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Yacht Vacation Rentals in Dubai- What to Expect

Booking yacht vacation rentals in Dubai is popular, particularly during the winter. The emirate has all the ideal conditions for a luxury yachting trip, from pleasant weather to world-class yacht models. There are plenty of things to do while on a luxury yacht vacation that enhances the experience. Let’s examine the things to expect while on holiday on a yacht in Dubai.

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Yacht vacation sialing

Things to do while on private yacht vacations in Dubai

Your private yacht vacations can be customized completely as per your choice. Some people prefer to relax and unwind on a yacht vacation, while others hope to party away. Depending on your tastes, the following are the top things to do onboard a yacht during your luxury vacation.

  • Enjoy fine dining
  • Have a theatre experience
  • Watch the city views
  • Try out watersports
  • Enjoy live entertainment
  • Party all night
  • Relax in a jacuzzi

Enjoy fine dining

Yacht vacation fine dining

A scenic luxury yacht is a perfect venue to enjoy a gourmet lunch or a leisurely dinner. Some top models feature panoramic dining rooms that let you relish the food while watching the sea and the city beyond. You can hire a private chef to cook for you in the yacht’s kitchen if required. Several yachts have fully equipped gourmet kitchens where you or your chef can prepare elaborate meals.

Have a theatre experience

Many yachts have well-developed home theatre systems where you and your guests can watch movies. It is a particularly good idea if you book an overnight stay experience. You can prepare movie snacks like popcorn and candy in the kitchen for a better experience.

Watch the city views

Yacht charter vacations in Dubai are so popular because of their scenic views. You can watch iconic landmarks from your luxury yacht as you move along the coastline. The view of the blue sea and the city skyline are Instagram-worthy. You can stay on your luxury yacht’s flybridge for unrestricted views, especially during sunset.

Try out watersports

Yacht vacation watersports

If you want to make your yacht rental trip more exciting, then it is worth trying out various watersports. Common options include jetskiing, wakeboarding, sea bobbing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. You can try out such activities in the middle of the sea with no external interference. Or else, simply swim at your pace for a relaxing time.


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Enjoy live entertainment

You can opt to include live entertainment during your yacht vacation. It includes traditional dance and music shows, DJs, and more. Booking live entertainment is recommended if you are on a yacht holiday with many guests and want to give everyone a great time.

Party all night

Yacht vacation party

You can keep the party going all day and night onboard a yacht during your vacation. Hire a DJ to drop the beat or use the onboard audio system. Some yachts feature dance floors where you and your friends can dance to great views. Adding drinks and food packages and a bouncer or stewardess to improve the party experience is possible too.

Relax in a jacuzzi

Many top luxury yachts have large jacuzzis that typically offer mind-blowing views of the sea beyond. Lounging in a jacuzzi on a yacht is the perfect way to relax alone or with your partner.

Reasons to book yacht charter vacations in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations worldwide for yachting. There are several reasons why people prefer to book yacht charter vacations in Dubai, and the major ones are as follows.

  • Ideal weather
  • Plenty of options
  • Great views
  • Convenient access

Ideal weather

The period between September and March is regarded as the winter season in the UAE. During this period, people fly into Dubai to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather. It is the perfect time to charter a yacht and safely sail along the coastline. As the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, you have more flexibility in choosing your sailing outfits. You can also remain comfortable throughout the trip, even during the day.

Plenty of options

Areas like Dubai Harbour and Dubai Marina have well-developed berthing and docking areas, making it easy to moor yachts. Therefore, there are hundreds of luxury yachts to choose from in Dubai. You can pick the one that matches your needs and budget the best, be it a 40 ft or 164 ft yacht.

Great views

Yacht vacation views

Yachting in Dubai is worthwhile mainly because of the breathtaking views you can enjoy on the way. Landmarks like Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, and the Dubai Marina skyline are best viewed onboard a luxury yacht. You can relax on your yacht’s deck or flybridge while sipping a cocktail and enjoying the views.

Convenient access

There are various key yacht departure locations spread across the emirate. Most of these locations are easily accessible, thereby adding to your convenience. The majority of the luxury yachts depart from various points in Dubai Marina, which is a central area.

In conclusion, you are sure to have a great time while on a yacht vacation in Dubai. Make sure to book your yacht and add-on activities well in advance for a seamless experience.


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