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Enjoy Luxury on the High Seas With Maltese Falcon Yacht

The Maltese Falcon yacht is an iconic yacht that stands out as a masterpiece of design, engineering and luxury. Yacht enthusiasts around the world are in awe of this magnificent beauty. Let this blog take you to its fascinating world exploring its ownership history, amazing technical specifications and its unique amenities.

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Ownership history of the legendary Maltese Falcon boat

The Maltese Falcon yacht has a very interesting story to it. It started with a man named Tom Perkins who first owned this amazing yacht. He loves sailing and was a successful investor in Silicon Valley. One day he decided to build a yacht and approached a famous Italian shipyard “Perini Navi” for it. It was 2006 when the dream yacht came to life and its exciting journey began.

After Tom Perkins had his adventures and voyages on the Falcon Maltese for several years, the ownership changed. It was a Greek-born British hedge fund manager Elena Ambrosiadou who acquired it in 2009. She made sure the yacht was always in top condition, cherished it like a treasure and maintained its legendary status.

Under her ownership, Elena also made yacht charter available to select clientele. Many fortunate guests got to experience the grandeur and extravagance of the majestic Maltese Falcon boat and sail the world’s oceans in style.


Remarkable technical specifications of the Maltese Falcon

From its innovative sail system to speed capabilities, this yacht is nothing less than incredible. Following are the exceptional technical specifications that make it a marvel:

  • Engine and power
  • Horsepower
  • Top speed
  • Cabins and guests

Engine and power

The unique propulsion system of the yacht sets it apart from traditional sailing yachts in the ocean. It boasts a very effective and state-of-the-art DynaRig system that enables smooth automated sail handling. The entire setup is extremely innovative and features three freestanding carbon fiber masts that are capable enough to support 15 square sails.


Though it relies deeply on winds to generate energy for sailing, the yacht never goes out of power. The Maltese Falcon yacht is equipped with a single 1,800-horsepower Deutz diesel engine being the primary source of propulsion whenever required. It provides sufficient power to steer through difficult conditions or retain cruising speed.


Top speed

This wonder-yacht isn’t behind even when it comes to speed. With its brilliant sail and engine power, the yacht can reach a top speed of approximately 18 to 20 knots which means it can cover up to 23 miles per given the wind conditions are favorable. Thanks to the impressive speed, the passengers can enjoy fast yet comfortable trips.

Cabins and guests

The interior of the Maltese Falcon boat screams luxury. The vessel can comfortably accommodate around 12 guests in 6 elegant cabins. To be precise, there is 1 master suite and 5 guest cabins and each of them is designed with attention to detail. Everything is arranged in a way that provides the utmost comfort and style. Moreover, the crew of up to 18 members ensures a high level of service.

Amenities at the Maltese Falcon

From lavish relaxation areas to thrilling water sports, the Maltese Falcon boat offers several indulgences on the open sea. Below are the unparalleled comforts that make this yacht a floating paradise:

  • Jacuzzi deck
  • Outdoor dining
  • Water toys and sports
  • Advanced entertainment

Jacuzzi deck

The expansive Jacuzzi deck of the vessel is one standout feature. Located on the super spacious foredeck offering spectacular views, the large Jacuzzi is loved by guests to dip in and relax with scenic beauty.

Outdoor dining

Gourmet meals become more amazing when the chef brings them amidst the beauty of the ocean. Whether it’s a regular breakfast or a corporate dinner, the alfresco dining is one highlight that shouldn’t be missed.


Water toys and sports

The yacht offers an impressive array of water toys and sports equipment for the guests to enjoy water adventures. They can indulge in jet skiing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving etc., under the supervision of a certified dive instructor on board. The yacht’s garage is equipped with a collection of top-notch equipment for maximum fun.

Advanced entertainment

A world-class entertainment system awaits you inside the yacht. There’s a spacious lounge area with a large flat-screen TV. It’s great for movie nights and sports screenings. There’s also a library and games room for those seeking some quiet time.

A tabular overview of the yacht

Let’s have a look at the summarized details of what makes the Maltese Falcon yacht deserving of its fame:

Specification Details
Builder Perini Navi
Year Built 2006
Owner Elena Ambrosiadou
Length 88 meters (289 feet)
Engine 1 x 1,800-horsepower Deutz diesel engine
Sail System DynaRig with 15 square sails
Top Speed 18-20 knots (21-23 mph)
Guest Capacity Up to 12 guests in 6 cabins
Crew Capacity Up to 18 crew members

Go a step beyond luxury with the Maltese Falcon yacht

The Maltese Falcon boat is a true testament to innovative technology combined with elegant cruising. It continues attracting yacht enthusiasts around the world with its cutting-edge construction and extravagant amenities. Whether you’re admiring it from afar or want to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this pinnacle of yacht craftsmanship won’t let you down. Plan to explore the seas in style on this legendary craft and you’ll know what all you learned about is true!


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