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What’s the Difference Between a Catamaran and Yacht

There are aspects that differentiate a catamaran from a yacht. While both of these are vessels that sail on the sea, there are a few distinct structural differences between them. In this article, we delve into all the features, and specifications of these two types of boats to identify the difference between catamaran and yacht.

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Difference between catamaran and yacht

Catamaran Vs. Yacht – What makes these boats different

The most evident difference between catamaran and yacht are their shapes. A yacht has one hull as compared to a catamaran which has two. Another factor to note is that since there are two hulls on a catamaran a deck on the center serves as a bridge in-between the two hulls.

In order to identify the differences in a little bit more detail. Let’s take a careful look at each of these boat types individually.

“Yachts and catamarans are both cruise boats built for different purposes.”

Understanding luxury yachts

Yachts in Dubai

A luxury yacht is one that showcases a regal presence with state-of-the-art amenities. Yacht’s feature a monohull as compared to catamaran. The general length of a mainstream yacht is anywhere between 50 ft. and 101 ft. These yachts contain all necessary amenities, with cabins and an open space for lounging.

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Superyachts – A luxurious cruise

When you move up the size scale above 220 ft. all the way to 350 ft. and more, these ones are classified as superyachts. Also referred to by some as megayacht, they come with the most luxurious cabins and features, and in most cases with a dedicated crew.

Most regular size yachts have one or two decks, while superyachts have multiple decks, going all the way up to 6. Our luxury yacht rental in Dubai, has a fleet of yachts covering everything from 50 ft. yachts to 220 ft. supersized yachts.

Top 10 yachts to cruise on

Luxury yachts in Dubai

There are several different types and sizes of yachts available today. To help you charter and experience the best yachts, we have put together a list of top 10 yachts and their features.

Yacht Model Length and Speed Other Features
Duretti 85 – Black Pearl Yacht 85 ft. length
23 knots of speed
Total capacity of 45 passengers, 3 onboard cabins, and 6 guests overnight
Sunseeker 116 – Legende Yacht 116 ft. length
26 knots of speed
30 passenger capacity in total, 4 cabins onboard, and 8 guests overnight
Tati 110 – Gems Yacht 115 ft. length
13 knots of speed
Total cabins onboard are 5, and 10 guests overnight
Azimut 55 – White Pearl 55 ft. length
24 knots of speed
20 capacity of passengers, 2 cabins onboard, and 4 guests overnight
Benetti 164 – Code 8 Yacht 164 ft. length
15 knots of speed
Total passenger capacity of 50, 5 cabins onboard, and 10 guests overnight
Aicon 85 – Tayget Yacht 85 ft. length
28 knots of speed
20 capacity in total, 3 cabins onboard, and 6 guests overnight
Lotus Yacht 220 220 ft. length
25 knots of speed
Total passenger capacity of 500, 9 cabins onboard, and 18 guests overnight
Gulf Craft 95 – D321 Yacht 95 ft. length
24 knots of speed
50 passenger capacity, 4 onboard cabins, and 8 overnight guests
Majesty 101 – Infinity Yacht 101 ft. length
24 knots of speed
Total passenger capacity of 50, 4 onboard cabins, and 8 guests overnight
San Lorenzo 72 – FOS Yacht 72 ft. length
28 knots of speed
30 passenger capacity, 4 cabins and 8 guests overnight

All of these yachts mentioned above are amongst the most demanded yachts for charter. They offer exceptional features, and onboard facilities that make cruising a delightful experience.

All you need to know about catamaran boats

How fast can a Catamaran go

Catamaran boats as we have mentioned above feature two parallel hulls. Perhaps the most common forms of catamaran boats are sailing race boats, and large ferry’s.

“Hull, deck, and size are the notable difference between catamaran and yacht.”

These boats were invented by the Austronesians, and date back to 1870. All the catamaran style boats up until the 20th century relied on the use of sails. Having said that, the modern catamaran boats we see are more sophisticated with all the latest marine technology included.

Highlights of catamaran boats

  1. Two parallel hulls that are linked by a deck bridge
  2. Due to reduced hydrodynamic resistance these boats consume less fuel
  3. These boats can be easily sailed through shallow waters
  4. Are considered stable due to the dual hull structure
  5. Offer great space for lounging and dining


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How fast can catamaran boats go?

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Catamaran’s can go up to a speed of 15 knots. These boats due to their light weight and structure are considered to be 25% faster as compared to monohull boats. This is a notable difference between catamaran and yacht.

This is one of the main reasons why this form boat is used in racing. It’s also important to keep in mind that catamaran boats are extremely weight sensitive. Therefore, the number of passengers and equipment on deck will impact the speed and performance of the boat.

2 types of catamaran boats

There are two main types of catamaran boats. These are classified based on design and power output.

  • Power catamaran – Also known as ‘multi-hull power boat’, these catamaran yachts have larger engines with no sail or mast mounted on it. As the name suggests, these catamaran’s are powerful with a great balance between weight and power output.
  • Sailing catamaran – These boats are relatively smaller in size as compared to power catamarans. A sailing catamaran features a fiberglass body that enables the lightweight aspect of it. This particular type of catamaran is equipped with two small engines placed at each hull.

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10 Best catamaran boats

  1. Leopard 48 catamaran
  2. Manta 42 American catamaran
  3. Antares 44i Bluewater catamaran
  4. Dolphin Ocema 42 catamaran
  5. Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 catamaran
  6. Catana 50 catamaran sailboat
  7. Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 catamaran
  8. Lagoon 450 F catamaran
  9. Gemini 105MC liveaboard catamaran
  10. Gunboat 62 catamaran

Culminating the difference between catamaran and yacht

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We have now provided you with a detailed elaboration of what makes a yacht a yacht, and other aspects regarding catamarans. The features and structural aspects are the distinguishing factors between these two types of watercrafts.

Apart from the obvious difference in the number of hulls, the number of decks, and cabins are also the difference between catamaran and yacht. While both these boat types are used for cruising and racing, they are best suited for different purposes.

Catamaran sailing boats are most commonly used for racing, while yachts are mostly used for long range cruising. Both these boat types are extremely fun to cruise on, perhaps, if you would like to experience a yacht, you can always rent a yacht in Dubai.

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