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Majesty Yacht Rental in Dubai

Book a Majesty yacht rental in Dubai by taking your pick from our wide range of options. Ranging from 50 ft all the way up to 121 ft, the Majesty collection has plenty of luxury yacht options for you. You can plan anything from a simple family outing to a grand function right in the middle of the sea.

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101 Majesty Infinity sailing

Majesty 101 – Infinity

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 101ft (30.7m)
  • Capacity 50
  • Guests 8

PRICE PER HOUR AED 3,000 Price Per Day AED 48,000

77 Majesty sailing

Majesty 63 – AA3

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 63ft (19.2m)
  • Capacity 30
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,200 Price Per Day AED 15,000

Majesty 77 in Dubai

Majesty 77 – AA7

  • Build Majesty
  • Length 77ft (23.4m)
  • Capacity 40
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,700 Price Per Day AED 20,000

Majesty yacht rental Dubai – magnificent powerhouse pushing the boundaries of luxury

Majesty Dubai sailing

When looking for the most magnificent yachts, you cannot go wrong with the Majesty yacht line-up. Manufactured by Gulf Craft, these yachts manage to push the boundaries when it comes to offering the most premium and spacious experience to our clients.

It can be a great addition to the luxury tour that you have planned in Dubai. Or you can just rent one for a grand feast that you have been planning for your friends.

With a capacity of up to 40 people, there is a lot that you can do on this magnificent yacht. You can even plan huge corporate events, weddings ceremonies, parties and much more.

These yachts are very common among professionals for corporate yacht charter.

Renting Majesty yachts Dubai has never been easier

Cruising on a luxury yacht truly brings out the joy and happiness that we all constantly look for. You can now have all that by renting out one of our Majesty yachts. While there are plenty of things to plan for a majestic cruise like this, there are certain things that a client needs to be sure of before hitting that ‘book now’ option. At Yacht Rental UAE, we take care of all those things for you.

Professional approach

We have professional crew members working on all of our Majesty yachts in Dubai. ensure that all our clients have an amazing experience by offering them professional services. They ensure that your yacht rental Dubai experience is beyond your expectations. From boarding the majestic yacht to cruising across the ocean, our professional staff will make sure that you have a smooth sailing experience.

Arrangements as per your needs

With some of the Majesty yachts Dubai accommodating more than 40 guests at a time, there is a lot that can be planned on the cruise. In order to simplify things for you, we can make arrangements for a corporate event, an engagement party, or even a date night for a couple. Just make the request at the time of the booking and we will make sure you have memorable moments on the yacht.

What are the rental charges for Majesty yachts in Dubai?

Majesty yacht view

Majesty is a huge collection of yachts that offers a plethora of options to our customers. With as many as 15 yacht charters under this collection, the prices also vary hugely. You can experience the luxurious experience by the clock or get it for a whole day. Why limit yourself? You can even take your family on a week-long trip on one of these premium yachts.

Hourly rental

Under the Majesty collection, you can select any of our premium yachts for sailing across the Arabian Gulf region.  Two of our popular options, the Majesty 77 AA7 yacht and the Majesty 63 AA3 cost AED AED 1700 and AED AED 1200 per hour, respectively. The Majesty 101 yacht Infinity costs AED 3,000 per hour.

Daily rental

Yes, you can do a lot on a yacht in a couple of hours. But why not spend a whole day or even a week in the middle of the sea? You can hire one of the Majesty yachts from us on a daily basis at a starting price of AED AED 15000 AED per day. The Majesty 101 yacht Dubai costs AED 48,000 per day (101 – Infinity) and the Black Diamond yacht Dubai costs AED 28,000 per day.

Majesty yachts for rent in Dubai – places that you can cruise around

Majesty Dubai sailing

You can cruise around some of the most stunning landmarks in Dubai on one of our Majesty yachts. While cruising around, you can keep your party going and visit different places. You can even request the captain to park the yacht right beside one of your favorite destinations in Dubai Creek and then have dinner there. This also allows you to create loads of memories and click tons of pictures. A couple of destinations that you can surely visit are:

  • Dubai Marina
  • Blue Water Island
  • Zabeel Saray
  • Burj Al Arab

Dubai Marina

Sailing around the Dubai Marina, you can enjoy looking out from the deck of your yacht. Enjoy the scenery of a beautifully lit Dubai from the sea and enjoy sailing around the huge buildings.

Blue Water Island

Take a closer look at the Ain Dubai from the sea and enjoy sailing around the whole Blue Water Island as your party kicks off. You can even request the captain to park the yacht right beside the island as you continue your party on one of the decks.

Zabeel Saray

One of the most beautiful locations around Dubai has to be the Palm Jumeirah. Sailing on one of our premium yachts, you can look at the beautifully lit Zabeel Saray hotel from the middle of the sea.

Burj Al Arab

The famous seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, can be seen closely while sailing around it on a luxurious Majesty yacht. You can park the yacht right beside the tourist destination and maybe have a nice BBQ time with your friends and family.

Book an unforgettable sailing experience in Dubai today!

Frequently asked questions about Majesty yacht rental in Dubai

Which Majesty yacht is right for me?

The Majesty yacht collection has over 15 charters under the collection. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose anywhere from a 50 ft to a 121 ft yacht charter.

What are the rental charges for a Majesty yacht in Dubai?

Rental charges for a Majesty yacht starts at AED 550 per hour + VAT.

Changed my plans. Is it possible to cancel Majesty yacht rental reservation?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund on cancellation. However, you can redeem the cancellation by making another booking within a year of time from the contracted charter date. This is conditional to availability and it excludes major & local holidays.

What are the COVID-19 protocols that I need to take note of while renting one of the Majesty yachts?

In order to avoid the spread of COVID, we are currently allowing only 70% of the full guest capacity. The biggest Majesty yacht, the Majesty 121 can accommodate up to 40 guests but due to the spreading infection, we have reduced the guest capacity to 30.

Is it allowed to smoke in the private Majesty yacht rental?

Smoking is prohibited in the yachts due to safety reasons.

Can I cater my own food or drinks to the Majesty yacht?

Yes, clients are allowed to bring their own catered food and beverages.


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