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All You Need To Know About the Largest Sailing Yacht

While you might be aware of some of the biggest superyachts in the world, do you know about the largest sailing yacht in the world? If not, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we introduce you to the realm of sailing yachts. We also explore the incredible features and unique aspects of the largest sailing yachts. Let’s get right into it.

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Largest Sailing Yacht

‘Sailing Yacht A’: The floating luxury

Sailing Yacht A is a vessel that was launched in 2015. It is a sailing testament to magnificent human engineering. Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, the yacht was built by the German shipyard Nobiskrug. Following are some of the key details of the largest sailing yacht that make it extraordinary:

  • Length: 143 meters
  • Beam: 25 meters
  • Mast height: 100 meters
  • Speed: Approx. 21 knots
  • Accommodation: 20 guests in 9 cabins along with a crew of 54
  • Unique features: Glass-bottom swimming pool, underwater observation pod and an innovative propulsion system.

This largest sailboat is definitely a masterpiece of modern construction with the best configuration. The sleek lines give it a striking appearance that has all eyes glued on it. However, beyond the rich looks; the yacht is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities that make it a sailing icon.

Innovative design and technology

As we discussed, it’s not just the size of Sailing Yacht A but also the innovative technology that differentiates this largest sailing yacht from the others. It’s efficient, eco-friendly and luxury rolled into one extraordinary package.

Largest Sailing Yachts in the World

The underwater pod offers an unparalleled view of the oceanic world. It’s a technological marvel that’s exceptional for its immense size. Let’s also have a look at its innovative features:

  • Smart propulsion
  • Underwater wonder

Smart propulsion

It’s not a regular boat with a single engine. Instead, it gracefully brags 4 powerful MTU diesel engines that work with an advanced electric system that ensures efficient propulsion. It switches to electric power while cruising at lower speeds. In other words, when fuel usage is reduced, the emissions are controlled as well making it both powerful and environmentally conscious.

Underwater wonder

An underwater observation pod is a wonderful feature that lets you explore the underwater world without having to dive. It’s almost like an aquarium beneath the sail yacht that lets you enjoy unique and panoramic views of marine life and seascapes through large and clear windows. Now that’s what turns an ordinary cruise into an adventurous largest sailing yacht.

Unbelievable interiors

It’s all grand and lavish inside the super-sized Sailing Yacht A. Witness a harmonious blend of elegance and modern flair and the attention to detail for the utmost comfort. The brain behind this masterpiece, French designer Philippe Starck, has beautifully worked to bring together the majesty of the sea with luxury for an unparalleled experience. Let’s discuss its interiors and remarkable features:

  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Master suite
  • Guest cabins

Detailed craftsmanship

Every corner of the yacht is meticulously crafted so there is no compromise on either comfort or style. The entire premise screams that no expense has been spared on the extravagant salons, cozy cabins and other spaces cabins for creating an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

Sailing Yacht Interiors

Master suite

The largest sailboat has also got a multi-level master suite that spans two floors along with a private terrace. Guests experience the pleasure of waking up to the remarkable Seaview. A grand space within an opulent vessel? Totally!

Guest cabins

If you think that the master suite was it, you’re wrong. The guest cabins are nowhere behind in the scene of grandeur and offer unparalleled comfort and stunning sea views. Regardless of which room you are in, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Other largest sailing yachts

Sailing Yacht A has claimed the first spot in the list of the largest sailboats in the world but there are others who deserve a good mention as well. Check the table below to learn about the other colossal sailboats:

Yacht name Year launched Country of origin Owner Estimated Price (USD) Length (meters) Special Features
Black Pearl 2017 Netherlands Oleg Burlakov  $200 million 106.7 World’s largest DynaRig sailing yacht, eco-friendly systems, stunning interiors
Sea Cloud 1931 Germany Private Ownership (Not Disclosed) N/A 109 Historic charm, luxurious cabins, classic sailing experience
Athena 2004 Netherlands James H. Clark $100 million 90 Classic three-masted schooner, elegant interiors, ample deck space
Maltese Falcon 2006 Turkey Elena Ambrosiadou $100 million 88 Iconic DynaRig system, spacious outdoor areas, luxurious amenities
Eos 2006 Germany Barry Diller $150 million 93 Large deck, stylish interiors, impressive sail plan
Aquijo 2016 Netherlands Private Ownership (Not Disclosed) $85 million 85.9 Collaboration of two premium shipyards, expansive decks, water toys
Royal Huisman’s Project 404 2021 Netherlands Private Ownership (Not Disclosed) N/A 81.8 Innovative design, luxurious interiors, performance sailing
Mirabella V 2004 United Kingdom Joe Vittoria N/A 75 Unique ketch rig, spacious deck, classic design
Mondango 3 2014 New Zealand Michael Saylor $40 million 56.4 Modern and stylish interior design, impressive sail performance

Sailing Yacht A: Bringing craftsmanship, innovation and opulence together

Leaving behind all the other largest sailboats in the sea, Sailing Yacht A made its way to achieve its number one spot as the largest sailing yacht in the world. With world-class innovation, luxury, size and engineering, it makes it an iconic presence on the high seas.

It’s one of many remarkable vessels that grace the oceans with its uniqueness. If you appreciate floating marvels, you’re going to love the sight of the stunning Sailing Yacht A.

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