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The Bolero Yacht

The Bolero yacht is one of the chicest sailing yachts. Although built decades before, the yacht still rules the waters with its powerful engines and dashing construction. Let’s examine this beautiful yacht in detail and learn some interesting facts.

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Bolero yacht

Bolero yacht for sale

For those that were hoping to buy the Bolero yacht, we are sorry to say that the yacht is not on the market. The elegant sailing vessel was last put for sale in 2012 and sold in 2014.

During the time, a person named Chris Cecil-Wright reported that the vessel was available for immediate sale for 3.95 million pounds. The buyer was eventually Edmiston, a London superyacht broker that purchases, sells, charters, constructs, constructs, and manages luxury superyachts.

The making of the Bolero sailing yacht

Bolero yacht sail

Farocean Marine and Bolero Yachts built the Bolero yacht in South Africa in 1992. Cape Town witnessed her launch the same year before handing her over to the first owner.

The interior of the Bolero sailing yacht was done by Paul Berrow and Buchanan, and the exterior and naval architecture by German Frers, an Argentinian designer known for creating racing yachts with prowess.

The yacht was refitted in 2002 as decades of travel had begun to show its effect on the vessel.

The vessel has all the necessary interior design elements and features to throw a romantic yacht wedding in Dubai.


The Bolero yacht – an analysis of construction

Bolero yacht design

The design of the modern classic vessel is quite sleek. The hull is made of aluminum, and the superstructure is finished in wood. Due to its lightweight and not easily damageable nature, aluminum is perfect for a sailing yacht.

The decks are completed in teak, making the part long-lasting and robust. The yacht is 32m in width and has 105m long sails. Built with an incredible volume of 97 gross tonnage, the beam is measured to be 17.8 m. The vessel’s hull can go to a shallow depth of 3.5m.

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Spending time in the Bolero yacht charter

Bolero yacht features

The yacht is not among the popular luxury yachts that one might find from yacht rentals today. That said, the yacht has some attractions that make it exceptional among sailing yachts of olden times.


The vessel has excellent Wi-Fi facilities and other satellite setups to make the sail stress-free. Televisions are placed in entertainment areas for an enjoyable sail.

Air conditioning

The interior is fully air-conditioned, ensuring the passengers never feel packed in the middle of the water, even in the hottest summers.


The yacht has a saloon in the middle covering the entire width. The space is reserved for parties or having a crowd for special occasions. With luxury fittings and arrangements included inside the room, it is an excellent spot to view the sea. Luxury dining is also available here to make things look and feel posh.

The beauty of the Bolero yacht

Gleaming woodwork defines the interior and certain parts of the yacht’s exterior. The finishing of teak and minimal yet elegant designs make the vessel a treat for the eyes.

From the outside, the vessel looks neat and has a touch of the sailboats of the yore.

Cabin and crew

The cruise has minimal internal space yet can accommodate its passengers comfortably. There are 4 suites with posh amenities for an enjoyable stay. The vessel can have 8 guests on board dispersed in the 4 suites.

While the Master suite has a shower, washroom and a queen size bed, others have a double bed, shower and washroom. A crew of 6 shall accompany the passengers during the trip. The crew also has separate areas for showering and dining.

Speed, strength and size

The vessel is powered by one diesel MTU engine with 409 HP. The powerful machine can take the yacht at a cruising speed of 10 knots and reach up to 11 knots. The yacht can store 2,000 liters of water to meet the cruise’s complete needs and carry 4,500 liters of fuel for firing up the engine.

The Bolero is the first largest yacht manufactured by Bolero Yachts. In terms of size, the superyacht ranks 4430th among the largest yachts to be made today.

A glance at the Bolero sailing yacht

Bolero yacht sailing

Made for facing the harshest of weather, the sailing yacht was built with careful consideration. All the parts and mechanisms involved have helped the sailing yacht have a long life. The important details of the marvelous creation are given below:

Builder Farocean Marine (Pty.) Ltd.
Location Cape Town, South Africa
The Country the Yacht is Flagged in British Virgin Islands
Manufactured 1992
Naval Architecture German Frers
Interior Designers Paul Berrow & Buchanan
Hull type Mono hull yacht
Refitted 2002
Length 32 m
Waterline Length 24.41 (80.1 ft)
Engine Manufacturer Mercedes
Engine Model OM 424
Engine Type Diesel
Gross Tonnage 97
Net Tonnage 29
Displacement 98
Official registry port Road Harbour
Approximate range 1000 at a speed of 10 knots
Bunkering capacity 4500 L
Sailing yacht style Classic
Generators Northern Lights 1 times 24 kilowatts
Bow Thrusters Richfield
Beam 7.35m/24.1ft
Waterline Length 24.41m/80.1ft
Draught at deepest 3.2m/10.5ft

The Bolero yacht – a star of the bygone era

Due to its excellent craftsmanship and power, the Bolero yacht was a major participant in many races in the 1950s. As the years went by and more sailing yachts came into the arena, the Bolero gave in its limelight. However, the incredible sailing vessel is still considered to be one of the best sailing yachts of all time.

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