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Who Owns Loon Yacht

Craig Leipold is a US billionaire who owns the Loon yacht. Leipold is the owner of Minnesota Wild and various other businesses. The yacht is famous for its Dutch-quality design and construction. The Loon yacht can accommodate 13 guests in 7 suites. It features a massage room, sauna, and gym. Let’s get into the details of this modern yacht.

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Who Owns Loon Yacht

About the Owner of the Loon Yacht

Before I tell you about the Loon yacht in detail, let me quickly give you some valuable information about the owner. Craig Leipold owns the Loon yacht. He is a billionaire and owns different businesses. Leipold owns the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League (NHL). Previously, he owned the Nashville Predators.

In addition, Leipold founded a telemarketing firm “Ameritel.” He also owns Rainfair, a company that manufactures protective footwear. Leipold also contributes to various civic and corporate organizations.

He runs charities for underprivileged people, including children. Leipold’s wife, Helen, maintains residences in Racine, Wisconsin. Helen is also the CEO and chairman of Johnson Outdoors, Inc. and Johnson Financial Group. The bottom line is that the owner is wealthy, and he and his wife enjoy their yacht charter.

Specifications of the Loon Yacht

Here are the detailed specifications of the Loon yacht, a luxury vessel owned by one of the richest businesspeople, Craig Leipold.

Specification Details
Builder Icon Yachts
Year Built 2009
Design RWD
Length 67.5m / 221 feet
Beam 10.36m
Draft 3.5m
Gross Tonnage 1,100
Engines Twin MTU
Cruising Speed 13 knots
Max Speed 16 knots
Range 6,000 nautical miles
Fuel Capacity 193,200 liters
Guest Accommodation 12 to 13 guests in 7 suites
Crew Up to 19
Special Features Infinity pool, beach club, gym, sauna, underwater lights

Who Designed the Loon Yacht?

Who Owns Loon Yacht

Redman Whiteley made this RWD design to make the Loon yacht a luxury vessel. Murray & Associates completed the naval architecture. Research shows that the Loon yacht’s cost is approximately $24 million. However, other similar yachts may cost more depending on age, size, luxury amenities, technology, construction, materials, etc.

Loon Yacht Interior and Exterior Design

Loon yacht’s interior is stylish because it showcases luxurious woods with African wool and silk fixtures. The yacht has a warm, vibrant, and bright color scheme, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for guests participating in events like anniversary celebrations.

Besides, Murray & Associates designed the loon yacht’s exterior, including the state-of-the-art naval architecture. The Loon yacht has a robust steel hull and aluminum superstructure. It features a tri-deck made of teak.

Loon Yacht Famous Guests and Events

Who Owns Loon Yacht

The Loon yacht has hosted several events and famous guests. For example, Robert De Niro, the best Hollywood Star, participates in a start-studded gala dinner. However, other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Leonardo DiCaprio have also enjoyed the luxury of this yacht. In addition, the yacht hosts events like New Year, Birthday, and Corporate meetings. It has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Loon Yacht Comparison with Other Yachts

Yacht Length (m) Beam (m) Draft (m) Gross Tonnage Top Speed (knots) Cruising Speed (knots) Range (nautical miles) Guest Accommodation
Loon 67.5 10.36 3.5 1,100 16 13 6,000 12 to 13 guests in 7 suites
NORA 62.5 11.4 N/A 1,126 16 14 6,000 12 guests in 6 staterooms
BASMALINA II 42 8.13 2.26 236 N/A N/A N/A 10 guests
PEARL 29.22 N/A N/A 110 29 23 450 10 guests in 5 staterooms

Is the Loon Yacht Available for Charter?

Yes, the loon yacht is available for charter. You can charter it to scenic destinations like Italy, the South of France, Croatia, the Bahamas, and Antigua St Lucia. As I mentioned, the yacht can charter up to 12 or 13 guests in 7 suites. The current charter price is between $352,525 and $379,642 per week.

Loon Yacht: A Voyage into Luxury

Okay, let me conclude the article by saying that, indeed, the Loon yacht symbolizes sophistication and luxury. Craig Leipold and his wife, friends, and family enjoy the top-notch amenities. The good thing is that the Loon yacht is available for charter.

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