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Amadea Yacht: An Extraordinary Superyacht by Lürssen

Embarking on the luxurious seas, the Amadea yacht stands as a testament to opulence and engineering marvel. Crafted by the renowned shipyard Lürssen, this superyacht is a floating masterpiece that redefines sophistication on the water. From its sleek exterior to its lavish interiors, the Amadea yacht promises an unparalleled yachting experience.

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Exquisite design and exterior

The exterior design of the Amadea yacht is a symphony of elegance and innovation. Stretching over an impressive length of 106.1 m, the yacht boasts a sleek, aerodynamic profile.

Lürssen’s commitment to excellence is evident in every curve and detail, making the Amadea a true head-turner on the open seas.


With spacious decks for sunbathing, entertaining, and dining al fresco, the exterior of the Amadea yacht seamlessly blends style with functionality.

Luxurious interiors and amenities

Stepping inside, the Amadea yacht unveils a world of luxury and refinement. The interiors are adorned with the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Opulent cabins, a spacious salon, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems create an environment of indulgence. The yacht features multiple decks dedicated to entertainment, including a cinema, a spa, and a gym.

It can voyage with up to 16 guests and 36 crew members. The Amadea yacht is not just a vessel; it’s a floating palace offering an array of amenities for the discerning traveler.


Technical prowess of the Amadea yacht

Under the hood, the Amadea yacht showcases Lürssen’s engineering prowess. Powered by advanced propulsion systems, the yacht delivers an impressive speed of 20.0 kn with stability on the water.

Cutting-edge navigation and safety systems ensure a smooth and secure journey. The Amadea yacht is not just a symbol of luxury; it’s a triumph of maritime engineering.

Build of yacht Amadea

The construction of the Amadea Yacht is also a testament to precision and engineering finesse. Built by the esteemed Lürssen shipyard, the yacht boasts a meticulous construction process that combines innovation with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

The hull and superstructure are crafted with top-grade materials, ensuring not only structural integrity but also an aesthetically pleasing design.

“Sailing on the Amadea is like dancing on the waves of opulence—a choreography of luxury and sophistication that sets the stage for an unforgettable yachting symphony.”

Build of the Amadea Yacht reflects Lürssen’s commitment to excellence, resulting in a superyacht that not only glides gracefully through the water but also captivates with its impeccable construction details.


Specifications highlights of yacht Amadea

Having provided you insights into the overall features and functionality of the yacht, here are some key specifications that you must know about.

Specifications of Superyacht Amadea
Builder of the Yacht Lürssen Yachts
Country of Origin Germany
Year of Launch 2017
Length 106.1 meter
Gross Tonnage 4,402
Draught Maximum 4.1 meter
Beam Length 18.0 meter
Superstructure of the Yacht Aluminum
Hull of the Yacht Steel
Interior Designers of the Yacht Zuretti Interior Design
Exterior Designers of the Yacht Espen Øino International
Number of Crew Members 36
Number of Gues16 16
Crew Cabins Onboard 18
Horsepower of the Yacht 5,766 HP (4,300 kW)
Cruising Speed 13.0 kn
Maximum Speed 20.0 kn
Range of the Yacht 13.0/8000 nautical miles
Fuel Capacity 392,000 liters
Engine Type 2 X Diesel MTU
Propellers 2

Owner of yacht Amadea

The illustrious owner of the Amadea yacht is none other than Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov. Renowned for his successful ventures, Suleiman’s taste for excellence is reflected in the extraordinary masterpiece that is the Amadea yacht.

As a sailing enthusiast and a connoisseur of luxury, he has curated an unparalleled yachting experience for those privileged enough to step aboard this maritime marvel.


Location of Amadea superyacht

As of the latest update, the MY AMADEA is presently located along the West Coast of North America, as reported by AIS. The yacht is currently operational under the flag of the United States of America.

Superyacht Amadea: An exceptional sailing vessel

In the realm of superyachts, the Amadea yacht by Lürssen stands as a beacon of nautical excellence. Its stunning design, lavish interiors, and cutting-edge technology make it a paragon of luxury on the high seas.

For those seeking an extraordinary yachting experience, the Amadea yacht offers an unforgettable journey into the lap of maritime opulence. If you are in Dubai, and are looking to charter a yacht, make sure to drop my collection and pick your yacht to party on.


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