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All You Need to Know About Dubai International Boat Show 2023

The Dubai International Boat Show is in its 28th year of celebrating luxury and leisure in the seas. In 2022, the exhibit showcased some of the finest yachts that were oriented towards eco-friendly aspects. We expect nothing but innovation and craftsmanship in the yachts that are to be launched at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023.

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All you need to know about Dubai International Boat Show 2023

When is the Dubai International Boat Show in 2023?

In 2023, the Dubai International Boat Show is scheduled take place between from the 1st to the 5th of March. This five-day boating event is known for showcasing the latest luxury yachts, and modern marine technology from around the world. The 2023 edition of this event is said to be more focused on sustainable technology.

  • Show dates: 1-5 March 2023
  • Total boat value- AED 1.5 billion
  • Expected no. of visitors- 30,000
  • No. of participating brands- 800+
  • No. of boats to be showcased- 150+

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“The Dubai International Boat Show is said to be the largest boating event in the MENA region.”

Major yacht exhibits and launches

Luxury yachts in Dubai

From the latest yachts and jet skis to other newly developed marine equipment, the Dubai International Boat Show is the perfect avenue for marine enthusiasts.

  • Display of the latest marine vessels
  • Marine equipment exhibit

Display of the latest marine vessels

Popular watercraft builders like Cranchi, Feadship, and Gulf Craft are among the many leading companies that will display their products at the show. From yacht to superyachts, and other forms of marine vessels.

Visitors to the event are not limited to a visual tour of these yachts and other boats, but can also make their purchase. Yes, that’s right. VIP clients looking to add another luxury yacht to their fleet can certainly do so under the guidance of experts present at the event.

An array of stunning superyachts

The Dubai International Boat show 2023 is your opportunity to witness the latest technologies and designs across the most stunning superyachts. Visitors to the event include a large number of high net worth individuals who are potential investors of superyachts. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for superyacht manufacturers to showcase their latest designs and technologies.

Marine equipment exhibit

A boat show is incomplete without the presence of essential marine equipment on display. The Dubai International Boat Show 2023 will feature all modern equipment that is utilized by divers and other marine experts.

There’s also the Dive MENA exhibit specifically designed for divers, where the latest diving gear and other deep-sea equipment and devices are displayed for sale.

Other activities to enjoy at Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show 2023

The Dubai International Boat Show is more than just an event of exhibiting yachts and other marine vessels. It is a paradise for enthusiasts and VIP’s with a taste for high-end boats, and other marine technology. Here’s everything you can expect at DIBS:

  • An industry expert conference
  • Global diver talk
  • Water-based activities galore
  • The DIMC fishing competition
  • Retail village
  • A supercar meetup

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An industry expert conference

Industry experts representing some of the largest marine corporations in the world will be present at the event. These individuals will take the stage to deliver their wisdom and ideas, pertaining to the marine industry.

This allows new businesses that have entered the industry to learn the know-how, and help them excel in their relative fields.

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Global diver talk

The Dubai International Boat Show 2022 witnessed the talk of renowned divers like Chris Fallows, Ahmed Gabr, and David Diley among others. Visitors to the event shared the pleasure of learning more about the art of scuba and deep-sea diving.

Therefore, this is exactly what you can see for the upcoming edition of DIBS. Where more divers are expected to address visitors from around the world.

Water-based activities galore

When you are out attending the Dubai International Boat Show with your family it goes without saying that a little fun is needed. Hence, all visitors are given the opportunity to enlighten their time by indulging in watersports events like paddle boating, kayaking, and more, all-inclusive within the DIBS ticket.

“Enjoy an exclusive in-depth tour of more than 50 different yachts at DIBS.”

The DIMC fishing competition

Reel in that big fish! Yes, fishing fanatics can showcase their skills of fishing at the event. With relatively shallow seas, the practice of fishing is extremely popular in the region. Therefore, it makes for an exciting event for fishing enthusiasts and other visitors to take part in.

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Retail village

The Dubai International Boat Show is an avenue for retailers to showcase their offerings to an international audience. Retailers can set up their pop-up stores at the venue to highlight their products to gain the attention of potential customers.

A supercar meetup

Dubai International Boat Show Supercar Meetup

DIBS is an event that exhibits the glitz and glamor of Dubai. Therefore, apart from witnessing the most exquisite boats and superyachts of the world, you also get to see some of the top cars. The event features the most exclusive supercars and other luxury automobiles.

You will get to see some of the rarest cars from brands like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, and more. Perhaps, if you have got a taste for luxury yachts and cars, this is an event you must visit.

Who organizes the Dubai Boat Show?

This mega event is operated and managed by authorities at Dubai World Trade Center. It has been a platform for local and international brands to display their products. Some of the most popular marine vessels on display include yachts and superyachts, jet skis, and other smaller to mid-size boats.

The show is known for its upbeat energy with the inclusion of exciting water-sports activities and other competitions.

Dubai International Boat Show 2023 location

The Dubai International Boat Show will be held at the Dubai Harbour. It is the largest marina in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The harbor features an expansive space for a large number of yachts to dock. Its layout has been designed to provide easy access and mobility within the harbor.

What is ‘Proudly UAE’?

Proudly UAE refers to a dedicated pavilion for small and medium-scale UAE-based boat companies. This unique initiative has been developed to provide boating companies in the region to showcase their products to both local and global audiences.

The intent behind proudly UAE is to uplift local brands by giving them an international exposure. Therefore, if you are one among those SMEs involved in the boating industry, make sure to check out the registration details on the DIBS official website.

Can I buy a yacht at the Dubai Harbour Boat Show?

Of Course you can. The idea behind DIBS is not only to exhibit or display yachts to VIPs and enthusiasts but also provide a platform for sale. Therefore, if you are planning on expanding your fleet or perhaps looking to make your first purchase, experts at the event can effectively guide you.

Where is the biggest boat show in the world?

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the biggest in-water boat show held in the world. It is estimated that over $3 billion worth yachts are displayed at this event, with visitors from all over the world. The show has inspired other international yachting destinations like Dubai, to take note and use their resources to organize major boat shows, hence the Dubai International Boat Show.

An exciting event for marine enthusiasts

The Dubai International Boat Show is an established event and amongst the most prestigious boat shows in the world. It inculcates all the essential aspects that are involved in the boating industry. You not only get to see the best offerings in the yacht industry but can also participate in exciting events.

Whether you are looking to buy a watercraft or learn more about them, make sure to stop by DIBS between 1st and 5th of March 2023.

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