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Best Places for Pedal Boating in Dubai

Pedal boating, alternatively known as pedalo, is a fun way to spend time over the waters in Dubai. It is an exciting activity that boosts your physical and mental health. There are various destinations across the emirate where you can try pedal boating. Let’s look at the best places for pedal boating in Dubai and why it is popular.

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pedal boating Dubai

What makes pedal boating a popular activity in Dubai

There is a wide range of watersports activities to try in Dubai, and pedal boating is one of the best-rated ones. The following are the causes for its popularity as a lighthearted and fun water-based activity.

  • Easy to learn
  • Group activity
  • Low-risk fun
  • Healthy activity

Easy to learn

Pedal boating requires minimal practice, unlike many other watersports activities (like jetski). It is an activity that even children can enjoy. All you must do is understand how to move the boat in the right direction and how intense the pedaling should be.

Group activity

Pedal boating is an activity you can enjoy with friends and family. Some pedal boats fit 2 people, while others can fit larger groups. It does not require focused attention to steer a pedal boat. Therefore, you can relax on the boat while bonding with your loved ones and watching the surrounding views.

Low-risk fun

Pedal boating is relatively safe, provided you do it over calm waters. The risk of pedal boating comes only when you attempt to do it when the water is choppy or a storm is going on. Typically, Dubai’s sea remains calm, making it safe for pedal boating.

Healthy activity

You must be reasonably fit to have a great time pedaling the boat across the sea. It is because the activity can be tiring sometimes. However, it is a great way to work out and tone your legs while having fun. Enjoying the sunshine while moving over calm waters is a serotonin boost and reduces stress levels.

Top places to pedal boat in Dubai

pedal boating Dubai options

Each pedal boating location in Dubai provides a unique vibe and views. From floating away in the middle of the city to relaxing with nothing but the endless sea surrounding you, various experiences are available. The following are the most popular pedal boating locations in Dubai.

  • Al Barsha Pond Park
  • La Mer
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina
  • Kite Beach
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Yacht charter trip

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Al Barsha Pond Park

Located in the Al Barsha residential area, the park is known for its lush greenery and long walkways. It is the haunt of fitness freaks, featuring bike rentals, exercise equipment, play areas, and more. The pedal boats in the area are fully solar-powered and shaped attractively like swans. Up to 2 people can comfortably ride these boats and enjoy the park views.

La Mer

The beachfront area offers plenty of incredible dining and retail options. Therefore, it is a popular spot among families. The area provides great sunset views, making it ideal for pedal boating. You can relax close to the beach’s hustle and bustle while enjoying the sea’s calmness.

Palm Jumeirah

The palm-shaped manmade island is the largest in the world. It is widely known for its abundant white sand beaches with blue-lapping waters. Moreover, the views are phenomenal from the sea, especially watching the Atlantis, The Palm. Yachting and boating are popular activities in the area. While pedal boating in Palm Jumeirah, you can enjoy the scenery and the serenity of the sea at your leisure.

Dubai Marina

The upscale neighborhood is a popular residential area that tourists flock to throughout the year. Apart from towering skyscrapers, the area offers great views of the marina and crisscrossing bridges. Moreover, there are several posh cafes, lively bars, and gourmet restaurants to visit in the location. Pedal boating is possible in several areas in the neighborhood, offering superior views and ambiance.

Kite Beach

The beach is commonly visited by families with children and water sports enthusiasts. Kite surfing is a sought-after activity on the beach, but it requires professional training and lots of practice. The same goes for wakeboarding, which is another popular thing on the beach. Pedal boating, on the other hand, can be done in the area with minimal hassle. You can float around and watch the majestic Burj Al Arab.

Downtown Dubai

pedal boating Dubai Downtown

It might seem strange to think of boating in the city’s heart, but it is possible in Dubai. A paddle boating service allows you to drift along the artificial lake and witness spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers. It is a popular activity among tourists in the city.

Yacht charter trip

If you like to go off the beaten track and relax in your own bubble, then it is recommended to try pedal boating during a yacht charter trip. When you book an ultra-luxury yacht, it is possible to take an inflatable pedal boat along, which you can set afloat in the middle of the sea. You will have a private space to try the paddle board and unwind.

Pedal boating is certainly a fun activity to try in Dubai. Choose your location wisely and enjoy the views.


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