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All You Need to Know About the Abu Dhabi Sailing Club

The Abu Dhabi Sailing Club is a private club where members can enjoy various fun sailing activities. Plenty of facilities are available at the club, including several cafes and restaurants. Both adults and children can participate in sailing and learn the ropes from experts at the club. In this article, learn about the club’s top features and why it is so popular.

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Abu Dhabi Sailing Club sailing

Key features of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Club

People in the UAE seeking a luxurious and hassle-free sailing experience typically book a yacht rental in Dubai. However, Being a member of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Club is the better choice for those hoping to learn how to sail and pursue it as a hobby.

The club is located in Abu Dhabi on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. It offers a range of facilities, including a marina, slipway, boatyard, and training center. There are also clubhouse amenities such as a restaurant, bar, and terrace overlooking the marina.

The club offers sailing programs for members of all ages and skill levels.  It includes racing, cruising, and youth sailing programs. Moreover, the club offers training courses for beginners and advanced sailors.

Each year, the club hosts a number of regattas and events. It includes national and international competitions. Moreover, the club provides members access to a fleet of sailboats for rental. The top options include Optimists, Lasers, and 420s.

Membership is open to families and individuals with a fixed fee. A range of benefits is made available to members. It includes access to the club’s facilities and programs.  Various social events are organized throughout the year, offering worthwhile networking opportunities.

Social sailing and racing at the Abu Dhabi Sailing Club

Abu Dhabi Sailing Club social sailing and racing

One of the most popular activities at the club is social sailing. This is regarded as a great way to meet other sailors and enjoy the beautiful waters around Abu Dhabi.

The club organizes regular social sailing events where members can come together and sail in relaxation. The events are non-competitive, and members can socialize casually and have fun.

Competitive racing at the club

Abu Dhabi Sailing Club views

The club also offers racing events for people hoping for some competition. It hosts a number of regattas and races, including the Abu Dhabi Regatta, the largest sailing event in the UAE. The racing events are open to sailors of all experience levels.

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Learning sailing with experts

In addition to social sailing and racing events, the club also offers sailing lessons and training programs. Whether the student is a beginner looking to learn the basics of sailing or an experienced sailor looking to improve their skills, the club has a program that suits everyone, even kids.

Dining opportunities at the club

Dining at Abu Dhabi Sailing Club

The club offers a great dining experience for its members and visitors. It has a restaurant serving various dishes, including local and international cuisine. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the clubhouse and has a terrace that overlooks the marina, offering great views.

In addition to the restaurant, the club also has a bar that serves a range of beverages.  It includes soft drinks, juices, cocktails, and beers. The bar is a popular place to relax after a day of sailing or to catch up with friends.

Sail along the beautiful waters of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Sailing Club membership

Abu Dhabi is a prime sailing location. Sailors can enjoy superior views of the coastline and the city skyline. The water is calm, blue and gorgeous, and looks fantastic in photos.

Being a club member certainly pays off, as there are many benefits to avail of. As a member, you can learn from experts and make the most of the emirate’s sailing opportunities.


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