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Yacht Party in Dubai- Top Charter Deals & Price List [2024]

Experience the epitome of luxury and exclusivity with a yacht party in Dubai, where breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah meet unparalleled service and opulence.

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Yacht Party in Dubai

Whether planning annual corporate events or birthday parties, host them on a yacht in Dubai, in scenic locations around the emirate. For instance, you can ask your friends and family members to join you on a Dubai Marina yacht rental trip to make your special moments memorable.

To have the best yacht party in Dubai, there are some important things to check out. You must know what type of luxury yachts to hire, what add-ons you will be needing, and what events you can spend on it. Below are the details of all of these things.

Yacht party Dubai price and models for different occasions

Yacht party Dubai price depends on the model and event you choose. Let us take a look at Dubai yacht charters options best suited for each event and their prices:

Yacht Models Birthday Parties New Year’s Eve Weddings & Anniversary Business Events Formula 1
Sunseeker 90 Fly – Notorious AED 24,000
( 4hours)
AED 40,000
(7 hours)
AED 4,000
(Per Hour)
AED 4,000
(Per Hour)
AED 400,000
Duretti 85 – Black Pearl AED 15,000
(4 hours)
AED 45,000
(6 hours)
AED 10,000
(5 hours)
AED 15,000
(4 hours)
AED 175,000
Fairline 76 – Liberty AED 15,000
(4 hours)
AED 35,000
(6 hours)
AED 25,000
(5 hours)
AED 200,000
San Lorenzo 72 – FOS AED 15,000
(4 hours)
AED 75,000
(6 hours)
AED 2,200
(Per Hour)
AED 250,000
Aicon 85 – Tayget AED 30,000
(4 hours)
AED 50,000
(6 hours)
AED 4,000
(Per Hour)
AED 20,000
(4 hours)
AED 350,000

Necessary things to check before grabbing yacht party Dubai deals

Finding yacht party Dubai deals a booking a premium yacht for rent is done; what’s next? To help you ensure a perfect yachting experience, here are some of the top things we recommend you to consider while in Dubai:

yacht party

Unique attractions

There are multiple attractions that look more mesmerizing when seen from a yacht. Enjoy the view of Palm Fountain, the world’s largest fountain show. Seeing it from a yacht looks more breathtaking. Other than this, you can take a tour of Dubai’s only 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Creek and Dubai Harbour are also some great attractions to visit by yacht. Check out yacht rental in Dubai  options to explore the affluent areas of the city.

The perfect menu

Yachts have all kinds of different varieties of menus. It depends on the customer what they ask for. Choose your menu, drinks and enjoy the fresh environment. Choose the menu according to the theme of your event. For instance, if you are having a birthday yacht party in Dubai, you can have barbeques and fast food. However, continental food will be a perfect choice if you are arranging an office meeting.

food items on yacht

DJs and dancers

Have a party on a yacht, dance as much as you want, and recommend whatever music you like. Yachts have their separate sound system where you can play whatever you want. On special occasions, you can enjoy the beats of the DJ.

Theme-based decorations

Decorations can change the entire aura of the yacht. Yacht rental companies have trained staff who create personalized decorations best suited for any given occasion. Be it a birthday party or a wedding; yachting companies can get it done. Ask for a decoration related to the event that you are planning.

Yacht party in Dubai services-Which events can you book?

Yacht party Dubai services make it easy to host anything from a birthday bash to a wedding onboard. Your yacht party in Dubai can include any event you want. Whether it is someone’s birthday or you want to see the amazing fireworks on the coastline of Dubai. Following are some events to plan on a yacht tour and get a lifetime experience.

Birthday parties

Plan surprising Birthday parties with customized decorations on the yacht. Your birthday should stand out, to make it unique, invite your friends on a yacht and go for an adventure. Enjoy your day by being caught up in the middle of the blues. Drink as much as possible, leave some lanterns in the sky, and dance through the night.

Yacht party Dubai new year

Yacht party Dubai new year is as fun as the night gets! Fireworks and New Year’s Eve make a perfect combination, and having it on a yacht makes it more pleasing. Start your new year with a zing, with the countdown for the clock to strike 12 and seeing the fireworks happening from miles away. A lot of yachts even plan for the fireworks that you can do yourself and enjoy being under the colorful and bright sky.

Weddings and anniversaries

Weddings and anniversaries are all about love that you can enjoy on a yacht. There are customized decorations along with cakes and amazing music on a sound system. Have some romantic arrangements and music, and enjoy slow dancing on a yacht. If it’s for a wedding, there is nothing better than saying “I do” on a yacht under the starry sky.

wedding anniversary on a yacht

Corporate events

Enjoy your dream birthday party on a yacht while sailing on the blue waters of Dubai. On a premium yacht, you can have a luxurious birthday event with themed decorations, elegant cakes, gourmet food options, beverages, and audio systems. Gather your friends for your special day and take them on a trip they will never forget. You can even book a DJ and dancers to add more excitement to your event.

Fountain shows and Formula 1 racing

You can now watch the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2022 on one of the top luxury yachts in the country. Yacht rental companies in the UAE offer exclusive packages for tourists to enjoy an exhilarating race from the comfort of their own rental yacht. From 72-ft to 90-ft luxury yachts, you can choose from a wide selection of premium luxury yachts to watch the thrilling race. Renting a yacht also gets you access to berthing and marina passes to enjoy the post-race events.

For those looking to enjoy the fountain shows of Palm Jumeirah, you can rent a yacht and take it to this majestic man-made island. Watch the biggest fountain show in the world from a luxurious yacht in Dubai. Renting a yacht gives you plenty of opportunities to celebrate entertaining occasions on board, conduct corporate events, and much more.

Watersports That You Can Try

Do not put a limit on your yacht party in Dubai by saying it is just for sitting on a flybridge and resting. There are various sports activities you can do to add enjoyment to your yacht trip. Below, you will find water sports options available in Dubai.


Paddleboarding has become a popular water sports option in a place like Dubai. This sport will make you able to explore amazing views while having a relaxing time. It allows you to carry a single-bladed paddle and surf along the waves of the ocean. You can also just lay back on the board and enjoy the direct sunlight.


While paddleboarding is done with a single-bladed board, kayaking is done with a double-bladed paddle inside a vessel. It is a fun way to bring enjoyment to your yacht parties. Some things to consider while going out for kayaking are a wetsuit, paddle, life jacket, helmet, and a bilge pump.


Take out a watercraft into the ocean of Dubai while having your yacht parties. This sport brings thrill and excitement to riders while throwing water on them. The best thing about this sport is that you are in charge of driving this thing, just like a car or bike. Hire a jet ski and take it while yacht chartering. Once you find the perfect spot, just put it in the water and explore the spot while having fun.


In flyboarding, riders can enjoy riding over the waves of water through a water-propelled flyboard. It is capable of shooting a person 9 meters up in the air. To get water pressure, a hose is connected to the board that allows riders to move freely in the air. You can do stunts, roll over, and move around anywhere you want.


Parasailing is a water sports activity in which a person is tied to a rope and a boat. After that, the driver of the boat drives the person to the surface of the water. Riders also have a parachute on their backs that they can use to fly above the water. In this sport, you can enjoy skating over the water while enjoying the flying experience at the same time.

Adventure with a sea-breacher

sea breacher watersport

A yacht party in Dubai can be exciting if you go on an adventure with a sea-breacher. It is a type of submarine that allows riders to swim just like a dolphin or a shark inside the waters. The sea-breacher is a watercraft capable of going at 100 kmph because of its 250-hp engine. It gives you the experience of living as an underwater inhabitant.

Once you know what kind of things you should take to your yacht parties, you will be able to get a lifetime of experience. pick the right yacht rental company in Dubai that offers all these activities. You can compare the yacht party Dubai price deals and find out which one suits your needs. Choose a scenic departure point, like with a Dubai Marina yacht trip, to ensure the best views.

Just read the above-mentioned factors carefully to know what kind of superyacht you are hiring, what are additional services you can avail of, and how you can enhance your experience.

Frequently asked questions about yacht party in Dubai

Can I order a customized cake for my yacht trip?

Yes, you can order a cake of your choice while making your yacht booking. Our team will bring it on board for your trip.

How can I book a yacht party?

To get started, check out our website's various party package listings. Once you select a yacht, click the “Book Now” button. Submit your contact details on the form that pops up. Our customer concierge will reach out to you immediately. Alternatively, you can contact us directly through WhatsApp at +971582656580. Make sure to specify your party requirements to us, and we will get it sorted.

Which DJ is available for a yacht party in Dubai, and what sort of music do they play?

You can specify any Dubai-based DJ of your choice for your yacht party, and we will try our best to arrange it. The choice of music they play is entirely up to you and your guests. Please mention your requirements at the time of booking.

What if I am late for the yacht party I book?

If a guest fails to show up at the mentioned time, it can cause a lot of trouble and delays for the crew and the other passengers. In some cases, your booking might get canceled as well. Therefore, make sure to arrive on time for your yacht booking.

What is the age policy for booking a yacht party in Dubai?

You must be over 18 years of age to book a yacht party in Dubai. People of all ages are allowed to attend a yacht party in the emirate. Minors should be accompanied by an adult throughout the trip for their safety.

Is there any locker facility available on board a yacht?

Yes, we provide a locker facility onboard if needed to keep your valuable belongings safe.

Where is the boarding point for a yacht party in Dubai?

Several boarding points are available across the emirate, depending on the yacht you choose. The common departure points for our top yachts are Dubai Harbour, Marina Mall, and Marasi Mall.

Do you have car parking facilities I can use while on a yacht trip?

Yes, we can arrange car parking facilities for you for a convenient yacht trip. Do let us know in advance at the time of booking to avoid hassles later.

Will there be an assigned space for us onboard a yacht?

We enable private yacht bookings at our company. Therefore, an entire yacht will be available for you and your guests to use per your needs.

What is the cancellation policy for a yacht party?

When you cancel your yacht party, a 50% or 100% charge will be levied depending on the time of cancellation. For more information on our cancellation policy, check out the FAQ section on the homepage.


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