought-after yacht models in the UAE.

Rodriguez yachts have been around for a long time; since 1887 to be exact. Leopold Rodriguez founded a shipyard under his family name in the Italian city of Messina to construct different types of boats, yachts, and ferries. Interestingly, he worked actively during the war to create defense ships. What’s more, Rodriguez ships and boats perform exceptionally well and they have won awards for the same.

Thus, all our Rodriguez yacht rental options are preceded by a long line of powerfully built yachts; the Babylon is no exception and is also stunning to look at. Take a look at all the features you can enjoy when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai below.

  • Awe-inspiring design
  • Impressive performance

Awe-inspiring design

The Babylon yacht in Dubai was built in 2005, and her interior and exterior designs were drawn up by Mauro Micheli, aided by Francesco Paszkowski. The yacht has a vast lounge area with plushy couches that you can chill in with your friends. You can convert the lounge space to a dance floor when you want to bust a few moves. Also, sleep like a baby on board lulled by the gently rocking waves in one of its massive and grand bedrooms. If you like to keep the grind going even while on vacation, then feel free to make full use of the yacht’s well-equipped gym. For the record, this is a common feature of most Rodriguez yachts; the brand respects your hustle even when you are holidaying.

You can also gorge on caramel popcorn as you watch a classic movie (hint: Jaws can amp up the excitement) in the yacht’s vast home theatre. When hunger strikes, put your culinary skills to the test in the kitchen, and then eat the food while you watch the waves from the yacht’s terrific open dining space. Keep the good times coming by making full use of the generously stocked bar as well. As it is now obvious, yes, this Rodrigue yacht rental model has everything you will ever need for a perfect vacation.

Impressive performance

The Babylon is a 124 ft, 277 GT superyacht that is incredibly spacious and guarantees fun and sunny times ahead. Its five staterooms have been designed to comfortably fit 10 overnight guests, though 30 guests can hang around the rest of the time. A British crew will be there to assist you on this Rodrigue yacht rental model, and to make sure that your time onboard is more than satisfactory. The yacht reaches a top speed of 25 knots with ease and also features a 2000 nautical mile range when moving at 11 knots. She also has twin Caterpillar 3512B engines, is fuelled with diesel, and has an impressive combined 4200 horsepower. With all these awesome features, we can easily imagine which model will top the list when you decide to rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai.

What does it cost to rent a Babylon in Dubai?

Rental costs of the Babylon yacht start from AED 10000 per hour, and go up depending on the time range and additional activities you choose. Imagine how it feels to be back in a closed boardroom, spending hours caught up in an important meeting with your stress levels steadily going up. Now imagine spreading out on the patio of a gorgeous luxury yacht wearing shorts or a sarong with your sunglasses on and peace washing all over you. The second scenario is the norm for passengers on board any of our Rodriguez yacht rental options.

It is hard to put a price on luxury, but we do have a specific list of rental prices for our Rodriguez yachts. Take a look at the options below.

Hourly rental costs

You can rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai from us, a Babylon to be exact, for an hourly price of AED 10000. A few hours’ sail on Babylon along Dubai’s coastline will have you in high spirits while watching the city move farther away and the unending sea stretching around.

Rental prices for a day

As established earlier, you can try out the features of our Rodriguez yacht rental models for a few hours. However, do note you will feel the strong urge to spend way more time onboard once you set your eyes on the charming Babylon. This particular urge will cost you AED 100000 per day. And of course, you can also explore our options to stay overnight, hire live entertainment, enjoy premium food packages, and much more.

Why rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai with Yacht Rental UAE?

babylon dubai interiors

At, we offer the most sublime yachts models for hire, including an array of fabulous Rodriguez yachts. The Dubai coastline is not a stranger to luxury yachts. Billionaires from all over the world come to Dubai to kick back, relax, and anchor somewhere in the open sea away from the bustling city. Yachts both big and small are abundant in Dubai, but only the best of them make their way onto our berths.

Our customers love the services we offer; find out why below.

  • Seamless rental process
  • No hidden costs

Seamless rental process

We don’t like to boast about our yachts, but they are incredibly sophisticated in the best of ways. However, our rental process has been, and always will be, extremely simple. We make it as convenient as possible for you to rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai from our wide range of options.

First of all, you can head over to our website and stare in awe as a fascinating yacht collection appears before your eyes. Then, you can place a booking request for your chosen yacht by specifying the time range, selecting pickup and drop-off points, and so on. For example, you can choose to come on board and disembark from the Babylon at the Dubai Harbour.

Once that is sorted, you will get a clear breakdown of the costs you will incur to rent the yacht. Confirm your booking and we will get back to you immediately with the relevant details. You can also make an inquiry through Whatsapp, and a customer service executive will discuss options with you. Your Rodriguez yacht rental process cannot get any easier than this.

No hidden costs

As we assured you earlier, we provide a complete breakdown of the costs you will incur during the trip. Surprising you with a bill of extra charges that you have never even heard of, while you are enjoying a relaxing tanning session on the Babylon? We definitely don’t do that here.
We can, however, help you organize a surprise party when you rent a Rodriguez in Dubai because that is the kind of thing we specialize in. Just let us know which additional activities you are hoping to add to your yacht trip, and we will get back to you with a complete walkthrough of the costs.

Which extra activities can you enjoy during your luxury Rodriguez yacht vacation?

Watersports, premium food and a DJ are some of the top activities to book.

There are so many activities to try out on your Rodriguez yacht rental that you will want to spend several days onboard and experience them all. After all, the Babylon yacht is magnificent, the views are excellent, the weather is sunny all year, the food is delicious and the crew is warm and welcoming. Plus, you can skip the crowd in the city and have loads of fun with your loved ones (or completely alone) on the yacht. What’s more, you get high-speed WiFi, premium air conditioning, a high-end music system, underwater lights, and much more. Who would ever want to leave?
To make things even better, you can opt for some extra activities when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai as follows.

  • Cruise around on a watercraft
  • Fish for the catch of the day
  • Hire a fantastic DJ
  • Watch live traditional shows
  • Enjoy incredible food experiences

Cruise around on a watercraft

If you have a healthy appetite for adventure, trying out a few watersports options when you rent a Babylon in Dubai is a great idea. The yacht will anchor somewhere in the middle of the sea so that you can jump, float or even fly over the water to your heart’s content. You can kayak your way along the sea, or even amp things up on a jet ski or a flyboard. You can also bring a hydrofoil or paddleboard to float around and leave all troubles behind.

Fish for the catch of the day

Fishing is certainly a fun thing to do while riding a yacht. You can spend hours (if you want to) working on your patience and reeling in a variety of fish. You can ask the chef on board to cook the catch of the day for you or try fixing it up yourself. Just specify this activity early on during the time you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai, and we will get it prepared for you.

Hire a fantastic DJ

Yacht parties are popular all over the world, and we organize some of the best ones. International DJ? Check. Scrumptious party food and beverages? Also check. Just get your best mates onboard your Rodriguez yacht rental, throw your hands up and dance away. Feel euphoric as you spray champagne and sing along while the DJ drops the beat. We can also customize the decorations on the yacht to match your theme.

Watch live traditional shows

The UAE is well-known for its fabulous traditional music and dances. We have options to arrange it for a memorable time. Also, choose to add the experience of eating fabulous food as a musician plays the oud in the background.

Enjoy incredible food experiences

How does a barbeque cookout under the stars sound? Yes, you can do the same thing in one of the deserts in the UAE, but doing it when you rent a Rodriguez yacht in Dubai is even better. You can enjoy your own luxurious space with nothing but the deep dark sea surrounding you. It is an experience that is truly enchanting; it will make for some incredible night shots for your Instagram feed as well.

Frequently asked questions about Rodriguez yacht rental in the UAE

What all should I bring with me for a trip onboard a Rodriguez yacht?

Make sure to carry your ID card while traveling on a rental Rodriguez yacht. A luxury trip onboard a Rodriguez yacht offers the perfect opportunity to work on a fabulous tan, drink a pina colada, and simply relax. However, remember that Dubai’s weather is really hot during the day. Therefore, also make sure to pack a lot of sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and also waterproof makeup. Also, don’t forget to bring your best beachwear to click some envy-invoking photos.

Can I sail from Dubai Marina to Blue Water Island on a Rodriguez yacht?

If the idea of sailing from Dubai Marina to Blue Water Island on a Rodriguez yacht sounds good to you, we will get it sorted. You can charter and customize your Rodriguez yacht trip in a number of ways. We offer pickup and drop-off points across Dubai.

Is a Rodriguez yacht overpriced?

It is safe to say that Rodriguez yachts are not overpriced at all. Rodriguez yachts are backed up by a fabulous timeline that spans over centuries. The level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that each model represents is truly mind-blowing. Several Rodriguez models have won awards for their performance throughout the years. Also, we offer a chance to experience their features with our rental options for prices starting from 10,000 AED per hour.

What is the difference between an Abra and a Rodriguez yacht?

An Abra is a traditional boat commonly found in different parts of Dubai, particularly in Dubai Creek. It is typically made of wood and is ideal to ferry people from one area of Dubai to another across relatively short distances. Simply put, it is a water taxi. Passengers can pay 1 AED for a ride directly to the ferry driver while joining onboard. On the other hand, a Rodriguez is a luxury yacht that is designed to give its passengers a lavish sailing experience on the open sea. The yacht is typically equipped with elegant bedrooms, dining halls, lounge areas, and much more. They exist to delight and excite, and are popularly used by people on vacation.


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