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Extra X76 Loft - The Entry Level Crossover

X76 Loft is the latest addition to the range of yachts produced by Extra. The company is known for producing new cruise concepts that challenge the mainstream design cues of a yacht. It is exceptionally spacious, offering great amenities and a dedication to low fuel consumption by adopting the latest technologies.

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x76 launch

Extra X76 Loft, The modern, luxury yacht

Extra Yachts prioritizes comfort and sustainability while designing its unique yachts. The X76 is a crossover yacht that is technically advanced, delivering top-notch performance complemented by sublime comfort and luxury. It represents a new line of entry-level yachts produced by the company. This uniquely designed yacht spans 23.4 meters in length (76.8 feet), with 50 sqm of cockpit space. Its size is similar to that of Fairline’s liberty model, which is available for yacht rental in Dubai and nearby areas.

Features and specifications of the X76 Loft

Extra X76 loft yacht sailing

The Extra X76 Loft is available in a dual-mode hull, performing a total displacement of 8 to 14 knots and a semi-displacement producing power from 15 knots to maximum speed. It is fitted with photovoltaic panels to power the onboard utilities. The yacht is powered by two 1350 Volvo Penta IPS engines capable of propelling it to cruising speeds of 15 knots (27.7 km/h) and a max speed of 21 knots (38.9 km/h).

The yacht’s interior can comfortably accommodate 8 guests in four luxurious double cabins on the lower deck. With 538 square feet of interior space, it has plenty of usable room for guests to enjoy a relaxing cruise. The helm station has also been redesigned with an enclosure to provide maximum privacy for guests on board.

The Head of Sales and Marketing for Extra Yachts stated that “to further sales, following one of two units of the new model X99 Fast, is the result of the collective effort in recent months by the entire team of sales, engineering, and marketing to develop new projects.”

Extra X76 Loft feature highlights

Below mentioned are the key highlights of this exceptional superyacht –

  • An exclusive concept
  • Spacious interiors
  • Long range capability
  • Panoramic views
  • Unique cockpit areas
  • Eco-friendly solutions

Extra Yachts fleet

x76 interior

Extra X76 Loft yacht, stems from the technical know-how of the team at Palumbo Superyachts. The brand also offers a fleet of unique yachts which include –

  • Extra X76 Loft
  • Extra Yacht X88 Fast
  • Extra Yacht X99 Fast
  • Extra Yacht X96 Triplex
  • Extra Yacht X115 Triplex
  • Extra Yacht X130 Triplex


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What are crossover yachts?

x76 yacht interior design

Crossover yachts are defined by their long-range abilities and spacious interiors and are referred to as the SUVs of the ocean. The design of a crossover yacht is part yacht and part houseboat, delivering the best of both worlds. Therefore, if you are looking to go on cross country yachting trips, you must definitely consider chartering a crossover yacht. It will not only ensure a great amount of space, but will also provide exceptional long range capabilities.

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Crossover yachting experience

Crossover boats are versatile in nature. They are perfect for long cruises due to their low fuel consumption, long-range capabilities, and large interior spaces. Companies that produce crossover series boats strive for continuous innovation in long-range and sustainable technology for improved efficiency while catering to eco-friendly requirements.

Extra X76 Loft- The modern crossover yacht

Italian Luxury Superyachts (ISA yachts) have garnered years of technical expertise and Italian craftsmanship, which has given customers of Extra yachts the advantage of experiencing a relaxing and luxurious cruise. The X76 Loft carries forward the DNA of Extra Yachts and delivers on all aspects of being a uniquely designed crossover yacht. It is said to debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival hosted in September of 2022.

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