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Explore luxury Yachting with Big Daddy Yacht Dubai

The famous Big Daddy Yacht in Dubai is a floating testament of luxury, elegance and style on the gorgeous waters of the Arabian Gulf. Its impressive size, extravagant amenities and remarkable services make this a great option to consider if you plan to rent a yacht in Dubai. Read further to know all the details of this magnificent vessel.

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Big Daddy Yacht Dubai

Enjoy unmatched luxury and comfort

The Big Daddy yacht is a  wonderful masterpiece of 88-ft that reflects sophistication and grandeur from every angle inside and outside. Get aboard to experience an enchanting interior decked with high-end furnishings, chic décor, and state-of-the-art amenities. Enjoy the exceptional hospitality throughout the day. Make the most of a spacious layout that lets you unwind, socialize and enjoy the breathtaking views of the iconic skyline of Dubai.

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Whether you’re seeking fun time with family, partying with friends or planning a corporate event, the Big Daddy yacht is the perfect choice because of its spacious layout providing ample room for various activities and celebrations. The well-equipped cabins, modern facilities and highly-trained crew are committed to delivering excellent service.

Outstanding features and luxurious amenities on board

The yacht showcases a wide range of amenities that effortlessly cater to the requests of various guests as per their liking. The spacious lounge area is perfect for unwinding in comfort. Feel special in the elegant dining space and savor scrumptious meals in style. Everything and every corner is given keen attention whether it’s the entertainment system or high-speed internet connection for an immersive and enjoyable experience.

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Well-trained crew and tailored services

A highly professional and experienced staff is always at your service to make sure that every moment of your journey is perfect. The Big Daddy Yacht is accompanied by a crew that takes pride in providing personalized service tailored to your preferences. Proficient captains, skilled chefs, dedicated stewards and every crew member works to assure that your expectations are met.

Whether it’s a gourmet meal, assistance with water activities, or expert guidance on the itinerary, the crew will be at your service meeting all your desires. Big Daddy yacht promises you an elevated journey with exceptional care and attention from the crew.

Enjoy memorable excursions on the Big Daddy Yacht

The world of Big Daddy Yacht promises an extraordinary sailing experience. Cruise along Dubai’s captivating coastline and witness breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Participate in thrilling water sports for an adventurous time as you cross the crystal-clear waters. Feel the rush by jet skiing across the waves and exploring the rich marine life through snorkeling. Whether it’s just a day charter or a multi-day voyage, this superyacht guarantees an exceptional lifetime experience.

Yacht Big Daddy Dubai

Specifications of the Big Daddy Yacht Dubai

The Big Daddy Yacht is seen as an epitome of elegance and indulgence when we talk about luxury yacht charters in Dubai. This striking yacht offers several distinctive features and conveniences to guarantee an unforgettable experience on the seas. The following table provides the specifications of the majestic vessel that offer grandeur:

Particulars Details
Length 88 ft.
Maximum capacity Up to 60 guests
Cabins 4 elegant cabins with equipped bathrooms
Entertainment Flat-screen TVs, advanced sound system and Wi-Fi
Amenities Lounge space, dining area and well-equipped kitchen
Water activities Jet skiing, snorkeling and fishing
Crew Efficient, professional and experienced crew
Charter options Up to several days
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Have an unforgettable experience with Big Daddy Yacht Dubai

Big Daddy Yacht Interior

Chartering the Big Daddy Yacht in Dubai will take you into a world of unparalleled extravagance and indulgence. From its amazing size, amenities, proficient crew and the scenic beauty it offers, this yacht promises an experience like never before. If you’re looking to rent a yacht in Dubai to have leisure time along the city’s coastline, this superyacht will provide exceptional and tailor-made cruising experience. Get aboard this floating heaven and immerse yourself in the utmost luxury.


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