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Where is John Wayne's Yacht Wild Goose Today

John Wayne, an American film icon, was also known for his yacht, the Wild Goose. The converted WWII minesweeper was more than a yacht; it was Wayne's sanctuary and symbol of his adventurous spirit. Today's article discusses the history and current status of the Wild Goose. I will also talk about its significance in Wayne's life and its journey to the present day.

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Where is John Wayne's Yacht Wild Goose Today

History of the Wild Goose

The Wild Goose has a rich history, beginning as a WWII minesweeper before being purchased by John Wayne in 1962. The vessel held a special place in Wayne’s heart, serving as a retreat from his bustling Hollywood life. On this yacht, he entertained friends, family, and fellow stars, celebrated birthdays, creating countless memories.

Where is John Wayne's Yacht Wild Goose Today

In addition, significant events involving the Wild Goose include its role in several of Wayne’s films, adding another layer to its storied past. Even after Wayne’s passing in 1979, the yacht continued to symbolize his legacy, preserved and cherished by subsequent owners. Today, the Wild Goose is a testament to John Wayne’s love for the sea and his adventurous spirit, intertwined with its iconic owner’s history.

Current Ownership

The Wild Goose is owned by Hornblower Cruises and is located in Newport Beach, California. The company hosts various events and cruises, allowing fans of John Wayne to step foot on his beloved yacht.

As for renovations, after John Wayne took possession of the ship, a significant renovation worth $3 million began. Five staterooms were added, interior bulkheads were removed to give the yacht a more spacious feel, and overheads were raised to accommodate Wayne’s height.

A wood-burning fireplace, casino poker table, and built-in wet bar were added to the saloon, which seats up to 127 people. Despite these lavish upgrades, Wayne was intent on maintaining the boat’s naval heritage and left many of her original military elements intact. The yacht retains its lavish wood detailing, a dancing area, murals, and a bridal suite.

How the Public can Access or View the Wild Goose Yacht

Where is John Wayne's Yacht Wild Goose Today

Starting from May 1 and continuing through mid-June, fans can climb aboard the Wild Goose for informal tours. Visitors can sip on “The Duke’s Old Fashioned” cocktails during these tours while cruising Newport Harbor at sunset.

So, this offers a unique opportunity to experience a glimpse of John Wayne’s life at sea. These trips to the yacht showcase memorabilia from Wayne’s films, personal photographs, and artifacts that reflect his love for the ocean.

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Wild Goose: John Wayne’s Maritime Legacy

The Wild Goose, once a sanctuary for the legendary John Wayne, continues to sail the seas under the stewardship of Hornblower Cruises. It remains a living testament to Wayne’s adventurous spirit, offering fans a unique opportunity to enter his world. From its rich history to its current status, the Wild Goose is more than a yacht; it is a piece of Hollywood history.

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