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All You Need to Know About Samih Sawiris Yacht

In the name of luxury superyachts, the Samih Sawiris yacht is one that needs proper attention. Owned by an Egyptian billionaire, the yacht carries a futuristic design and features an incredible interior that’s worth talking about. Therefore, in this article we shed some light on the details pertaining to the Samih Sawiris yacht.

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Samih Sawiris Yacht

Samih Sawiris yacht: Who owns the magnificent yacht?

The Samih Sawiris yacht is owned by the Sawiris family. Egyptian billionaire and business tycoon, Samih Sawiris has been spotted on the yacht on several occasions. Hence, people have started referring to the yacht as the Samih Sawiris yacht.

However, what’s worth noting is that the official name of this yacht is, Yalla. The identity of Samih Sawiris has been attached to the yacht, which is why people know it as the Samih Sawiris yacht as opposed to the Yalla yacht.

The Sawiris family acquired this splendid superyacht in 2014 for a whopping $80 million. As a privately owned yacht, the possibility of chartering it is impossible.

In addition to that, the astronomical price tag of the yacht is not something you might not be interested in. Therefore, you can book a yacht from our yacht rental, in order to indulge in the sublime experience of cruising on a luxurious superyacht.

Samih Sawiris Yacht Exterior

Samih Sawiris yacht: A detailed insight into the yacht

As one of the most well-known yachts in the yachting community, it is important for other enthusiasts to understand the Samih Sawiris yacht in detail. Hence, we provide you a detailed insight into the Yalla yacht (Samih Sawiris yacht).

  • Size of the Samih Sawiris yacht
  • Exterior of the Samih Sawiris yacht
  • Performance and engine specifications of the Samih Sawiris yacht
  • Interior of the Samih Sawiris yacht
  • Other details related to the Samih Sawiris yacht

Size of the Samih Sawiris yacht

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The Samih Sawiris yacht measures a total length of 46.7 meters. Its draft measures 2.85 meters in length, while the beam measures 8.5 meters in length. There are a total of 3 decks on the yacht, which makes it fairly large and spacious both on the exterior and interior.

When it comes to the global ranking for the largest yachts in the world, the Yalla yacht takes up the 1280th position. Builder’s Hasseen yachts have stated that the Yalla superyacht is their 55th largest yacht. Hence, the Samish Sawiris yacht is a pretty sizable watercraft.

Exterior of the Samih Sawiris yacht

Designed by Omega Architects and Heesen Yachts, the Yalla yacht features a futuristic design cue. The yacht features a standard white exterior, which gives it a regal look and adds to its elegance.

Samih Sawiris Yacht Size

Performance and engine specifications of the Samih Sawiris yacht

Coming to the performance of the Samih Sawiris yacht, the vessel is powered by diesel MTU engines. There are a total of two 8V 4000 M70 model engines that power the yacht. It produces a combined horsepower of 3,152 hp and a total Kilowatt performance of 2,350 Kw.

The Samih Sawiris yacht can travel to a top speed of 17 knots and can cruise at a speed of 14 knots. Maintaining the average cruising speed, the Yalla yacht can achieve a total range of 3,500 nautical miles.

What’s also worth mentioning is that the fuel and water capacity of the vehicle combined with the engine configuration, helps deliver remarkable performance. The fuel capacity of the yacht is 15,850 gallons, while the water holding capacity is 4,490 gallons.

Interior of the Samih Sawiris yacht

There’s very little that we know about the interior of the Samih Sawiris yacht. As a privately owned yacht, we haven’t had the opportunity to get an insight into it. However, based on certain reports we know that the materials and amenities used in the interior are of high quality.

Samih Sawiris Yacht Interior

Other details related to the Samih Sawiris yacht

Apart from the aspects we covered above, here are a few other essential details you must know about the Samih Sawiris yacht:

  • Gross tonnage measure 498 GT
  • 410 is the full load displacement measure
  • Hull of the yacht is made of steel material
  • The superstructure of the Yalla yacht is made of aluminum
  • There are a total of 2 propellers on the yacht
  • The hull configuration of the Samih Sawiris yacht is semi-displacement

Quick highlights of the Samih Sawiris yacht

Now that we have explored the Samih Sawiris yacht in detail, let’s take a quick look through all the essential details of the yacht.

Samih Sawiris yacht features and specifications
Engine MTU Diesel engine – Model number 8V 4000 M70
Number of engines Two
Horsepower 1576 horsepower per engine
3152 horsepower combined power
Kilowatt 1175 Kw per engine
2350 Kw combined output
Cruising speed 14 knots
Maximum speed 17 knots
Range of the yacht 3,500 nautical miles
Passenger capacity 10 guests onboard
Crew members onboard 12 crew members
Number of decks 3 decks in total
Naval and exterior designers Heesen yachts
Interior designers Art Line
Class of the yacht Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Port of origin OSS
Country Netherlands
Year of launch 2004

Where is Samih Sawiris’ yacht now?

According to an AIS report the yacht Samih Sawiris is currently located at the Caribbean Sea. Sailing under the flag of Malta, the current cruising speed of the yacht is recorded at 0.6 knots.

Based on the data that we have derived, we know that the yacht had departed from the port of Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda on 18th February. There is no clear sight on where the yacht is currently headed.

Samih Sawiris Yacht

Samih Sawiris yacht: A billionaire’s superyacht

Owned by one of the wealthiest business family, the Yalla yacht or the Samih Sawiris yacht as it is known, is one that deserves all the attention. To bring yacht enthusiasts the details regarding this yacht, we have elaborated everything related to the features and specifications of this vessel.

You must understand that the Yalla yacht is privately owned. Hence, the possibility of renting one is nil. However, our fleet of luxury yachts for charter offer supersized yachts that deliver an exceptional cruising experience. Therefore, you need not buy a yacht, rather rent one.


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