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Bart Roberts Yacht Spotted in Dubai

Bart Roberts yacht is amongst the most legendary watercrafts ever to sail. It is one of the largest boats in the world, and has several accolades to its name. The Bart Roberts yacht was recently spotted in Dubai, peaking the interest of yachting enthusiasts. It is a vintage watercraft, and despite being old it still holds great value today. Let us discover the Bart Roberts yacht in detail and find out its relation to Dubai.

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Bart Roberts yacht

Who owns the Bart Roberts yacht?

According to some sources, the Bart Roberts yacht is now owned by the Royal family of Dubai. Former owner Arnie Gemino, an American businessman, sold this ship to the family for an estimated price $30 million.

The fact that this mega yacht was sold to the Royal family of Dubai, is why the ship was spotted in the region. Therefore, when in the UAE, the chances for you to spot the Bart Roberts yacht is high. This is especially exciting for true yachting fans.

Bart Roberts yacht Dubai

Bart Roberts yacht Dubai: Specialty about this mega yacht

The Bart Roberts yacht is probably the most well-recognized watercraft in the yachting community. This is particularly true due to its rich history. Perhaps, to understand the Barts Roberts yacht in detail we have to take you back to its beginnings.

Canadian Vickers are the ones who built the Bart Roberts mega yacht in 1963. The ship was initially built as an icebreaker cruising through some of the most remote seas in the northern hemisphere.

The Bart Roberts was formerly operated by the Canadian Coast Guard to perform rescue operations and general surveys in the northern region. Therefore, you now understand why the Bart Roberts is considered to be one of the most significant yachts in the yachting community.

Features and specifications of yacht Bart Roberts

It is interesting to delve into the features and specifications of a vintage yacht. The yacht is over 50 years old and still to this day is praised for its build and design. To understand Bart Roberts in depth, let us take a look at each component in detail.

  • Bart Roberts interior
  • Size and dimensions of the vessel
  • Exterior design
  • Performance of Bart Roberts yacht

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Bart Roberts interior

It goes without saying that the Bart Roberts yacht features an extremely spacious interior. With a total of 6 decks the amenities available are plenty. Following are the various facilities featured on the six different decks of the ship:

  • Full-fledged gym and casino
  • 10 luxury suites
  • Main salon situated on the third deck
  • The fifth deck of the yacht features the bridge deck
  • Spa and sundeck located on the top most deck

The interior of this splendid superyacht was designed by Tradepower International, Inc. It was later refitted in 2001, with addition of the gym and few other modern amenities.

Size and dimensions of the vessel

Bart Roberts is a yacht that measures 80.77-meters in length. The beam of the yacht measures 12.8 meters in length. Overall, it’s a pretty sizable yacht with massive dimensions.

Bart Roberts yacht exterior

Exterior design

The exterior of yacht Bart Roberts was envisioned by Lennart Edstrom. He is the visionary behind this extraordinary vessel’s design. As you already know the purpose of this massive yacht was to serve in the Canadian Coast Guard.

However, over a period of time, after exchanging hands the purpose of the colossal vessel was transformed into a luxury yacht. The exterior design of Bart Roberts may not seem like a conventional yacht, having said that it is equally capable to any luxury cruise liner.

Performance of Bart Roberts yacht

Although yacht Bart Roberts was produced 50 plus years ago, the vessel is very capable of showcasing high performance. It is powered by two Ruston engines producing a combined power output of 400 hp.

The top cruising speed that it can achieve is 13 knots. Whereas, the average cruising speed is 11 knots. While maintaining its average cruise speed, Bart Roberts is capable of covering a cruising distance of 3000 nautical miles.

Highlights of Bart Roberts yacht

Yacht Bart Roberts is one that deserves serious attention. It is essential for every yachting enthusiast to understand the significance of this cruising giant. Therefore, having provided you a detailed insight into it, let’s get a quick look at some of its specification highlights.

Bart Roberts yacht
Engine of Bart Roberts Ruston engines
Max cruising speed of Bart Roberts 13 knots
Average cruising speed of Bart Roberts 11 knots
Total travel distance 3000 nautical miles
Number of passengers onboard Bart Roberts 20 guests
Length of Bart Roberts yacht 80.77 meters
Number of decks on the Bart Roberts yacht 6 decks
Total cabins on the Bart Roberts yacht 10 staterooms
Exterior designer of the yacht Bart Roberts
Interior designer of the yacht Tradepower International, Inc
Builders of Bart Roberts yacht Canadian Vickers
Year of lunch and refitting 1963 is the year of launch
2001 is the year of refitting

What is the cost of maintaining the Bart Roberts yacht?

It costs $3 million annually to maintain and service the Bart Roberts yacht. Everything from engine analysis, interior cleaning to exterior paint touching, all of it is carried out during the annual maintenance.

Location of Bart Roberts yacht

The Bart Roberts yacht was last spotted at the Persian Gulf. It is reported that the yacht is currently sailing at a minimal speed of 0.1 knots. This luxurious mega yacht is operational under the flag of Cayman Islands. The destination towards which Bart Roberts is headed has not been confirmed yet.

Bart Roberts yacht Size

Bart Roberts yacht: A royal yacht

From a rescue vessel to being owned by an American tycoon to now being recognized as a Royal family ship, the Bart Roberts yacht has certainly made its mark in the yachting community. It is an extraordinary watercraft that is worth witnessing in reality.

Perhaps, since it’s owned by the Royal family of Dubai, there is no possibility of privately chartering this yacht. Having said that, the opportunity to rent a luxury yacht will always remain with our yacht rental services. Therefore, if you are looking to charter a yacht in Dubai, reach out to us today.


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