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Bellingham Yacht Club

Bellingham Yacht Club was founded in Bellingham Bay in 1925 and has had a long history of promoting yachting activities in the area since then. The 370 club members are sailing enthusiasts who volunteer to improve the boating industry, infrastructure, and related events in the locality and beyond. Learn more about why the yacht club is so popular and what activities they host.

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Bellingham yacht club view from top

Top advantages of being a member of Bellingham Yacht Club

Apart from the fact that there is no need to become a boat owner to join, being a member of Bellingham Yacht Club comes with the following perks.

  • Exciting cruises
  • Regular regatta and race events
  • Access to an exclusive island section
  • A large guest dock is available
  • Boat parades every year
  • Educational youth programs
  • Benefits across different yacht clubs

Exciting cruises

It is an opportunity for people of all experience levels to enjoy cruising across scenic locations. The trips last anywhere from one weekend to a few weeks and allow people to connect with like-minded people who share the same interests in sailing. The following are the top locations where the cruises are chartered.

  • Puget Sound
  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • San Juan

Bellingham Yacht Club

Regular regatta and race events

The yacht club hosts more than 45 race and regatta events from time to time and provides sailing enthusiasts a chance to compete for rewards and showcase their boats. The following are some of their major events.

  • Around the County
  • Women on the Water
  • Wednesday Nights
  • Regional PITCH Regatta
  • Anacortes Race Week

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Access to an exclusive island section

Lummi island is a scenic, charming and serene island close to Bellingham that is popular among travelers. Inati Bay is located towards the island’s east side and is a beautiful cove. The area is accessible only to members of the Bellingham Yacht Club.

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A large guest dock is available

A giant guest dock of over 200 feet is situated right near the Bellingham yacht club. Members can use this deck to moor their boats without making any payments. It is also possible to make rentals in the dock for a more extended period of time if required.

Boat parades every year

Bellingham Yacht Club

The yacht club annually organizes two major parades called Opening Day and Lighted Boat. Locals enjoy much-awaited events as they are a treat to the eyes.

Educational youth programs

With its successful youth programs, the yacht club encourages young people to teach a taste of boating early on. Interested children aged 8-18 can participate in these programs and learn about sailing and related activities. The following are some of their top programs.

  • Summer Race team
  • Bellingham Youth Regatta
  • Learn to Sail

Benefits across different yacht clubs

Bellingham Yacht Club collaborates with other clubs in British Columbia, and other locations to provide a range of privileges to its members. In turn, Bellingham Yacht Club reciprocates with benefits of its own.

Popular activities organized by the yacht club

The yacht club fosters the passion for sailing in the area by organizing full-fledged events from time to time. The following are some of their most well-known activities.

  • Lighted Boat Parade
  • Commodore’s Cabaret
  • Pink Boat Regatta
  • Cruising
  • PITCH Regatta

Bellingham Yacht Club

Lighted Boat Parade

This event usually occurs at the end of the year, during the festive Christmas and New Year season. Any boat or yacht that signs up with Bellingham Yacht Club can participate in the parade with no application charges. The participants are encouraged to be festive in decorating their boats. Winners get awards under categories such as Lighted Boat of the Year and Novice Grand Prize.

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Commodore’s Cabaret

The event is open for members of the yacht club and is a significant event. For instance, in 2022, the event starred Sugar- The Cabaret and was a formal and grand event. There were 1730 cocktails and 1830 dinners served during the events, and the menu featured opulent fine dining dishes.

Pink Boat Regatta

This is an event that the yacht club hosts every year to spread awareness of breast cancer. Pink Boat collaborates with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). BCRF does groundbreaking work and cancer research by supporting top scientists worldwide. The proceeds from the event are donated to the organization. It is not necessary to be a member to participate in the event- anyone with a passion for sailing can join in supporting the good cause.

PITCH Regatta

This is a major event that usually takes place during the Labor Day weekend. It is an event for sailors in the Olympian regions and Canada. The participants have a gala time and are welcomed with drinks, good company, and fun after parties. It is a qualifying race for the Grand Prix.

Corinthian Yacht Club Bellingham- What to know

Corinthian Yacht Club Bellingham was launched in 1986 and is a space for people who love to sail to hang out and plan new activities. With the motto of “We sail friendly,” it is a group of warm people who share a love for sailing. Potlucks and sailing trips happen monthly, as well as thrilling races for members to participate in. The yacht club works with local companies to boost the advancement of the boating sector in the area.

All in all, the yacht clubs in Bellingham are giving back to the community while building on teamwork, commitment, and dedication. The success of the clubs’ activities throughout the decades shows their excellent efforts and the support the local people give to their development.


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