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Tatiana Yacht

The Tatiana yacht is the latest addition to the popular 263 model series by Bilgin. This new yacht was delivered in 2021 and has since taken the yachting industry by storm. It features all the latest marine technology and other onboard luxury amenities worth noting. This article gives you a detailed overview of the Tatiana superyacht and some lesser-known facts about it.

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Tatiana Yacht

A detailed insight on Tatiana yacht

Built in the beautiful country of Turkey, this luxury superyacht has a lot of exciting aspects to it. We take you through each one in detail, covering everything from the exterior to the interior.

Tatiana yacht price

$100 million is the whopping price tag of the Tatiana superyacht. This colossal amount is justified as you walk through the features and specifications that the yacht possesses.
Tatiana is currently operating under the Cook Islands flag.

Go onboard the paradise of the seas – Tatiana yacht interior

Tatiana Yacht Interior

The interior of this quintessential superyacht was designed by London-based designer H2 Yacht Design. As per the Boat Pro central database, the company is known to have designed the interior of 47 other yachts. The total volume of the yacht is measured at 1,689 GT.

It features 8 exquisitely designed deluxe cabins that can accommodate up to 12 guests. The Tatiana yacht also has adequate accommodation for a crew size of 24 members.

Be it a yacht wedding in Dubai or a birthday sailing trip, milestone events are best enjoyed at sea on a luxury vessel.

Some of the notable aspects of the interior of this yacht are as follows:

  • A contemporary style interior with custom-made furnishings
  • Bathrooms swathed with well-crafted marble finishing’s
  • LED strip lighting across the interior
  • An indoor swimming pool overlooking the ocean
  • A full-fledged gym
  • An intimately designed movie theater

Looking at all these elements on the interior, one thing is for sure. This superyacht’s owners enjoy the most luxurious experience while cruising on the Tatiana.

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The exterior of the Tatiana superyacht

Yacht Tatiana Location

Measuring in at 80 meters long (262 ft.), the Tatiana superyacht has a majestic and regal exterior outlook. Some of its dimensions include a beam length of 12.2 meters (40 ft.) and a draft measuring 3.5 meters (11.4 ft.).

The Tatiana has a two-tone color scheme on the exterior with a white finished roof and deck area and a grey-tone hull. There are a total of 3 decks on the yacht. The Tatiana poses a futuristic and modern design cue, making the yacht stand out from other luxury superyachts.

She features an aluminum superstructure and a steel hull that delivers maximum rigidity and strength.


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Performance specification of the Tatiana yacht

Powered by two MTU 16V 4000 M63L engines, Tatiana produces a total power output of 5,250 horsepower. This massive power generated can take the yacht up to speeds of 19 knots and maintain an average speed of 12 knots. These are impressive figures considering the weight and dimensions of the yacht.

The Tatiana yacht can cover a distance of 5000 nautical miles at a constant speed of 11 knots. Making it a perfect luxury yacht for cross-country tours.

“Tatiana is nicknamed the NB75 yacht.”

Tatiana yacht owner

Indian businessman and former chairman of the TATA Group, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, is known to be the proud owner of the Tatiana yacht. It is, however, a speculation based on some of the public reports. Official announcements or disclosure by the company have not been made.

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Feature and specification summary of the yacht

Tatiana Yacht Deck

The Bilgin Tatiana yacht comprises several unique features and an elaborate list of specifications, some of which we have mentioned above. Mentioned below are all the details about Tatiana:

Tatiana superyacht details
Tatiana Bilgin yacht engine 2 X 16V 4000 M63L MTU diesel engine
Horsepower produced 2,625 horsepower produced by each individual engine

The combined horsepower of the 2 engines is 5,350 hp

Kilowatt power produced 1,957 KW power produced by each individuals engine

The combined KW generated is 3,915

Number of propellers on the Tatiana 2 propellers
Top speed of the Tatiana yacht 19 knots
Cruising speed 12 knots
Total range 5000 nautical miles/11 knots speed
Total guest suites 8 deluxe guest suites
Number of occupants 12 passengers
Tatiana crew members 24 crew members
Decks on the yacht 3 decks in total
Class of yacht ABS Class
Tatiana hull type Tatiana monohull
Superstructure material Built using Aluminum
Hull material Produced using steel
Country and port of origin Istanbul, Turkey
Year of launch It was built in 2020 and delivered in 2021
Length of the yacht 262 ft. (82 meters)
Gross tonnage 1689 gross tonnage
Onboard fuel holding capacity 40,946 gallons (155,000 Liters)
Water holding capacity 11,887 gallons (45,000 Liters)
Interior designers of the Tatiana H2 Yacht Design
Exterior designers Unique Yacht Design

Tatiana yacht location

Recorded by AIS (Automatic Identification System), the Tatiana superyacht is said to be currently situated somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The exact coordinates that were recorded on October 25th, 2022 are 34.66489 N / 33.04005 E. The yacht is currently sailing to an undisclosed location at a speed of 13.0 knots.

The Tatiana Bilgin yacht – A luxurious superyacht

Tatiana Superyacht

This massive modern superyacht carries all the latest facilities you would expect in a luxurious yacht. Tatiana is an exceptional superyacht from a fully decked-out common area to a movie theater and other lavish amenities like an indoor swimming pool and gym.

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