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Duretti Yacht Dubai

Black Pearl exterior design

Duretti 85 – Black Pearl

  • Build Duretti
  • Length 85ft (26m)
  • Capacity 45
  • Guests 6

PRICE PER HOUR AED 1,400 Price Per Day AED 20,000

For over 20 years, renowned yacht manufacturing brand Duretti has been delighting clients with its wide range of sturdy, reliable, and innovative yachts.  Each Duretti yacht is a result of the combined effort of a group of expert Belgian, German and Austrian designers. Experience the freedom of luxury sailing by taking your pick from our vast Duretti yacht collection.


You can rent this yacht at anytime  but its famous in new year yacht parties.


Our collection includes the best of the best, such as the 88 ft Big Daddy, the 85 ft Black Pearl and Bumubarak, and the 80 ft Amir 6. There is no better yacht for a raging party than the powerful Big Daddy. However, if you want to tone things down with a low-key family dinner, the sleek Bumubarak is your pick. Rental prices start from 1500 AED/hour and 18,000 AED/day for the Amir 6, and 1800 AED/hour and 25,000 AED/day for the Big Daddy.

Sail on a yacht that has got your back, always. Book a Duretti yacht now!


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