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La Sultana Yacht for Sale: What’s The Hype

From being a Soviet Union operated passenger ship to a privately owned luxury yacht, La Sultana has had a major transformation. This vintage vessel has garnered remarkable attention since its refitting in 2015. The news about the La Sultana yacht for sale has stirred up excitement in the yachting community. Hence, we are here to bring you some updates regarding the yacht.

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La Sultana Yacht

Yacht La Sultana yacht: Let’s rewind into its history

Yacht La Sultana was built in 1962, by Bulgarian builders Bulyard Shipbuilding Industries. This mega yacht was formerly operated by the Soviet Union and was used for various war-related strategic purposes.

The yacht was previously referred to as the Aji-Petri, and was part of a series of 12 ships. During its time under the Soviet Union, the yacht carried 254 passengers including 46 crew members. Soon after it was decommissioned as a government operated vessel, it was sold to a private buyer.


La Sultana yacht: A deep dive into its features and specifications

The La Sultana yacht for sale news has got everyone excited, seeking for more details regarding its specifications and features. After its refitting in 2015 several noteworthy upgrades have been made. Following are all the details pertaining to the La Sultana yacht.

  • La Sultana interior
  • Exterior of yacht La Sultana
  • Performance figures of La Sultana
  • Build of the yacht

La Sultana interior

Although the ship was previously designed to carry a large number of passengers, it has now been re-designed to accommodate a relatively smaller number of passengers.

According to recent reports, the La Sultana yacht has a total of 7 cabins. These cabins are exceptional spacious and are divided as follows:

  • One master suite
  • Two VIP rooms
  • Four Double bed cabins

Being a vintage vessel, the interior designers of the yacht decided to continue the classic theme. Hence, all the four decks of the yacht are swathed in high-quality fabrics and wood veneer. The furniture featured in the yacht are also retro-themed, adding to the classic elegance of it.

La Sultana interior

Exterior of yacht La Sultana

Right off the bat, you will find the exterior of the yacht La Sultana to be majestic. Everything from its curved out stern to its long and rising bow area showcases class and power.

It’s no surprise that the yacht carries such a regal look considering its history. The overall length of the yacht is 65.4 meters. Its beam measures 9.3 meters, while its draft measures 3.85 meters in length.

The gross tonnage of the La Sultana yacht measures 878 GT. Take into consideration its sheer size, the yacht offers plenty of outdoor decks space as well.

Exterior of La Sultana

Performance figures of La Sultana

It’s unclear if the engine has gone through any kind of upgrades since the refitting. Nevertheless, the previous performance figures are still impressive. The La Sultana yacht is powered by a Mitsubishi engine that makes 2120 horsepower.

This massive power output helps propel the 65 meter La Sultana to speeds of up to 13 knots. It can deliver a total range of 5500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 – 11 knots.

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Build of the yacht

Considering that the yacht has been operational for over 50 years, you can tell that the materials used in the ship are of high quality. The hull and superstructure of the La Sultana yacht is made of high-grade steel. Decks of the yacht as mentioned above are covered in teak.

La Sultana Yacht decks

Highlights related to La Sultana yacht

Now that you know all the basic details about the La Sultana yacht, here are some additional details related to this mega yacht.

La Sultana yacht highlights
Yacht type Motor Yacht
Naval architects of the yacht Orion Naval Engineering
Builder of the yacht Bulyard Shipbuilding Industries
Year of build 1962
Refitting year 2015
Length of the yacht 65.4 meters
Max draught measure 3.85 meters
Beam of the yacht 9.32 meters
Displacement tonnage measure 833 GT
Gross tonnage measure 878 GT
Classification of the yacht RINA
Engine of the yacht Mitsubishi
Horsepower produced 2120 horsepower
Water capacity 50,000 liters of fuel
Fuel capacity 40,000 liters of fuel
Range and speed 5500 nautical miles at 10 knots
Max cruising speed 13 knots
Cruising speed 11 knots
La Sultana yacht for sale Currently on Sale

La Sultana yacht for sale

Camper & Nicholsons International have currently listed the La Sultana yacht for sale. The asking price for the La Sultana is $10,424,113. Looking at the history of the yacht and its refitting updates, the La Sultana seems like a great investment.

La Sultana Amenities


Location of La Sultana yacht

Operating under the flag of Panama, the La Sultana yacht is currently located in the West Middetarian region. This data was received by the AIS system and was reported as of February 2023. We expect to see further updates regarding the location shortly.

Lu Sultana yacht: A regal vintage yacht

Having operated for more than 50 years, the Lu Sultana yacht is finally ready to meet its new owner. Currently listed for sale, the yacht is offered for a bargain considering the size and facilities available. Perhaps, if buying a yacht is not something you prefer, you can always charter one.

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