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Dubai Creek Yacht Rental

Get the best views of Dubai’s city and coastline as you bask in luxury by exploring our carefully curated yacht rental Dubai Creek options. Look no further than our Dubai Creek yacht charter services to enjoy the incredible opportunities the city and sea have to offer.

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The best experiences to enjoy with yacht rental Dubai Creek

yacht models in dubai creek

Popularly visited for trade, transport, and tourism purposes, Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater creek that is unmissable for anyone visiting Dubai. The blue water that laps along the port is perfect for a trip on a yacht rental in Dubai, and the various restaurants and shops that dot the creek make it a fabulous pitstop after a long day at sea. The following attractions are unmissable during your Dubai Creek yacht charter trip.

  • Book-shaped library
  • Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
  • Restaurants in Dubai Creek
  • Shopping hotspots in Dubai Creek

Book-shaped library

Recently, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE) inaugurated the Mohammed bin Rashid Library. Its building has a unique open book-shaped design and is located close to Dubai Creek’s waters. There are more than a million books available in this library for the public to read.

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Opened for the first time in 1993, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club consists of an 18-hole golf course and a uniquely designed clubhouse. This is the haunt of the UAE’s creme de la creme and is therefore a perfect place to visit during your sailing trip along Dubai Creek. Spend some time finetuning your golfing skills in the golfing academy or dine and wine like never before in the fabulous restaurants.

Restaurants in Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek has no shortage of terrific restaurants, and each one is more luxurious than the other. If you are in the mood to get your feet on solid ground and treat yourself to a gourmet lunch before heading over to your yacht for a relaxing nap, then the restaurants in Dubai Creek will not disappoint. Top options to check out include the iconic restaurant Casa De Tapas, The Boardwalk, QD’s, and La Tablita.

Shopping hotspots in Dubai Creek

Dubai is known as one of the top shopping hubs in the world, and Dubai Creek is a great place to get started. Right beside Dubai Creek, the Dubai Festival City Mall is the palace to be if you are in the mood to indulge in luxury shopping. If you are more inclined to spend a few bucks on novel products that capture the essence of the local culture, then head over to the souks bordering Dubai Creek. From spices to textile to gold, you will find some awesome souvenirs to take with you when you head back to your yacht.

Interesting facts to know about Dubai Creek

“We seek to turn it into a leading cultural destination that highlights our nation’s authentic architectural and urban heritage.” – Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed on the government’s expansion plans for Dubai Creek

yacht ride in Dubai Creek

A Dubai Creek yacht charter trip is on the bucket list of UAE travelers for a number of reasons. The area’s distinct vibe is backed up by a rich history that not many are aware of. Discover the unique facts about Dubai Creek that make it interesting to learn about and also to visit during your charter trip.

  • The history of Dubai Creek dates back thousands of years
  • It was a center for pearl diving and trading centuries ago
  • There was no other way to cross it without boats until 1963
  • Flamingos have found their home along the creek

The history of Dubai Creek dates back thousands of years

Dubai Creek has been a trading hub for thousands of years. Even Ancient Greeks, who called it ‘River Zara’ did business in the area. So if you are a history buff, you definitely should visit Dubai Creek during your yacht trip.

It was a center for pearl diving and trading centuries ago

Around 7000 years ago, Dubai Creek was a popular spot for pearl diving, and divers would spend days and even months searching for pearls in the sea near the creek. The good news is that if you are hoping for some extra excitement during your sailing trip, the sea along Dubai Creek still holds that ancient promise of adventure.

There was no other way to cross it without boats until 1963

Until 1963, abras and similar boats were the only options to get to and depart from Dubai Creek. The minimal traffic aspect of abras make it a popular option still. When you visit Dubai Creek on a yacht, you get to experience the delights of traveling over the waters along Dubai Creek like passengers have been doing for centuries in a more luxurious manner.

Flamingos have found their home along the creek

The idea of flamingos existing in the bustling city of Dubai is surprising to many, yet you can find these magnificent birds close to Dubai Creek at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Flamingos flocking in shallow waters with the city in the background is a sight to behold.

Rent yacht in Dubai Creek for milestone events

Yacht sailing in Dubai Creek

The emirate of Dubai is regarded as the best destination in the world for family holidays. Along the same lines, the emirate is a great palace to host milestone celebrations with your loved ones, particularly the areas along Dubai Creek. The following are some of the popular events you can enjoy while on a Dubai Creek yacht charter trip.

  • Birthday bashes
  • Anniversary parties
  • Corporate events

Birthday bashes

Birthday dhow cruises along Dubai Creek are highly popular. However, you can amp up the luxury and grandeur during the celebrations by booking a superyacht or megayacht, and we have a several fabulous options for yacht rentals for birthdays to do so. Dubai Creek’s coastline makes a particularly good backdrop for kid’s birthday parties with excitement always around the corner.

Anniversary parties

Yacht experience in Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek, having witnessed historical events that span thousands of years, is a perfect venue to celebrate your anniversary and look back at the years that have passed. Toasting to marital bliss with your special someone on a luxury yacht with the sea breeze lingering in the air is an incredible experience; make sure to opt for Dubai Creek while planning your anniversary yacht celebrations.

Corporate events

What better way to motivate and inspire the entire team than by hosting a corporate event on a yacht in the most popular trading hub in the UAE? Dubai Creek is an ideal venue to organize corporate events for this very reason; book a corporate yacht charter for your next work event and have a great time.

So, are you ready to plan the best yacht trip ever at Dubai Creek? Check out our booking options now.

Frequently asked questions about yacht rental Dubai Creek

Is Dubai Creek man-made?

Dubai Creek is a natural waterfront area, but it was extended in 1955 to boost trade and transport in the area.

What is the nightlife like in Dubai Creek?

It gets quite crowded in Dubai Creek at night thanks to the abundance of luxury restaurants, sports bars, and nightclubs in the area.

Where is Dubai Creek located?

Dubai Creek is located near Deira Corniche, Al Ras, and Al Shindagha areas in old Dubai.

How to get to Dubai Creek?

You can reach Dubai Creek by taking a metro to Union Metro Station and then an abra. However, the best and most exclusive option to reach the destination is by booking a luxury yacht so that you can enjoy awesome amenities along the way.

What are the yacht rental Dubai Creek costs?

Our yacht rental prices start from 400 AED and can go up to 15000 AED per hour depending on the model you choose. You can also book a yacht for a day for prices starting from 8,000 AED. Our concierge will help you plan a charter trip to Dubai Creek based on your budget.

Which yachts can I rent in Dubai Creek?

From the 27 ft Keylargo to the 220 ft Lotus, we have a range of yacht model options to explore for your Dubai Creek trip.


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