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Sailing Sheaves and More- Essential Tools for a Yacht Charter Trip

Sailing on a yacht can be a lot of fun. However, things can quickly go south if you do not have the necessary sailing tools at your disposal. You must bring the required equipment onboard for a safe, hassle-free, worthwhile sailing experience. In this article, check out the top tools you must carry, such as sailing sheaves and tape, for a stress-free time at sea.

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sailing sheaves for yacht charter

From sailing sheaves to jumper cables- sailing tool checklist

When you book a yacht rental in Dubai, an experienced crew will be there onboard to keep you safe and handle the yacht. You need not worry about anything and can have a good time. However, while sailing alone, you must carry the following items for your safety.

  • Sailing sheaves
  • Socket and wrench set
  • Jumper cables
  • Pliers
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Cable ties
  • Tape
  • Headlamp
  • Line and string
  • Screwdrivers
  • Thread locking fluid

Sailing sheaves

Typically, sailing sheaves are used to reduce friction while lifting equipment on and off a boat or yacht. They enhance safety and reduce associated costs of sailing as you prepare for the trip. They further help in improving the performance of various equipment onboard.

Socket and wrench set

Socket and wrench and sailing sheaves

You must carry a set of high-quality sockets and wrenches for quick fixes across the yacht. Typically, such a toolset is not that expensive, and you can get cheap options at various stores. However, if you plan to sail in the long run, it is ideal to buy a premium set as it is less likely to be affected by rusting.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables and sailing sheaves

If you plan a long sailing trip, keeping jumper cables onboard is vital. The chances of the marine battery drying up due to various electronic equipment is high while on a long journey.


It is ideal to carry various pliers on board, such as wire strippers, needle nose pliers, locking pliers, etc. They are surprisingly handy and make time onboard much easier,

Snorkeling equipment

snorkeling kit and sailing sheaves

You must carry snorkeling equipment while sailing, and it is not just for exploring the marine life below. You will be able to spot and remove anything stuck on the keel much easier using proper snorkeling essentials. Buy from a reputed brand like Aqualung for a safe experience.

Cable ties

Since cable ties are lightweight, you can store a bunch of them on the yacht for later use. While small, they are strong and are of great use while performing mechanical work on the yacht.


Keeping various types of tapes on a yacht is always a good idea. From fixing paper decorations to electrical wires, tapes have several benefits.


You must keep a strong headlamp onboard to spot and resolve yacht-related issues at night. It will keep your hands free while you fix the problem.

Line and string

It is recommended to keep spare lines on a yacht to fix various issues during a long sailing trip.


Carry screwdrivers of varying sizes for fixing screws, prying, and other makeshift needs.

Thread locking fluid

A yacht keeps moving and rocking along with the sea, and it is normal for things to come loose. You can make everything more secure with the help of thread-locking fluid.

Bottom line- Pack the essentials for the best experience

It is always important to remember that while sailing alone is fun, it can be highly challenging. Therefore, preparing yourself for all adverse situations with the right tools is strongly recommended. It is easy to forget essentials amidst the excitement of the upcoming trip.  Refer to the checklist above while packing the items for your charter and ensure a safe time onboard.


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