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Pros of Getting Married on a Yacht in Dubai

Wedding on a yacht, now that’s a dream wedding for most of us. Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world, attracting a large number of people to perform destination weddings on a luxury yacht. From the most beautiful photographs to the best dining experience, a wedding on a yacht in Dubai is the perfect place to conduct this auspicious ceremony.

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Yacht Wedding in Dubai

Why are yacht rental Dubai wedding bookings so popular?

Attractive wedding packages, an extravagant venue, and the best photographs, are some of the many reasons why people prefer booking yacht rental Dubai wedding options. A yacht wedding in Dubai is the perfect way to elevate your special day.

Moreover, the destinations you can cruise to while enjoying a fine dining experience onboard, are all the more reasons to get married on a yacht. For all of you couples out there planning your perfect yacht wedding in Dubai, you can book it here at With our yacht rental in Dubai service, you can get the most unique wedding venue.

Top 6 benefits of getting married on a yacht

Wedding on a Yacht in Dubai

Wedding yacht rental is extremely popular. Many people from different parts of the world travel to this city to make their wedding ceremony more memorable and extremely enjoyable.

There are several benefits to getting married on a yacht. Perhaps if you are planning a destination wedding in Dubai, here are the top 6 pros you should know about booking a yacht wedding in Dubai:

  1. The most unique wedding venue
  2. Attractive yacht wedding in Dubai packages
  3. Exceptional wedding photographs
  4. Exquisite yacht wedding in Dubai decorations
  5. Gourmet cuisine and dining experience
  6. Travel to an exotic location for a yacht wedding in Dubai

The most unique wedding venue

Hotels and cliffside destinations are all great wedding venues. But a wedding yacht rental is more romantic, exclusive and unique. Yachts offer mobility, which makes it easier to travel while performing and celebrating your wedding ceremony.

“I got married on a yacht in Dubai, the only thing I can say is; it was the most beautiful ceremony accompanied by my friends and family.”

It’s not just the bride and groom who enjoy their wedding, but the guests invited are sure to have a pleasant yet memorable experience. Hence, in order to get married at the most amazing venue, opt for a yacht wedding in Dubai.

Attractive yacht wedding Dubai in packages

It may come as a surprise, but Dubai yacht weddings are relatively more affordable as compared to your traditional wedding venues. What makes it even more appealing is the price you pay gives you a heightened sense of uniqueness and great value for money.

Yacht rental wedding packages start anywhere between AED 41,000 to AED 359,000 depending on your choice of yacht. These are subject to vary based on your bespoke requirements, like décor and gourmet menu.

Exceptional wedding photographs

Photographs are one of the most important aspects of a wedding ceremony. Therefore, it goes without saying that a yacht wedding is sure to provide you the opportunity to capture exceptional wedding photos.

“I have clicked the best wedding photos on a yacht. The city of Dubai and its beautiful coastline seamlessly compliments a wedding photo.”

Be it the sea view or the skyline of Dubai, the backdrops of your wedding photographs are going to guarantee uniqueness and glamor.

Exquisite yacht wedding in Dubai decorations

Our yacht rental company not only ensures the delivery of the top yachts for your wedding ceremony but also decks it up as per your needs. You can give us your vision, and tell us all that you need in terms of your decoration. So that we can match your visualization.

Everything from fresh flowers, to other decorative items, our team can create an ambiance to match your wedding theme. Not to mention, a perfect yacht decoration elevates the quality of the wedding photos you take.

Gourmet cuisine and dining experience

No wedding in a yacht in Dubai is complete without a fine dining experience. That’s exactly what you get when you hire a yacht from us to conduct your wedding. Our team of experienced chefs can prepare a gourmet menu as per your requirements.

From appetizers, and main courses to desserts, anything you wish for we can deliver. Therefore, if you are looking to help your guests enjoy a pleasant experience during your wedding ceremony, make sure to check out our wedding yacht Dubai rental packages.

Travel to an exotic location for a yacht wedding in Dubai

Dubai Yacht Wedding Package

As we have mentioned above, yachts offer mobility. Unlike a hotel or another wedding destination, the ability to move freely gives you the opportunity to cruise to some of Dubai’s exotic locations.

From the Burj Al Arab to the skyline of the Marina, you can cruise to your desired location, while ensuring yourselves and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience.
Yacht options available for your wedding

To understand the yacht wedding party Dubai price options and the different models available for yacht charter in dubai, refer to the table mentioned below:

Yacht wedding in Dubai price
Yachts Prices Capacity Other highlights
Custom 88 – Virgo AED 1,890 Per Hour

AED 41,000 Per Day

65 Passenger Capacity 3 Cabins and 6 Overnight Guests

Length – 88 ft.

Dubai Marine 90 – Ocean Pearl AED 1,990 Per Hour

AED 48,000 Per Day

65 Passenger Capacity 5 Cabins and 10 Overnight Guests

Length – 90 ft.

Majesty 101 – Infinity AED 3,000 Per Hour

AED 48,000 Per Day

50 Passenger Capacity 4 Cabins and 8 Overnight Guests

Length – 101 ft.

Viking – 88 AED 2,000 Per Hour

AED 30,000 Per Day

48 Passenger Capacity 4 Cabins and 8 Overnight Guests

Length – 88ft.

Custom 80 – Stealth AED 7,000 Per Hour

AED 120,000 Per Day

60 Passenger Capacity 4 Cabins and 8 Overnight Guests

Length – 80 ft.

Custom Yacht 220 – Lotus AED 14,900 Per Hour

AED 359,000 Per Day

500 Passenger Capacity 9 Cabins and 18 Overnight Guests

Length – 220 ft.

Duretti 85 – Black Pearl Yacht AED 1,500 Per Hour

AED 20,000 Per Day

45 Passenger Capacity 3 Cabins and 6 Overnight Guests

Length – 85 ft.

The prices mentioned in the table above are subject to vary depending on your additional requirements. Whether you would like to charter a 50 ft yacht or an 85 ft, the choice is simply yours. You can always reach out to us in advance to discuss your requirements and get a quote accordingly.

If you note in the above table, the Lotus yacht price is higher as compared to other yachts mentioned. This is because the Lotus yacht can capacitate a large number of people and is among the most popular yachts people rent for weddings.

Look at yacht party in dubai

Yacht wedding in Dubai, the best way to make your special day even more memorable

Popular Yacht Weddings in Dubai

We have discussed the benefits of getting married on a yacht in Dubai, the prices, and the different yachts available for a yacht wedding in Dubai. Therefore, if you are in search of the perfect wedding venue to celebrate the most important day of your life, charter a luxury yacht from us.


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