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What to Expect on a 1 Hour Yacht Ride Dubai

A 1 hour yacht ride in Dubai is about enjoying iconic sights and luxurious vibes. You cruise along Marina, relishing the modern skyscrapers and Ain Dubai, the world's largest Ferris wheel. Catch glimpses of the scenic Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah while soaking in the sun on deck. Refreshments will enhance your experience, making it a perfect 1-hour tour.

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What to Expect on a 1 Hour Yacht Ride Dubai

Best Yachts for 1 Hour Tours in Dubai

If you are looking for the best yacht for a memorable 1-hour tour in Dubai, consider the following yachts. These yachts create a perfect balance between luxury, affordability, and comfort. For example, the Aicon 85 Tayget has plenty of space for small groups, such as a family of 6 people. It is a well-equipped yacht for a short cruise in Dubai because it has a cozy lounge area and a flybridge that allows you, your friends, or your family stunning views.

What to Expect on a 1 Hour Yacht Ride Dubai

Yacht Price Per Hour Capacity Number of Guests
Aicon 85 Tayget 3,500 AED 20 6
Al Shali 50 Jstar 650 AED 12 6
Nuvari 64 Luna 900 AED 25 6
Azimut 55 900 AED 20 4
Sunseeker 64 1,500 AED 20 6

Typical Itinerary of 1 Hour Yacht Ride in Dubai

One-hour yacht adventure usually starts from Dubai Marina, a beautiful place with towering skyscrapers and luxury yachts. When you get on board and the yacht is set on sail, you will see the stunning views of Dubai’s modern architecture. The yacht travels along the Palm Jumeirah, an iconic palm-shaped island.

You will also pass Atlantis the Palm, a famous resort featuring underwater suites and an adventurous water park. The return journey usually includes a closer look at the world’s only 7-star hotel “Burj Al Arab.” So, this is the typical itinerary of 1 hour yacht ride in Dubai, but you can expect more depending on the yacht rental company in Dubai.

Activities and Onboard Amenities

What to Expect on a 1 Hour Yacht Ride Dubai

Although a 1 hour yacht ride in Dubai is a sightseeing experience, some companies or tour operators offer activities and amenities to improve your experience. In addition to photography, swimming, and sunbathing, you can enjoy fishing. You will get fishing gear to try your hand at catching Arabian Sea fish. Onboard amenities include:

  • Complimentary soft drinks and light snacks
  • Free Wi-Fi and music
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating with cushions and shades for comfort
  • Clean and neat restrooms
  • Onboard BBQ
  • Watersports
  • Towels and snorkeling gear

Remember, you may pay an extra fee for water sports equipment.

Tips for Booking a 1-Hour Yacht Tour

Do you want an unforgettable experience in Dubai that suits your preferences, group size, and budget? If yes, follow these practical tips crafted by our yacht rental experts in Dubai.

Choose the Right Tour

Choosing the right tour is directly proportional to your dream yacht experience in Dubai. One-hour yacht rides in Dubai vary in price, depending on yacht type and amenities. Therefore, determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your options.

Another important factor is the group size. Are you planning a romantic proposal on a yacht, a corporate party, or a fun birthday celebration with friends? Answer your question and ensure you choose a yacht that perfectly accommodates your group. You can also consult our experienced team at Yacht Rental UAE for a more seamless experience. Other factors include:

  • Preferred activities
  • Tour operator’s reputation
  • Deals and discounts

Get the Best Deals

Book in advance if you want to get the best deals. Yacht rentals fill up quickly, especially during peak season between October and April. The same applies to popular events like New Year’s Eve or Formula 1 Grand Prix. Therefore, we recommend securing your preferred date and time by booking in advance, especially if you are planning a celebration.

On the other hand, you can leverage discounted rates by booking a yacht tour outside major holidays or on a weekday. Don’t forget to explore combo packages. Some popular options include yacht party Dubai, romantic sunset sails, and dinner cruises perfect for anniversary celebrations.

Prepare For Your Yacht Trip

What to Expect on a 1 Hour Yacht Ride Dubai

We have years of experience providing memorable experiences for locals and foreigners in Dubai through our yacht services. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your yacht trip in Dubai:

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and swimwear
  • Bring an HD camera for quality photography and videography
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before at the Marina to check in without problems
  • Wear light and breathable clothes and comfortable footwear suitable for a yacht
  • Take medication beforehand if you are prone to motion sickness
  • Bring some cash to tip the crew – it is mandatory in Dubai
  • Always follow the safety instructions provided by the crew

Final Thoughts on 1 Hour Yacht Ride in Dubai

A 1-hour yacht tour in Dubai offers the best sightseeing experience. It includes relishing the iconic landmarks and onboard luxuries. Follow the tips and tricks above to create memories that will last a lifetime and have the best Dubai experience.

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