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Yacht Rental Dubai New Year's Eve

Yacht rental Dubai New Year's Eve options are highly popular for a number of reasons. It offers an opportunity to get the best views of the fireworks displays, throw exclusive parties, and celebrate with loved ones in the middle of the sea. We offer a range of all-inclusive New Year’s Eve yacht rental packages with premium charter models, food, beverages, and entertainment options.

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New Year Yachts in Dubai

Aicon 85 – Tayget
  • Build Aicon
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht Extra Food, Drinks (extra cost)
90 sunseeker yacht rental dubai new year yacht rental
Sunseeker 90 Fly – Notorious
  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 90ft (27.4m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 8
  • extras on yacht Extra Food, Drinks, Sound system
Black Pearl exterior design new year yacht rental
Duretti 85 – Black Pearl
  • Build Duretti
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 45
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht Extra Food, Drinks, Sound system
fairline liberty yacht new year yacht rental
Fairline 76 – Liberty
  • Build Fairline
  • Length 76ft (23.1m)
  • Capacity 33
  • Guests 6
  • extras on yacht Extra Food
FOZ yacht model new year yacht rental
San Lorenzo 72 – FOS
  • Build San Lorenzo
  • Length 72ft (21.9m)
  • Capacity 30
  • Guests 8
  • extras on yacht Extra Food, Drinks

Yacht rental Dubai New Year’s Eve- Choose from all-inclusive luxury charter packages

Package Type- New Year Yacht Rental

Timing- 9 pm to 3 am next day (6 hours)

Price Range- 35,000 to 350,000 AED

Key Inclusions- Gourmet food and drinks

Entertainment- Premium sound system

Top Models- 72 ft San Lorenzo, 164 ft Benetti

Popular Locations- Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab

We have curated the charter packages based on a number of factors, including guest number, yacht size, and entertainment requirements. The charter period for yacht rental in Dubai for the new year spans from 9 pm on New Year’s Eve to 3 am the next day.

The prices of the New Year’s Eve packages we offer start from 35,000 AED for 6 hours and go up depending on the luxury yacht model you choose. For instance, you can book the 164 ft Benetti package, which features a luxury Jacuzzi, for 350,000 AED. It costs 40,000 AED to book the 90 ft Sunseeker for the occasion. All the New Year yacht rental package options include premium food and beverage options for all the guests.

Most popular yacht options for New Year’s Eve cruise Dubai

Check out our top yacht options for new year yacht rental bookings and their respective package prices below.

New Year Yacht Rental Models

Package Price

76 ft Fairline Liberty 

35,000 AED

90 ft Sunseeker Notorious

40,000 AED

85 ft Duretti Black Pearl

45,000 AED
85 ft Aicon Tayget

50,000 AED

72 ft San Lorenzo FOS

75,000 AED

164 ft Benetti Code 8

350,000 AED

Yacht hire for New Year’s Eve Dubai- Key inclusions

Our yacht rental Dubai New Year’s Eve packages consist of a range of inclusions that guarantee a good time. This includes a scenic charter route to watch the fireworks on a premium yacht, party food and drinks, a high-end sound system, and more. Our captain and crew members take care of the passengers’ needs and ensure that the time onboard is safe and stress-free.


Experience the most extravagant New Year yacht party in Dubai. Charter our luxury yachts today.


Services we offer during your New Year’s Eve charter trip

We offer the following benefits as part of your yacht charter trip during the new year.

  • Fully customized charter trip
  • Experienced captain and crew
  • Scenic charter routes
  • 6 hours of full yacht access
  • Premium food and beverages
  • Sound system (for selected models)
  • Premium safety equipment
  • Dedicated hospitality team
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Water and ice

The following are the top New Year’s Eve package inclusions we offer for each yacht model.

New Year Yacht Rental Models

Package Inclusions

76 ft Fairline Liberty

Food for 20 guests

90 ft Sunseeker Notorious

Drinks and food, sound system
85 ft Duretti Black Pearl

Food and drinks for 30 guests, sound system

85 ft Aicon Tayget

Food (drinks at extra cost)
72 ft San Lorenzo FOS

Drinks and food

164 ft Benetti Code 8

Food and drinks

Rent a yacht for new year Dubai

People choose to rent a yacht for new year Dubai to enjoy luxury hospitality and services. Here is a quick look at what you can expect with each of the top yacht models for your new year yacht rental celebration options.

  • The 76 ft Fairline has an eclectic design, making it the right choice for festive photo opportunities. This yacht departs from Dubai Harbour and is specifically ideal for a medium group of people.
  • The 90 ft Sunseeker is sporty in design and is a popular choice for intimate celebrations.
  • For a celebration with close friends and family, the 85 ft Duretti makes a great choice. Furthermore, the yacht has several luxury features, like a high-end audio system for a night of partying.
  • The luxury Jacuzzi that the 85 ft Aicon offers makes it a popular choice for new year bookings. All in all, the yacht is ideal for people hoping for a relaxed and low-key celebration of the new year.
  • Ideal for hosting an intimate New Year’s Eve party, the 72 ft San Lorenzo yacht is a great venue to watch the fireworks display of Burj Khalifa from.
  • The 164 ft Benetti is gigantic and is, therefore, perfect for celebrations with a large group of people. The luxury yacht has several luxurious features, including a massive Jacuzzi.

Top locations to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai

The major reason why many people prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai is because of the fireworks displays the emirate features every year. Previously, while welcoming the new year of 2022, the city witnessed 36 firework displays across 29 major spots.

Burj Khalifa

As the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa already attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. It is undeniably even more incredible on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks display, particularly at the building during the new year, is considered to be one of the best in the world. For this reason, thousands of people camp in the surrounding areas for hours just to witness it.

Needless to say, this is not a pretty private experience. Therefore, it is better viewed while enjoying the exclusivity of a luxury yacht in nearby waters.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is the world’s largest observation wheel and is located in the upscale JBR area of Dubai. Its surrounding area form yet another popular spot for people to flock to during New Year’s Eve. Apart from fireworks, the area also hosts drone shows to keep viewers entertained.

On the negative side, just like the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, the area near Ain Dubai gets overcrowded, too, during the new year, and it is recommended to skip it. Instead, you can charter a yacht along Dubai Marina to get unrestricted views of the show.

Burj Al Arab

Considerably close to the heart of the city and Dubai Marina, the upscale hotel Burj Al Arab puts in a grand fireworks display for the new year. Generally, the fireworks show there lasts for around 8 minutes. You can watch the whole spectacle onboard a luxury yacht.

Palm Jumeirah

Another popular location to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah. Brilliant displays light up the night sky at The Pointe in particular, and the backdrop of the Atlantis resort is simply marvelous.

While you are enjoying your yacht charter trip during New Year’s Eve, you can plan to anchor in a scenic location close to The Palm, where you can get the best views of the Atlantis hotel and the fireworks at midnight.

New Year’s Eve is a major holiday in Dubai for which tourists from all over the world fly in. Basically, to cater to the needs of the thousands of tourists that flock to the city during the holiday period, the emirate offers various benefits, from free parking to grand firework spectacles.

Top facts about the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai

New Year’s Eve is a major holiday in Dubai for which tourists from all over the world fly in. Basically, to cater to the needs of the thousands of tourists that flock to the city during the holiday period, the emirate offers various benefits, from free parking to grand firework spectacles.

The following are some of the top facts that make New Year’s Eve in Dubai so unusual.

  • In 2011, Dubai was first regarded as one of the world’s best globally recognized New Year’s Eve destinations. The top contenders are Sydney, New York, and London.
  • During the first firework display organized in Dubai, there was a 1000-meter-high spectacle surrounding Burj Khalifa. This was evidently done in an attempt to break the world record for the highest firework display.
  • Hotel occupancy rates see an extremely sharp hike during the new year period in Dubai. Consequently, visitors pour in from Europe and other parts of the world weeks in advance.
  • Some of the popular areas in the emirate that host firework shows for the new year are Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Al Seef, La Mer, Dubai Festival City, Palm Jumeirah, and The Beach.
  • Many people prefer to rent yachts months in advance during the new year. This is undoubtedly because a charter trip offers privacy and great views of the fireworks. Though the spots are usually limited, early bookings help.

Why book a new year yacht party Dubai?

new year yacht sail Dubai

Dubai draws in huge crowds during the new year, and most establishments are usually fully booked at the time. The best way to watch the fireworks in luxury while skipping the crowds is onboard a yacht.

You can organize a party onboard a yacht for the new year that is private and exclusive. If you book one of Yacht Rental Dubai’s new year charter packages, you get to enjoy gourmet food, beverages, and hospitality as well.

Book a luxury new year yacht Dubai option- contact our customer support team to get started.

Frequently asked questions to rent a yacht for New Year’s Eve 2024

Which yacht options are available for booking during New Year’s Eve 2024?

At Yacht Rental UAE, we have several yachts to choose from to celebrate New Year’s Eve, including the 76 ft Fairline, the 90 ft Sunskeer and the 164 ft Benetti. Our concierge will help you choose the model that suits your needs best.

Can I watch fireworks at midnight while at a new year yacht party?

Yes, you can watch the fireworks that Dubai is known for at midnight during your yacht party. We will anchor the yacht at a convenient location so that you get the best views.

For how long can I book a yacht on New Year’s Eve 2024?

We usually offer yachts for rent on New Year’s Eve 2024 for 6 hours, from 9:00 pm in the evening to 3:00 am the next day. Let our concierge know in advance if you want to extend your trip.

Is food included in a New Year’s Eve yacht package?

Yes, we provide food as part of all our New Year’s Eve yacht charter packages.

Is there any yacht I can book for New Year’s Eve that has a Jacuzzi?

Yes, we have several yacht options with Jacuzzis that you can book for New Year’s Eve, and the most popular one is the 164 ft Benetti.

Can I book entirely for myself and my guests for the new year 2024 in Dubai?

Yes, with Yacht Rental UAE’s New Year’s Eve packages, you and your guests can celebrate the occasion on a private yacht.

Is it worthwhile to book a yacht for New Year's Eve in Dubai?

Definitely. By booking a yacht for New Year's Eve, you get to skip the crowds and get front-row seats to watch the spectacular firework display. We offer premium food, beverage and entertainment options to enhance your new year yacht charter experience.

What is there to do on a yacht during the new year 2024?

You can try out several things on a yacht during the new year, depending on your vibe. You can throw a loud party, watch the fireworks, relax in a Jacuzzi, enjoy live entertainment, and much more.


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