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How to Get Fishing License in Dubai

Getting a fishing license in Dubai requires a few essential steps. First, Visit the official website of the Dubai Municipality. Fill out the application form with your personal details and submit documents like Emirati ID or proof of residence. You don't need to pay any fee as a UAE resident. The license is valid for one year. Dubai authorities allow fishing between November and May.

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How to Get Fishing License in Dubai

Types of fishing licenses in Dubai

The government of Dubai offers two types of fishing licenses.

  • Recreational Fishing License
  • Artisanal Fishing License

You should obtain a recreational fishing license to fish for leisure at the official website of Dubai Municipality. It is valid for a renewable term of one year. Once you have this license, you can fish from the coast or use a boat in coastal waters. Many yacht charter companies offer fishing trips, providing the necessary equipment and expertise for a memorable experience.

On the other hand, the Artisanal license is for the UAE national artisanal fishers. In order to get this license, you must get approval from the local fishing organization. Artisanal license is for fishing in the maritime waters of the country.

Requirements for obtaining a fishing license

How to Get Fishing License in Dubai

The authorities require the following important documents during the registration process:

  • Emirates ID and passport copy (if you are a foreigner)
  • High-resolution passport-size photographs
  • Boat license if you fish from a boat
  • Proof of accommodation (this is for non-UAE citizens)
  • Employment Contract (if the employer has provided housing)

Cost of fishing licenses

You can obtain the annual recreational fishing license in Dubai for free. Besides, the government issues a one-week fishing permit to tourists. So, there is no need to pay any fee in Dubai. However, if you are in Fujairah or Sharjah, it will cost 50 Dirhams. In Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah, the cost is 110 Dirhams. Abu Dhabi is the most expensive in this regard, costing 120 Dirhams.

Renewing a fishing license

How to Get Fishing License in Dubai

Dubai authorities do not require enthusiasts to renew their fishing licenses. These licenses or permits are valid for one year. However, if the license has expired, you can apply for a new one using the same procedures as the initial application.

Rules and Regulations

Dubai enforces strict fishing regulations to protect its marine ecosystem. Fishing is permitted only in designated zones and with specific gear, such as rods and lines for recreational fishing. Catch limits, including size and bag restrictions, apply to various species.

Seasonal closures protect fish during breeding periods. A valid fishing license is mandatory, and spearfishing requires a separate permit. Violators face fines and confiscation of equipment. All anglers must adhere to environmental guidelines to preserve Dubai’s marine habitats.

Final Words About a Fishing License in Dubai

Obtaining a fishing license in Dubai is a straightforward process involving online application and submission of necessary documents. A valid license is mandatory for all fishing activities, and responsible fishing practices are crucial for preserving Dubai’s vibrant marine ecosystem. So, get your license and embark on a rewarding fishing adventure in Dubai’s beautiful waters.

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