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All You Need to Know About Geosand Yacht

Geosand yacht is considered to be one amongst the most colorful yachts in the world. It features an excellent design and is equipped with the latest amenities. The yacht offers plenty of facilities that are worth delving into. So without any further ado, let us explore the magnificent yacht Geosand.

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Geosand yacht

Geosand yacht owner: Who owns this luxurious motor yacht?

The owner of yacht Geosand has not been publicly disclosed. However, we do not know that the yacht was recently listed for sale, and was sold to an anonymous buyer. The deal of this yacht was carried out by Leo Jordil and Michel Chryssicopoulos.

Being a private yacht, the option for a Geosand yacht charter is perhaps not possible. Having said that, our collection of exclusive yachts is growing. Hence, you have the opportunity to charter a yacht in Dubai that suits your preference.

Geosand Yacht Cruise

Features of yacht Geosand

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the Geosand yacht. From its exterior design to its interior, the yacht has several interesting aspects that are worth noting. Therefore, we take each component of the yacht in detail to provide you with an elaborate illustration of yacht Geosand.

  • Exterior of the Geosand yacht
  • Geosand yacht interior
  • Dimensions of yacht Geosand
  • Performance of the Geosand yacht

Exterior of the Geosand yacht

The exterior of the Geosand yacht is one that deserves all the attention. It features a bronze-colored hull and a gold-colored superstructure. The yacht has a total of 3 decks and has a regal stance. With its exceptional color combination and sleek design, the Geosand yacht is nothing short of a flamboyant yacht.

Interior of the Geosand yacht

Geosand yacht interior

Designed by Francesco Paszkowski, the interior of yacht Geosand is another element that is worth the praise. The idea behind the interior of this yacht was to feature a warm and welcoming space.

Hence, the furnishings of the yacht are all light-colored with an extensive use of wood materials. The cabins of this luxury yacht are also well-illuminated making it an extremely pleasant place to be.

There are a total of 6 cabins onboard the Geosand yacht all of which are decked up with the best amenities.

Dimensions of yacht Geosand

The Geosand yacht is a fairly sizable watercraft. Its total length measures 41.9 meters. The beam of the yacht is 8.5 meters in length and its draft measures 2.2 meters. For its size, the yacht is capable of carrying 14 passengers comfortably.

Performance of the Geosand yacht

When it comes to power and performance, the yacht has plenty under its superstructure. This 137 ft. yacht has two MTU 12V 4000 M90 diesel performance engines.

Each of these motors punch out 2,720 horsepower, resulting in a total power output of 5,440 hp. With such power, the yacht is able to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots and can maintain a cruising speed of 16 knots.


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Other details regarding yacht Geosand

Now that you have all the specifications of yacht Geosand, here are some other lighter details that are worth noting. This wonderful yacht was built by yacht builders, Baglietto and was launched in 2011.

One lesser known fact is that, post the sale of this yacht, the name Geosand has been replaced with the name, ‘Unplugged.’ When it comes to the biggest yachts in the world, the Geosand yacht (Or Unplugged yacht as it is now known) takes the 1573rd position. Among the biggest yachts built by Baglietto, the yacht takes the ninth position.

Therefore, these are some interesting details pertaining to yacht Geosand that we thought you should know about.

Geosand yacht highlights: A quick dive into its specifications

Now that we have provided you with an elaborate insight into the specifications of Yacht Geosand. Let us give you a quick overview of the same.

Geosand Yacht features and other details
Length of yacht 137 ft. (41.9 meters)
Beam of the yacht 27.1 ft. (8.5 meters)
Gross tonnage measure 424 GT
Hull and Superstructure material Aluminum
Class of the yacht Bureau Veritas class
Water storage capacity 1,861.356 gallons (7,046 liters)
Fuel storage capacity 11,399.286 gallons (43,151 liters)
Engine of yacht Geosand MTU 12V 4000 M90
Kilowatt power generated 2040 generated by single engine

Total kilowatt power generated is 4080 Kw

Horsepower generated 2,720 generated by single engine

Total power generated is 5,440 hp

Maximum speed of yacht 20 knots
Cruising speed of yacht 16 knots
Hull configuration of the yacht Semi-displacement yacht
Number of decks 3 decks in total
Total number of cabins 6 luxury suites
Port of origin La Spezia Port
Country Italy
Year of launch 2011
Designer’s Francesco Paszkowski

Location of the Geosand yacht

There are no exact coordinates to yacht Geosand as of February 2023. The yacht is speculated to be somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean sea. Its official IMO number is 9623180. The yacht is currently operating under the flag of Malta.

Exterior of the Geosand yacht

How much does the Geosand yacht cost?

At the time of sale, the Geosand yacht was listed for $12,396,080 million. Having said that, the official sales figure has never been disclosed to the public.

Geosand yacht: An astounding superyacht

Every yacht carries a distinct feature that makes it different from one another. Perhaps, the Geosand yacht is one that completely stands out from the rest. Designer Francesco Paszkowski designed the Geosand yacht with a unique vision and successfully delivered it with the help of Baglietto builders.

Yacht Geosand is a privately owned yacht hence diminishing the possibility of chartering it. However, if you are an avid sailor with a passion for superyachts, you can always charter a luxury yacht from our collection.

All you need to do is to give us your requirements, and our team will help you choose the right yacht. After that, it is your opportunity to enjoy a thrilling time on your yacht.


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