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Yacht Rental for 2022 World Cup Qatar

This November, Qatar is all set to host the FIFA World Cup bringing in an influx of tourists from around the world. One convenient way to travel to Qatar is by chartering a luxury yacht. Yacht Rental UAE is gearing up for this season, ready to serve your travel needs. If you are looking for the best way to travel to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, here is a detailed guide to help you with that.

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Yacht Rental UAE
Baglietto 108 – Lady Maya
  • Build Baglietto
  • Length 108ft (33m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 8
  • extras on yacht APA 30% exclusive of price
7 days rate AED 625,000
Tati 110 – Gems
  • Build Tati
  • Length 115ft (35m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 10
  • extras on yacht APA 30% exclusive of price
7 days rate AED 550,000
116 Sunseeker yacht interior
Sunseeker 116 – Legende
  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 116ft (35.3m)
  • Capacity 30
  • Guests 8
  • extras on yacht APA 30% exclusive of price
7 days rate AED 675,000
fairline liberty yacht
Fairline 76 – Liberty
  • Build Fairline
  • Length 76ft (23.1m)
  • Capacity 33
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht APA 30% exclusive of price
7 days rate AED 400,000

Why rent a yacht to watch the Qatar World Cup 2022?

Yacht Rental For World Cup 2022

Chartering a luxury yacht from Dubai to Qatar, and vise-versa is the most convenient way for you to travel and watch the FIFA 2022 World Cup. With 1.2 million football fans expected to visit Doha, commercial flights in and out of the country have been pre-booked in advance. The hotels in Doha are fully booked as well.

Hence, the demand for private yacht rentals have gone up. We have designed specialized packages for enthusiasts from around the world to travel to Qatar hassle free. With a wide selection of yachts for rent, the choice is simply yours.

How to charter a yacht from Dubai to Qatar?

All the yachts available with us are prepared for a busy season of travels and events. To help you pre-book a luxury yacht for the Qatar World Cup 2022, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find out the yacht that suits your requirement
  • Submit all the required documents for verification
  • Book a one way or round trip
  • Make payment and acknowledge the rental agreement

Find out the yacht that suits your requirement

Yacht sizes vary from 64 ft. to 220 ft., they come with varied passenger capacity ranging between 20 passengers to 500 passengers. Therefore, identifying your travel needs, the number of passengers voyaging, your on board amenities, and other requirements will ease your process of selecting the right yacht.

“Now that yachts have elevated the Formula 1 experience in the Middle East, it’s time to upscale the FIFA experience this year.”

Another point to note while choosing a yacht is its range. If you are going to Qatar to watch FIFA, note that the distance between Dubai and Doha is 204 nautical miles. The travel time is anywhere between 5 to 7 hours between Dubai and Qatar, depending on the speed. Therefore, we recommend opting for a long range luxury yachts to cover that distance.


You can watch the FIFA World Cup from one of our luxury yachts today. Our yachts are available at the Dubai Marina as one our primary boarding points.


Submit all the required documents for verification

Since you are traveling overseas to Qatar, a set of documents are required for verification. For residents traveling, your passport, Qatar visit visa, and FIFA ticket is required to be presented.

For tourists, the requirements are passport, visit visa to Dubai & Qatar, as well as the FIFA tickets. Presenting all these documents is essential to charter a long distance travel through a yacht.

Book a one way or round trip

You can always book a one way trip or round trip between Dubai and Qatar. Pre-booking your travel plans will enable us to schedule the trip while also planning the stay arrangements for our onboard crew. Therefore, informing us about your travel plans is essential.

Make payment and acknowledge the rental agreement

To complete the yacht rental process, you are required to make the payment and agree to the terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement. Once all of these procedures have been duly fulfilled you can cruise to your destination to watch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Yacht rental Qatar prices and options available

Charter Yacht for World Cup Qatar

Whether you are traveling with 6 passengers or 20, there are different yacht options available for rent in Dubai. To give you an insight into the various yachts you can charter from us, their features and rental prices, here is a detailed listing:

Yacht Rental for FIFA Charter Prices Features, and Specifications No. of Cabins
Baglietto 108 – Lady Maya Yacht AED 75,000 Per Day 20 Capacity

40 Knots Speed

Customized Refit, High-speed Performance, Bard at Deck, Bow Sitting Area

3 Cabins
Sunseeker 116 Legende Yacht AED 130,000 Per Day 30 Capacity

26 Knots Speed


4 Cabins
Tati 110 Gems Yacht AED 80,000 Per Day 10 Guests

13 Knots Speed


5 Cabins

“With spacious cabins and a ton of luxury amenities, cruising to Qatar for the World Cup 2022, is certainly going to be special.”

The aforementioned are some of many yacht options available at Yacht Rental Dubai. These rental prices are subject to change depending on the number of days you rent for. If you are planning to opt for a yacht rental for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, make sure to checkout the yachts mentioned above.

Travel to Qatar in style, convenience, and exuberance to the watch the FIFA 2022

Yacht for Qatar World Cup 2022

Qatar will host the most awaited sporting event of the year, the FIFA World Cup 2022. Fans across the globe have pre-booked their tickets, hotels and travel arrangements to reach Qatar on time for the season. Perhaps, if you have made your hotel arrangements in Dubai and are looking for convenient ways to travel. You must rent a yacht to cruise in convenience. Not only will you get to travel hassle-free, but also enjoy a host of other comfort amenities onboard your rental yacht.

Yacht Rental UAE is prepared for a busy season of renting, with fully equipped, well-serviced, and ready to cruise yachts. We recommend visitors to plan their schedule and book their preferred yacht in advance to avoid last minute bookings, or lack of availability. You can easily find your desired yacht, and complete all the pre-booking procedures with us online.

Frequently asked questions yacht rental for World Cup 2022

How much does it cost to rent a yacht from Dubai to Qatar?

Yacht charter prices between Dubai and Qatar will depend on the yacht type you choose. Prices start anywhere from AED 14,000 per day to AED 130,000 per day, based on the yacht.

Which country will host the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Qatar has been chosen to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is the first FIFA event to be held in the Middle East.

When will the World Cup 2022 start in Qatar?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is all set to begin on November 20th 2022 in Qatar.

Where can I rent a yacht to go to Qatar for the World Cup 2022?

Yacht Rental UAE, offers a selection of luxury yachts for charter, including exclusive packages designed for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

What are the best places to visit in Qatar?

If you are in Qatar to watch the World Cup 2022, you are most likely to spend your off time traveling to the tourist attractions in and around the country. National Museum of Qatar, The Pearl Qatar, Doha Corniche, Katara Cultural Village are some of top attractions in Qatar.

How far is Dubai from Qatar in nautical miles?

The distance between Dubai and Qatar is 204 nautical miles, which translates to 377 km. It takes roughly 5 - 7 hours to travel from Dubai to Qatar, depending on how fast you go.


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