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Charter Dreams With the Extravagant O’Pari Yacht

The world of luxury yachts is all about the super-rich and famous, showcasing their extravagant lifestyle. One such floating marvel among the most remarkable crafts is the O’Pari Yacht. It’s a true emblem of marine magnificence that leaves the passengers with the experience of a lifetime. Let's read ahead to know its ownership, technical specifications and unique amenities.

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Ownership of the O’Pari Yacht

The elegant and sophisticated O’Pari is privately owned by a Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis. This wonderful yacht has been in the Onassis family for generations now and carries the heritage of their nautical empire. The billionaire is well-known for his love for the sea and always makes sure that the yacht comes across as a reflection of his lavish lifestyle and refined taste and those who charter it can

Amenities O’Pari Yacht offers

What sets apart a charted yacht from the other is the services it offers to its esteemed guests. This remarkable vessel has many unparalleled amenities designed to elevate your journey on the high seas. Let’s check them one by one:

  • On-board helipad
  • Infinity pool and sun deck
  • Exquisite dining options
  • Wellness and spa facilities
  • Entertainment hub

On-board helipad

The fully-equipped helipad O’Pari Yacht is its main attraction that allows guests to arrive and depart in style. They can quickly and conveniently reach the yacht. It’s like hopping from ai-luxury to marine. Being on the helipad, you can have a stunning aerial view of the yacht and the seascape.

Infinity pool and sun deck

Another remarkable feature of the O’Pari yacht is the infinity pool on its upper deck which is the ideal spot to enjoy the beauty of the open sea. With comfortable loungers and shaded seating areas, it offers a lavish space for guests to relax and soak in the sun.


Exquisite dining options

We can’t miss the gourmet dining while talking about a luxury yacht. The incredible dining experience at the O’Pari allows guests to savor an array of cuisines in multiple dining areas like the formal dining room and al fresco. The skillful chefs onboard are culinary masters and prepare mouthwatering dishes for every palate.

Wellness and spa facilities

The list of amenities also includes taking care of the well-being of the passengers. Unwind yourself with a super-relaxing spa session. There’s a modern wellness center where you can enjoy great massages. Let go of all the stress in the steaming sauna or hot at the gym. Afterwards you don’t have to compromise on fitness routines just because you are on a vacation.

Entertainment hub

Entertainment isn’t limited to sightseeing on this ultimate vessel. O’Pari also has a spacious indoor cinema, a casino and a nightclub ensuring everything is right there. The nightclub is a hotspot for late-night parties and offers an outstanding sound system and dance floor so the fun never stops.


A comprehensive overview of O’Pari engineering

This yacht is a sailing masterpiece. Its impressive technical specifications are the foundation of the experience it offers. Let the table below unveil its exceptional details:

Technical specifications Details
Engine and horsepower The yacht has an advanced twin-screw propulsion system and two ultra-powerful engines. Each engine is a Wärtsilä 12V50DF that generates a whopping 20,700 horsepower. This ensures that O’Pari cruises with incredible efficiency and speed.
Top speed (nautical miles) When it comes to top speed, it cruises at 20 nautical miles per hour. It allows passengers to swiftly cover large distances while enjoying unparalleled luxury.
Number of rooms/cabins on-board This floating palace features a total of 20 lavish cabins and can comfortably accommodate up to 40 guests. Each cabin has an incredible interior design with the perfect blend of style and comfort. The master suite is a retreat in itself with a private lounge, panoramic views and an en-suite bathroom.

Exclusive events and chartering

The O’Pari Yacht which was initially a private sanctuary for its owner and esteemed guests now extends an opportunity for charter. It has hosted renowned events, welcomed famous celebrities and has been wonderful for corporate retreats. Chartering this yacht means experiencing the pinnacle of luxury.

Individual guests seeking an unforgettable vacation or corporations looking for a unique setting for their events can enjoy the perfect blend of privacy and indulgence on pristine waters. The O’Pari Yacht always makes dreams come true on the high seas.

Enjoy luxurious cruising with O’pari

We just discussed how the O’Pari Yacht is a commendable work of floating engineering and elegant design. With twin-screw engines generating staggering horsepower, it sails at a great speed and its exquisite cabins offer unparalleled luxury.
Its unique amenities make it a paradise on water. Not only this yacht is a symbol of aristocratic grandeur but also a highly demanded vessel for exclusive events and charters.


Exploring it is the only best way to witness unlimited extravagance. Book yourself some days into the epitome of sophistication and opulence!


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