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Who Owns the Luxurious Lionheart Yacht

The Lionheart is a 90-meter masterpiece of luxury, a floating palace that boasts private balconies, spacious interiors, and the finest craftsmanship money can buy. But who owns the luxurious Lionheart yacht? It is none other than a billionaire tycoon with a taste for the finer things in life, a man whose empire spans continents and whose name is synonymous with success. Read on!

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Who owns the luxurious lionheart yacht

Sir Philip Green is the Current Owner of Lionheart Yacht

The Lionheart yacht is the pride and joy of Sir Philip Green, a British retail magnate whose Arcadia Group once dominated the UK high street with brands like Topshop. Green, often dubbed the King of Retail, has amassed a multi-billion-dollar fortune through his business ventures.

While Sir Philip’s name is on the yacht’s papers, his wife, Tina Green, is the true visionary behind Lionheart’s design. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for luxury, she collaborated with designers to create a yacht that is as much a work of art as it is a testament to their wealth.

Lionheart’s Features

who owns the luxurious lionheart yacht

Here are the features and details of Lionheart Yacht.

Feature Details
Length 90 meters (295 feet)
Builder Benetti Yachts
Year Built 2016
Owner Sir Philip Green
Interior Designer Green & Mingarelli Design
Exterior Designer Stefano Natucci
Capacity 12 guests, 30 crew
Construction Steel hull, aluminum superstructure
Propulsion Diesel-electric (Caterpillar engines)
Cruising Speed 15 knots
Amenities Private balconies, swimming pool, helipad, movie theater, spa, gym
Estimated Value $150 million (USD)
Notable Events Greenpeace protest (2018)
Other Names Lioness V, Lionchase (previous yachts owned by Green)

Lionheart Yacht Amenities

Lionheart is about luxurious amenities and experiences tailored for the discerning yacht charter guest. Imagine soaking up the sun on your private balcony for corporate events, dipping in the pool, or enjoying a movie under the stars in your theater. For the adventurous, there is even a helipad for quick getaways.

Beyond leisure, Lionheart prioritizes well-being. Stay in shape at the modern gym, unwind in the spa’s sauna and massage rooms, or get pampered at the beauty salon. Every detail ensures the ultimate comfort and indulgence, making every day aboard a luxurious escape from the ordinary.

History of the Lionheart Yacht

who owns the luxurious lionheart yacht

The Lionheart, the third yacht to bear the name for the Greens, was crafted by the renowned Italian shipbuilder Benetti Yachts. The process was completed in 2016, and its construction was shrouded in secrecy, fueling speculation about its abundant features and price tag.

However, the Lionheart has not always sailed smooth waters. In 2018, it became controversial when protesters from Greenpeace boarded the vessel to highlight environmental concerns related to Sir Philip’s business practices. So, this incident cast a shadow over the yacht’s glamorous image, adding a layer of complexity to its history.

Sir Philip Green’s Yacht Collection

The Lionheart is the crown jewel but is not the only gem in the Green family’s maritime treasure chest. Their passion for yachting extends to a fleet of vessels, each with its unique charm. Together, these yachts represent a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury, a floating testament to the Green family’s extraordinary wealth and love for life on the open water.

Yacht Name Length (meters) Builder Model Primary Use
Lionheart 90 Benetti Yachts Custom Family Vacations/Chartering
Lioness V 63 Unknown Unknown Family Vacations
Lionchase Unknown Overmarine Group Mangusta 108 Day Trips/Entertainment
Lion Cub Unknown Van Dutch Tender Support Vessel

The Lionheart – Philip Green Luxury Yacht

The Lionheart symbolizes success, a testament to the Green family’s extravagant lifestyle, and a source of admiration and controversy. It has lavish amenities and a storied history and continues to captivate the world.

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