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Crili Yacht

American yacht builders Christensen, have produced and delivered the Crili yacht in 2006. Crili is the 12th largest superyacht produced by the company and comes in at position 1147 of the largest yachts currently operating in the world. In this article, we dive into the details of the yacht and show you some of its key highlights.

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Crili Yacht view

Crili yacht owner

Chairman of the board of ASR Group, Alfonso Fanjul, is the owner of the Crili yacht. Originally from Cuba, the Fanjul family migrated to the United States in the early 1950s. Alfonso leads the refined sugar industry in the US, which is where he has built his net worth.

His current net worth is estimated to be around $8.2 billion dollars. Alfonso had acquired the Crili superyacht for $23 million dollars. An approximate amount of $2.3 million is spent annually for the maintenance of the yacht.

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Performance figures and specifications of yacht Crili

Crili Yacht Owner

There are several notable aspects of the yacht that are worth mentioning. To give you an insight into the yacht, we take you on a detailed tour of its interior, exterior and technical features.

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Step into the elegant interior of the yacht

Classy and elegant that’s how we would describe the interior of the Crili yacht. Built in the year 2006, the styling cues on the interior might be of that era, yet still relevant today. The interior of the yacht Crili was crafted by Jacqueline Mann Design. It has three decks in total, with ample space in the main deck.

You will find a fully furnished dining and lounge area on the main deck with beautiful lighting. The walls of the yacht are covered in a glossy wood finish that provides a rustic and premium feel. There are a total of 8 luxury cabins onboard that can easily accommodate 16 guests.

You also have a crew of 10 members who provide you with all the assistance you need during your voyage.


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The regal exterior of yacht Crili

When it comes to the exterior of the yacht, the classiness of the design follows. It has a regal exterior with a long and tall stance. While the bow area is not as spacious as you would expect it to be, the stern makes up for the lack of space.

There’s also an open deck jacuzzi that provides you the opportunity to soak in peace while enjoying the extraordinary views of the vast ocean. Overall the exterior of the yacht is simple and admirable.

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Technical details of the yacht

The Crili yacht is powered by two refined Detroit engines. These engines are capable of hauling the yacht to the maximum speed of 17 knots while managing a cruising speed of 15 knots.

The fuel capacity on the Crili is 48,370 liters, and freshwater holding capacity is measured at 7,300 liters. The full length of the Crili yacht is measured at 47.85 meters, with the draft measuring 2.3 meters in length and the beam measuring 9 meters in length.

The total gross tonnage of the yacht is just shy of 500 units coming in at 499 GT. Both the hull and superstructure of the yacht are built using GRP materials.

Size of the Crili Yacht

Crili yacht Location

According to the AIS reports, the Crili yacht was located in the Atlantic Ocean, with exact coordinates being 26.02418 N / 79.12679 W. These coordinates were reported as of 18th November 2022.

The yacht had departed from Palm Beach and is currently sailing towards the Bahamas and is expected to dock at the port of Chub Cay. The travel speed of the yacht has also been recorded at 10 knots. The Crili yacht is currently cruising under the Cayman Islands flag.

Yacht Crili highlights

The table below provides you with a detailed look into all the specification figures, features, and other highlights of the Crili yacht:

Crili Yacht
The engine of yacht Crili Two Detroit engine diesel 12V 4000
The power produced by the yacht 1800 horsepower generated by each engine

A combined horsepower of 3,600 is generated by the two motors

Cruising speed of Crili Can cruise up to 15 knots
The maximum speed of yacht Crili Can reach a max speed of 17 knots
Superstructure and hull material Both of them are built using GRP
The complete length of Crili 152.12 ft. (47.8 meters)
Maximum draught of yacht Crili 7.9 ft. (2.3 meters)
Full load displacement measure 376 units
Number of propellers on the Crili 2 propellers in total
Cabins aboard the yacht 8 luxury suites
Number of guests and crew members 16 guests in total
Gross tonnage of Crili yacht 499 GT
Year of build 2006
Country of origin United States
Class of yacht ABS class
Naval and exterior designers Christensen Shipyards, LLC.
Interior designers Jacqueline Mann Design
Crili yacht owner Alfonso Fanjul

Crili yacht: An incredible luxury yacht

Crili Yacht Interior

Yacht Crili is in its 16th year of operation yet still works as well as a brand new yacht. Everything from the interior to the exterior, including its performance, is commendable. The builders of the yacht have done a fantastic job with the Crili.

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