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Sunseeker Charter Dubai

We all have at least once imagined traveling in a luxury yacht sipping expensive wine in the middle of the ocean. This idea does not have to live in your dreams anymore as you can make it real with a few simple clicks. From a wide range of options to choose from, pick your favorite Sunseeker charter and rent one now!

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Sunseeker Java 64 exterior

Sunseeker 64 – Java

  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 64ft (19.5m)
  • Capacity 20
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,500 Price Per Day AED 15,000

Sunseeker 60 - Outlaw

Sunseeker 60 – Outlaw

  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 60ft (18.2m)
  • Capacity 12
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 2,000 Price Per Day AED 20,000

116 Sunseeker yacht interior

Sunseeker 116 – Legende

  • Build Sunseeker
  • Length 116ft (35.3m)
  • Capacity 30
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 16,000 Price Per Day AED 140,000

Sunseeker charter Dubai – Building fond memories

Sunseeker Dubai models

Looking to experience the beauty of Dubai from the waters? Sunseeker yacht charter gives you that opportunity while adding a touch of luxury to it. These yachts have been well-designed and will take you far away from the crowded city and bring in peace as you unwind and appreciate life.

Rent a Sunseeker yacht and experience its rich interior while cruising onto the shores of Dubai. The yacht also features amazing rooms that will help you relax and forget all the stress.

What are your options when looking for a Sunseeker charter in Dubai?

You have plenty of options to choose from when you want to rent a Sunseeker charter Dubai. This lets you experience the comfort and styling as per your needs. We have the following luxury Sunseeker yachts available.

  • Notorious
  • Java
  • My Serenity
  • Legende


Under the amazing collection of Sunseeker yachts, one of the renowned ones has to be the Notorious. She’s a 90 ft long yacht that offers a carrying capacity of up to 20 people. With 4 cabins that look almost inspired by a movie, up to 8 people can plan an overnight stay on this yacht.

To keep you entertained, the yacht also comes with a 70-inch 4K TV in the cantina bar. This will let you and your friends enjoy watching the game while sipping on your favorite beer. The boat additionally has a separate lodge on offer for group individuals. Aside from the top-notch gear and conveniences, the Notorious additionally offers its visitors different water exercises.


One of the other great yachts under the Sunseeker charter Dubai collection is Java. Developed in the UK, this is a 64 ft long yacht that can offer an unforgettable experience. With an elegantly designed interior and opulent features, she has a professional crew and cooks on board to elevate your yacht experience even further.

This gorgeously assembled yacht can oblige 20 visitors all at once in its vast space, both indoors and on the flybridge. Likewise, it can comfortably accommodate 6 passengers for an overnight stay. There is 1 master lodge, 1 double lodge, and 1 twin lodge built inside the yacht for comfortable overnight sailing.


In case you are looking to create a memorable experience with your friends and family, your choice, without a doubt, should be the Serenity from the Sunseeker collection. My Serenity is a modest yacht with an extravagant interior design. She is a 70 ft long smoothed-out magnificent yacht with four comfortable lodges that can oblige up to 12 visitors.

Outfitted with a robust 1 MAN 440hp motor, she brags a cruising range of 28 knots. Associate with loved ones on the adequate decks of Serenity. To amp up the experience, different water sports equipment are made available, including, water skis, fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, and even a kayak.


One of the most luxurious models made by the British shipyard Sunseeker has to be the Legende. With a length of roughly 116 ft, this spacious yacht is all you need for hosting an amazing party with your friends. Legende offers wonderfully proportioned decks for flawless indoor/outside living during an extravagant yacht contract.

Legende is one of the most premium yachts among the options for Sunseeker charter in Dubai. It can welcome up to 30 visitors and it can comfortably host up to 10 passengers for an overnight stay in its 5 suites, including a master suite situated on the primary deck, two double cabins, and two twin cabins. Altogether, you can find 7 beds, including 1 king, 2 queen, and 4 singles. Ensuring the comfort of the guests, the yacht can also accommodate up to 6 crew members.

Sunseeker yacht charter – How is it better than others?

British brand Sunseeker International offers a wide range of luxury motor yachts. One of the main reasons why you should choose it is its presence in many of the James Bond movies. Inspired by them, you can now have the time of your life on a Sunseeker boat hire in the middle of the sea.

The wide range of yachts on offer brings the ultimate sailing experience for both newcomers as well as people who frequently travel on yachts.

What are the rental charges for a Sunseeker yacht charter?

From the astonishing Sunseeker collection, you can rent any of the available yachts from us for sailing around the sea of Dubai. Yacht rental Dubai allows you to rent Sunseeker yachts on an hourly basis, for a day or even for a couple of nights.

Get it by the hour

You can celebrate a birthday party or host a corporate event on the Legende Sunseeker yacht charter for prices starting at just AED 16000 per hour. Your choices are not limited as you can even opt for the Notorious at just AED 4000 per hour. As for the other popular choices, Serenity and Java will be available for AED 3000 and AED 1500 per hour, respectively.

Vacation on the yacht for a day or more

You can even plan a day’s vacation or stay inside the yacht for a couple of days by hiring it on a daily basis. With this option, you will be able to enjoy your time inside the luxurious cabins of the Legende at just AED 140000 per day. You can even choose to live inside the spacious yacht Notorious at just AED 40000 per day. Serenity and Java, on the other hand, will cost you AED 30000 and AED 15000 per day, respectively.

Rent Sunseeker yacht charter and party like a pro!

Sunseeker Dubai party

While renting a Sunseeker yacht charter from us, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. You can always take one for a casual family outing creating memorable moments for them. Or you can go beyond your imagination to plan the perfect party for your loved ones. Just decide on what kind of party you would like to have and we’ll handle the rest.

Pick the right yacht

When planning a yacht party, one of the most important things to consider in selecting the most appropriate yacht. You can pick the model that matches your party needs the best from the wide range of options in the Sunseeker collection. We would recommend going in with the Legende for an absolutely legendary party experience. However, feel free to pick any one that goes with your taste.

Choose a party theme

Parties are fun when they are celebrated with your friends and family but it gets even more joyful when you choose the right theme for it. You might want to celebrate your child’s birthday party with yacht rentals for birthdays. Or you might wanna have a success party after you and your business partners got that amazing deal. Maybe you want to party for no reason. It can all be done on one of our Sunseeker yachts in Dubai.

Food and drinks should be top-notch

Once the selection of the yacht is out of the way, you can go ahead and prepare a tasteful menu for your guests. With our certified crew members and excellent chefs, we can ensure that you will have a part of a lifetime.
Let the fun begin

Without worrying about anything, you can just turn the volume up on your favorite song and enjoy the party in the middle of the sea. Take your party with you as you travel around the sea and look at your favorite places, be it Burj Khalifa or Ain Dubai, or other major attractions close to the Dubai waters.

Frequently asked questions about Sunseeker charter in Dubai

What should I bring to a party on the Sunseeker yacht charter?

There is no such necessary list of items. However, we would suggest you bring an extra change of clothes, swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and boat clothing on board. To enhance your experience, you can bring along a professional photographer as well.

What assistance do you offer for arranging a party on the Sunseeker yacht?

At the time of booking, you will be greeted by our concierge service and they will be able to help you to create a wonderful party experience.

How many passengers can the Sunseeker yacht accommodate?

There are different types of yachts available under the sunseeker collection. Depending on the yacht you choose, you can welcome anywhere from 12 to 20 guests.

What are the rates for renting a Sunseeker yacht in Dubai?

Sunseeker boat hire starts at AED 1500 per hour and goes all the way up to AED 16,000 per hour. You can also hire the luxury yacht for a day at a starting price of AED 15,000.


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