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The Eclipse Yacht- Why it is the Perfect Vessel for Absolute Relaxation

As one of the top 3 largest superyachts in the world, the 162.5-meter-long Eclipse yacht is sought-after by luxury sailing enthusiasts everywhere. The yacht has a wide range of state-of-the-art features that make a journey on it an absolute pleasure. What many do not know is that the yacht has been designed to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation for its passengers over everything else. Let’s take a closer look at the amenities of this superior yacht model.

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Eclipse design

Interesting facts about the Eclipse yacht

The superyacht is owned by the famous oligarch and politician Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich. With a net worth of several billion, the owner spared no expense in ensuring that his super yacht was the epitome of luxury. It is valued at around €340 million and has everything one needs to enjoy opulence during a sailing trip. At the time of its launch, the yacht was regarded as the longest private yacht in the world.

The Roman Abramovich yacht has 4 MTU 20V 1163 TB93 diesel engines and triple screw propellers and moves at a speed of 40.74 km/h. It was launched in September 2009. However, after several sea trials, it was delivered to the owner only at the end of 2010.

There were several yachting enthusiasts queued up well in advance to rent a yacht of this size and features. Therefore, at the beginning of 2011, the yacht was made available for charter under a company based in Monaco.

During the winter each year, the yacht can be spotted picking up passengers from the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The  Roman Abramovich yacht then makes its way to the coast of France near St.Barts, where the owner has a holiday home. Apart from these times, the yacht is commonly found floating along the luxury coastal regions of Europe and has even been spotted in the Fethiye area of Turkey.

The most luxurious and relaxing features of the Eclipse superyacht

Eclipse features

The numerous features of the yacht are no doubt highly impressive. If anyone wants to skip the crowds and escape into an ultra-luxury bubble, there is no better option than this mighty superyacht. The following are the key features of the yacht that make it so relaxing.

  • Beach club
  • Timeless design
  • Large swimming pool
  • Unique deck spaces
  • Intimate lounge
  • 18 luxury cabins
  • Bathing platform
  • Spa

Beach club

The yacht has a well-developed beach club where guests can unwind after a long and tiring day. A full-size pantry is attached to the beach club, making it easier for guests to grab snacks and hang out. A pizza oven and barbecue station are also nearby for lively dinners.

Timeless design

Eclipse design

The yacht’s designer Terry Disdale has gone the extra mile to ensure that the yacht is elegant and classic in its design. He has stated that he finds the design of modern yachts unfavorable since they are too “purposeful” and “macho”. The yacht is deemed unpretentious and timeless, not inclined to follow design fads.

Large swimming pool

Guests find the yacht’s swimming pool particularly relaxing and appealing. The pool has a blue granite bottom which is highly attractive. There are 3.2 meters of overheads, and the sunroof is made of glass and is retractable. The bottom of the pool can be lowered or lifted to create paddling pools or for sitting flush with the deck.

Unique deck spaces

The interior design of the yacht is a collective creation of several artists. The designer gave freedom to each artist to design each deck as per their tastes. Therefore, each deck space is unique. Guests can never get confused about which deck they are because of it.

Intimate lounge

When guests arrive on the yacht on a helicopter, they are immediately taken to a luxury, intimate lounge. The space has the necessary amenities for the guests to freshen up after a long day of traveling and relax before entering the main areas of the yacht.

18 luxury cabins

Guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep in the 18 well-decorated cabins onboard the yacht. 100 crew members are available to care for the passengers’ needs and ensure their comfort.

Bathing platform

The yacht’s bathing platform is large and has staircases that lead to the water. It makes it easier for the guests to take a dip in the sea or try out snorkeling or scuba diving at their whims.


The yacht’s spa area features a sauna, shower space, beauty salon, massage room, and other amenities. There is no better space to relax and leave the stress behind. A 77 square meter is also available nearby for those who are always conscious about their fitness.

Eclipse yacht sailing

All in all, the Eclipse yacht is a joy to sail in and guarantees the most relaxing and comfortable time ever.


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