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Kismet Yacht- Why the Luxury Yacht is Currently Up for Sale

The 312 ft Kismet yacht has captured global attention since it was recently put up for sale. With an estimated value of several hundred million, the yacht has caught the eye of multi-millionaires hoping to enjoy unparalleled luxury over the sea. As the yacht continues attracting potential buyers while on the market, let’s look at its best features and why it is worth the massive price tag.

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Kismet Yacht

Kismet yacht price, technical specifications and more

The Kismet yacht price is estimated at a whopping $200 million. It was built in 2014 by Lürssen, which is a renowned shipyard based in Germany. The yacht’s 312 ft length makes it easily noticeable as it moves along the beautiful coasts of Europe and beyond.

Featuring 8 lavishly designed staterooms, the yacht fits up to 16 guests. Typically, 28 crew members are available onboard to ensure that the guests have a pleasurable and safe time. The yacht can reach a maximum speed of 17 knots and has a 2928 gross tonnage.

Kismet yacht interior

The Kismet yacht interior design was done by Reymond Langton Design, which is a world-class brand. From a helipad to a jacuzzi, the yacht has the latest features and amenities, making charters on it highly desirable.

While the yacht is not available for external chatters at present, it is evident that it would have been in high demand if it were. For instance, the Dubai yacht rental prices for this model would have been several hundred thousand dirhams for a day if it were available. Overall, it is a highly sought-after yacht.

Kismet yacht owner

The Kismet yacht owner has been identified as Shahid Khan. As the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C., the Kismet yacht owner is well-known for his love for ultra-luxurious items. The sports tycoon and billionaire has spared no expense in equipping his yacht with world-class facilities.

Kismet Yacht Owner

Opulent features of the Kismet superyacht

The Kismet superyacht feels like a world in itself, thanks to the various luxury facilities it offers. It offers a sense of escape from the rest of the world and provides numerous options to relax fully. The following are the best features of the yacht.

  • Lavish master stateroom
  • Luxury living space
  • Boardroom
  • Bar
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Wide swimming pool area

Lavish master stateroom

The master stateroom of the Shad Khan yacht has been luxuriously and tastefully designed per the owner’s specific requirements. A private deck is available with the master stateroom, which offers high privacy and scenic views.

A jacuzzi is also available, again for the owner’s private use. Furthermore, the stateroom enables direct and easy access to the helipad, making it more convenient to travel.

Luxury living space

Guests onboard the Shad Khan yacht can relax and socialize in the grand living space onboard the yacht. There are wide, roomy couches spread across the area to lounge in. The upscale furnishings in the space enhance the feeling of grandeur and provide the guests with a worthwhile experience.


As a billionaire business tycoon, Shahid Khan has splurged to create a boardroom on his yacht that is superior in every way. The boardroom onboard is the ideal space to hold business meetings, liaise with clients, brainstorm ideas, and more. It has the latest technical features for a seamless experience.


The Shad Khan yacht mixes business with pleasure with its well-equipped bar area, apart from the boardroom. The bar features many of the most expensive and appealing bottles in the world. It is a great spot to relax after a long day.


For guests who are always on the go regarding fitness, the gym onboard the yacht provides much relief. The gym is equipped with the best and latest equipment. It is perfect for guests taking extended vacations but do not want to compromise on their fitness progress.


The spa onboard the yacht has exceptional facilities and provides a highly stress-free and positive experience for the guests. From a regular massage to a sauna session, there are plenty of things to do at Kismet’s lavish spa.

Kismet Yacht Features

Wide swimming pool area

The swimming pool is located on the yacht’s deck and is large and scenic. A jacuzzi is attached to the swimming pool as well. The sundeck beside the swimming pool is a great spot to get a tan and enjoy a cocktail. At night, guests can enjoy the retractable outdoor fireplace beside the swimming pool while looking at the stars.

In conclusion, the yacht is a delight that is worth experiencing. It is unpredictable what changes the new owner will bring to the yacht once it is sold. For now, it is winning the hearts of sailing enthusiasts globally.


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