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What Is Famous About the Alegria Yacht

When you talk about famous yachts the Alegria yacht is one among them. The watercraft offers exceptional facilities and is applauded for its overall design. Listed on sale, the Alegria yacht is being offered at an incredible price. There are many interesting details regarding the Alegria yacht that are worth exploring. Let’s get straight into it.

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Alegria Yacht

All you need to know about the Alegria yacht

Formerly known as Vica, the Alegria yacht made its debut in 2010. It was built by famous Italian shipbuilders, Benetti. It is the 105th largest yacht produced by the company and takes the 1621st position in the world ranking of largest yachts.

As per reports the yacht was taken in for a refitting session in 2022, and has got some significant updates primarily in the interior. Fraser, has currently listed the Alegria yacht for sale. The asking price for this majestic yacht is $12,395,000.

Perhaps, it’s now time for us to delve into the details of the yacht in detail and find out what makes it so special.

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Location of Alegria yacht

Before we go any further with the specifications of the yacht, let us quickly find out where the Alegria yacht currently is. As per AIS reports, the Alegria yacht is currently in the North West Atlantic Ocean.

The last known travel of the yacht was from Nassau, Bahamas to Palm Beach, United States. It is currently operational under the flag of Cayman Islands. This information was updated as of February 2023.

Alegria Yacht Exterior

Features and specifications of yacht Alegria

The fact that the Alegria yacht is popular, suggests that the features and specifications of the yacht are incredible. Therefore, let’s take a look at each element of the yacht in detail.

  • Guest cabins and passenger capacity of Alegria yacht
  • Engine and performance of yacht Alegria
  • Exterior design and dimensions of the yacht
  • Other details related to the yacht

Guest cabins and passenger capacity of Alegria yacht

Alegria Yacht Interior

With a total of 3 decks, the Alegria yacht has plenty of space to offer. It can accommodate a total of 12 guests in 5 luxury guest cabins. The interior of the yacht is fully equipped with all the required amenities and carries a contemporary style design.

Interior designers Francois Zuretti wanted to create a space that was welcoming, and functional at the same time. With the Alegria’s interior, they certainly achieved their target.

Alegria Yacht Amenities

Engine and performance of yacht Alegria

The Alegria yacht showcases brilliant performance. It has 2 Caterpillar Inc. diesel engines, model 3508B. Each engine produces up to 1,299 horsepower that amounts to a total of 2,598. The kilowatt generated by each 3508B engine is 969 Kw, with the total being 1,937 Kw.

All this power can launch the Alegria yacht to a top speed of 15 knots. Its cruising speed is set at 12 knots, which helps it achieve a better range. The total water and fuel holding capacity of the Alegria yacht is 11,000 liters and 67,000 liters respectively.

Exterior design and dimensions of the yacht

Like any other superyacht, the Alegria also features an extraordinary design. Stefano Righini Design are the bright minds behind the exterior design of the Alegria yacht. When you take a look at the yacht, you immediately notice the classic and modern design cues that harmonize well.

The total length of the Alegria yacht is 43.6 meters. Its beam length is 9.4 meters and has a draught max measuring 2.76 meters in length.

Alegria Yacht Owner

Other details related to the yacht

Apart from all the aspects we have mentioned above, there are few other details related to the Alegria yacht that you must know about. Mentioned below are all the other details related to Alegria yacht:

  • Hull and superstructure of yacht Alegria are made of GRP material
  • Gross tonnage measure of the yacht is 456 GT
  • Class and type of the motor are ABS and motor, accordingly
  • Hull configuration of the Alegria yacht is displacement
  • The yacht features two large propellers
  • The yacht also comes with a crew of 11 members

Yacht Alegria: Highlights

Now that we have provided an elaborate explanation of the various components of the Alegria yacht, let us look at the compilation below to get a quick overview.

Alegria yacht specification and features highlight
Engine 2 X 3508B Caterpillar Inc.
Maximum speed 15 knots
Horsepower generated 2,598 horsepower
Kilowatt generated 1,937 Kw
Cruising speed 13 knots
Guest cabins 5 cabins
Passenger capacity 12 guests
No. of decks 3 decks
Crew members onboard 11 crew members
Fuel storage capacity 67,000 liters
Water storage capacity 11,000 liters
Class of the yacht ABS yacht class
Type of yacht it is categorized Motor yacht
Interior designers Zuretti Interior Design
Naval architects Benetti Spa
Exterior designers Stefano Righini Design
Port of origin Viareggio
Builders of the yacht Benetti Spa
Year of manufacture 2010

Alegria yacht: A beautiful Italian superyacht

Alegria Yacht Location

The Alegria yacht is a stunning Italian superyacht. Its features and specifications as mentioned above showcase exceptional quality. Hence, the yacht is extremely well-known in the yachting community.

If you are someone who is looking to buy the Alegria yacht, you must know that the yacht is currently for sale. On the other hand, if you are not off the idea of buying one, you can always yacht rental in Dubai.

Chartering a yacht is a must convenient option as opposed to buying one. Especially, because it offers you great flexibility, enabling you to alter between yachts when you decide to charter.


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