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Yacht Definition - All You Need to Know About Size, Types, and Styles

A yacht definition isn't limited to the idea of a big boat. Generally, it's considered a pleasure sea vessel used for recreational purposes like cruising, fishing, water sports, overnight trips, annual accommodations, and more. They comprise cabins (sleeping quarters), bathroom facilities, a kitchen, and other amenities. We can differentiate yachts from boats based on size, amenities, mode of propulsion, function, and style. Yacht definition is incomplete without considering its size. It can vary between 33 feet to 79 feet. Read along to get a detailed understanding of what is a yacht and what it entails.

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Yacht sailing in Dubai

A brief guide to understanding the different terms of yachts

Simply learning what a yacht is isn’t sufficient. If you want to know everything about it, and possibly book a yacht rental in Dubai anytime soon, then it’s essential to learn about the different technical words related to it. Below are some standard terms that’ll help you know better about its features.

  • Aft: It’s the rear side of the yacht located towards its stern.
  • Bow: A bow is the yacht’s front part pointed forward when it’s underway.
  • Berth: The yacht’s sleeping area is termed the berth.
  • Bridge: Also termed as the cockpit, a yacht’s bridge includes all controls of the sea vessel.
  • Cabin: Cabins are the sailing vessel’s living compartments and private rooms.
  • Cleats: They are plastic or metal fittings on yachts attached to the sailor’s lines.
  • Deck: The yacht definition is incomplete without learning about the deck – it’s the part where individuals walk and relax.
  • Gunwale: It’s the upper edge of the yacht’s side.
  • Hatch: It’s the opening connecting the boat’s deck with the underneath cabins. High-end yacht models come with multiple hatches.
  • Helm: Helm in the yacht’s steering mechanism.
  • Porthole: A yacht’s windows are termed portholes.
  • Propellers: They are the blades of a motorized yacht that allow it to run speedily on the water.
  • Rig: Rig includes sails and other devices such as the boom, mast, spreaders, and yards required for controlling the sails.
  • Stern: The stern is the back of the sailboat’s hull.

Yacht word origin

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The history and origin of the word “yacht” have a significant role in determining the yacht definition. So let’s dig deeper into it.

The Dutch invented yachts in the 14th century. They used small, fast-moving boats to chase criminals, smugglers, and pirates. Wealthy merchants and ship owners termed them “jaghts” and started using them to sail out on them to celebrate the return of their merchant ships. Over time, people started using the “jaghts” to enjoy and have fun with their friends on the sea.

Yachting was a popular sport among Europe’s royalty for more than a century. By the 1800s, it started including participants other than the royal people. However, you must note that only the wealthiest joined the club. From here, the concept of yacht clubs came into the picture. Cork Water Club was the world’s first yacht formed in 1720 in Ireland.

If you want to know what a yacht is, you must also learn how this sea vessel got its name. They derived the word “yacht” from “jacht” – a Dutch word meaning “hunt.” In addition, the Dutchmen used “jachtschepen” for lightweight, narrow, and fast sailing sea boats, which the Dutchmen used to intercept slower and large-sized ships and boats.

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One of these sea boats was gifted to Charles II – the British king. In their free time, His Majesty’s used this vessel for enjoying some fun time. And eventually, “yacht” became the term for boats and vessels for enjoyment and pleasure.

Yacht pronunciation

Most people unfamiliar with the word yacht find it difficult to pronounce it right. The word yacht is pronounced as ‘yot’ in English. Different dialects of English pronounce the word yacht depending on the regional accents. Following are the some of the varied versions of the word yacht:

  • Yacht pronunciation in French – A sailing boat in French is referred to as Le Voilier Masc. The pronunciation of the English word remains the same.
  • Yacht pronunciation UK – Yacht is pronounced as Yot in British English.
  • American yacht pronunciation –  The American pronunciation of the word yacht is Yot. Perhaps, the influence of the American accent makes it sound slightly different.

Why are yachts associated with luxury?

A yacht is considered a luxury item for the following reasons:

It offers the ease of sailing off to any part of the world

Yacht definition gives us a sense that this sea vessel gives the taste of luxuriousness and sumptuousness to the individuals. Even the most cost-effective yacht models represent luxury living. Some models include everything from a private screening room, swimming pool to state-of-the-art saloons and kitchens. You can even onboard motorboats and jet skis on superyachts.

Buying or renting a yacht is an expensive hobby

Owning or sailing on a yacht is perhaps an exclusive and elite thing. Customized luxury sailboats are all about having a personalized masterpiece created to satisfy the owner’s wish to have something extraordinary. Today, you can even find a budgeted yacht rental deal that is comparatively cost-effective. Whether you buy or rent this sea vessel, you are sure to experience some unforgettable moments when sailing on it.

Used for occasional travel, which adds to its exclusivity

Occasional travel on a yacht is now a popular thing among individuals. As we mentioned earlier in the yacht definition, people tend to use this sea vessel for entertainment and pleasure. The wealthy use it for leisure pursuits. It gives them access to rare experiences in travel, entertainment, activities and culture, food, drink, etc.

Yachts are highly popular among the ultra-rich

On exploring the history of yachts, you’ll find they have always been associated with “royalty.” Also, these sea vessels are pretty expensive compared to other types of boats. Owning a yacht is a thing for super-rich people. However, the good part is that those who can’t own one can also enjoy sailing on their dream yacht model through rental services. It will be safe to say that yacht definition and luxury sea travel are synonymous.

Types of yachts

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It isn’t easy to find the best yacht fitting your unique requirements. Sure, the model picked up by you will depend on your personal preferences, but for that, you must know about the types of yachts. Unfortunately, simply learning the yacht definition and what is a yacht will not help much in the selection process.

Sailing yachts, motor yachts, and sports yachts are among the most popular variety of yachts. Here is all you need to know about their uses and features.

Sailing yacht

Sails and wind propel a sailing yacht. People generally use them for recreation purposes and sports.

Motor yacht

Motor yacht definition is all about adventurous water activities and luxury sailing. If you wish to enjoy a relaxing day of diving and fishing at sea, then a beautiful stylish motor yacht will be a perfect option.

Sports yacht

Yachts belonging to this category cater to fishing, cruising, and water sports. They are popular for their spaciousness, durability, speed, and elegance.

Yacht types based on sizes

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Yacht sizes are customized according to the client’s requirements. But the most popular range is categorized into two: superyachts and megayachts.


When it comes to superyachts, the yacht definition that describes these yachts is a minimum length of 78-feet (or 24-meters). A sea vessel of this yacht size is synonymous with glamour and luxury. It’s a perfect option for unmatched luxury and a comfortable travel experience.


The list of luxury sailing yachts is incomplete without the mention of megayachts. Their average size is between 200-feet to 60-meters. They can easily carry a large number of guests and crew and give the experience of living in an elite hotel on the sea.

Yacht categories based on style

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Here are the different types of yachts based on style:

Classic motor yachts

Next in yacht definition is the classic motor yacht. It’s one of the best options for watersports enthusiasts or businesses looking forward to an innovative corporate yacht charter.


Sedan cruisers are ideal for comfortable coastal voyaging. The spacious deck space of these yachts allows individuals to enjoy a 360-degree view of their “sea safari.” Therefore, the yacht definition for Sedan can be classified as spacious layout and maximized comfort.


A flybridge is a lot like an open deck on a cabin cruiser found on top of the bridge on the cabin roof. More often than not, it houses a duplicate set of navigating equipment. The yacht is a clear winner in the yacht vs boat debate, thanks to the flybridge. This yacht has a unique fusion of design and function. Flybridge yachts generally have a VIP suite, a stateroom for comfortable guest accommodation, an aft cabin for crew accommodations, and an additional room for guests.


Daybridge has classic designs created using modern methods and materials. This yacht has a deck saloon, beautifully designed cabins, and three to four staterooms. The makers give great attention to detail when designing and building daybridge yachts. So, if you are desirous of sailing on a beautiful yacht that houses the ultimate treat of luxury, this will prove to be your best bet.

Expedition yachts

A highly experienced crew and advanced technical equipment are two main elements of an expedition yacht definition. However, if you are looking forward to some adventure and willing to discover less popular tourist destinations in Dubai without compromising your privacy, expedition yachts will serve you best.

Expedition yachts can navigate to any corner of the world. You can visit major attractions and go on customized expeditions on this yacht. You can even visit the remote locations on these yachts. So, if you are fond of exploring the unexplored corners of the world, then this yacht will be your friend.

It is capable of traveling up to 5000 knots on one fuel tank. Moreover, it has highly efficient engines. Plus, you’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable crew for your guidance on hiring this yacht for rent.

All in all, yachts offer luxurious and pleasing sailing experiences that are driven towards the joy of the journey than reaching a particular destination.


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Luxury Yacht Collections

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Aicon 85 – Tayget

  • Build Aicon
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6

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Alshali 50 – Jstar

  • Build Alshali
  • Length 50ft (15.2m)
  • Capacity 12
  • Guests 6

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Gulf Craft 95 - D321 in dubai

Gulf Craft 95 – D321

  • Build Gulf Craft
  • Length 95ft (29m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

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Frequently asked questions about yacht definition

What is the essential part of a boat?

A boat includes various parts: bow, starboard, hull, cleat, stern, gunwale, rear, and others, but the helm is its most crucial element. Helm is a wheel or a tiller or any similar equipment to steer the boat.

What does a ship steering wheel symbolize?

A ship's steering wheel has multiple symbolic meanings: destiny, purpose, perseverance, victory, discovery, navigation, right direction, and life's path.

How did the idea of a skipper arise?

A skipper is in charge of the boat and commands a ship or a boat. The professional acts more or less like a ship's/boat's captain. The role of the skipper was introduced to ensure the complete safety and comfort of the onboarders.

Is anchor a parking term for yachts?

No, anchor isn't the correct term for yacht parking. An anchor refers to a metal device used to secure the boats or yachts to the bed of a water body to prevent them from drifting away due to current or wind. Berth is the correct word to use here. It means to dock or moor a ship. The parking spot has also been termed a berth.

What are bedrooms called on a yacht?

Cabins are the bedrooms on a yacht. They refer to the interior part of the boat designed to rest or sleep.

What is the bottom of a yacht called?

Keel is the bottom-most structural element of a yacht. It has a flat blade that originates from the yacht's bottom and touches the water. Keel prevents the sea vessel from being blown away by the current or wind. Plus, it keeps the yacht right-side up by holding the ballast.

What's a helm on a boat?

Helm refers to the steering station, including a wheel/joystick or engine controls. A boat's helm can be any element (generally, it's a tiller or a wheel) used for steering it. It's one of the important parts of a yacht as its entire sailing operation is managed from here.


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