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Is the Hype of Ocean Victory Yacht in Dubai Real?

Designed by Espen Øino, the Ocean Victory is a superyacht produced by Fincantieri. This 140 meter long yacht was among the top ten largest yachts in the world. Anything that exhibits luxury, wealth and style, attracts the attention of Dubai’s richest. To give you a detailed insight into this multi-million dollar yacht, here’s everything we have for you.

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Ocean Victory Yacht

What makes the Ocean Victory yacht so unique?

Built in Italy by one of the most reputed shipbuilders in the world, Fincantieri, the Ocean Victory, as the name suggests showcases sheer prominence in the sea. It is recognized for its state-of-the-art marine technology, accompanied by a host of luxury features that makes this superyacht one-of-a-kind.

Yacht Ocean Victory has gained so much popularity since its launch, inspiring the design of several other yachts thereafter. The Ocean Victory is a private motor yacht. Therefore, if you are looking to charter a luxury yacht similar to that of the Ocean Victory, you can compare it with the ones available in the UAE. With our yacht rental in Dubai services, you will find a yacht that matches your requirements.

Ocean Victory yacht interior

The yacht has 6 decks, swimming pools, 14 suites, and a crew of 52 members, with a total guest capacity of 28. The exterior of the yacht as mentioned above was designed by Espen Øino International, with the interior being a collaborative effort of Studio Laura Sessa and Alberto Pinto. The yacht’s furnishing are a blend of classic inspiration and modern aesthetics. Guests can enjoy state of the art amenities and luxury hospitality onboard.

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Features, dimensions, and specifications of the Ocean Victory superyacht

Ocean Victory Yacht In Dubai

Ocean Victory superyacht offers a ton of premium features, and is vastly spacious, which makes it the perfect yacht for long-range cruises. Here are all the features, specifications and dimensions of this sea behemoth.

Dimensions of the yacht

Ocean Victory Superyacht Dimensions
Beam 61 ft. (18.6 meters)
Length of the yacht 459 ft. (140 meters)
Gross tonnage of the Ocean Victory 8505
Draught Max 18.5 ft. (5.65 meters)

The above mentioned proportions give you a clear idea of the enormous stance of this superyacht. Moving forward, let us look at some of the specifications and materials used in building the Ocean Victory.

Materials and interior specs of the Ocean Victory yacht

Materials and Specifications of the Ocean Victory
Superstructure of the yacht Is built using Aluminum
Hull of the yacht Is built using Steel
Number of guests that be accommodated 28 guests
Guest cabins or suites onboard 14 suites
Number of cabins available for the crew 28 crew cabins
Number of crew onboard 52 crew members

“One of the most beautiful yachts I have seen till date, the Ocean Victory is truly a work of modern art combined with classic design cues.”

Now that we have seen the specifications of the Ocean Victory. Let’s move on towards the engine that powers this massive superyacht, its capability and performance.

Engine performance and other details of the Ocean Victory superyacht

Engine and Propulsion of the Ocean Victory
Engine model 16V 4000 M40B
No. of motors 8
Fuel type Diesel
Horsepower of the superyacht Each engine 2828 HP Total: 22624
KW output Each unit power 2109 Total: 16871
Propellers on the yacht 2 propellers
Top speed of the Ocean Victory 19.4 Knots
Cruising speed 10.5 Knots

With 8 engines, the power output produced by this superyacht is colossal. Perhaps, due to its massive structure the speed of the yacht is reduced to 19.4 knots max. speed. Let’s take a look at some of the other details pertaining to the Ocean Victory.

Manufacturer and other yacht details
Class of yacht SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea)
Type of Hull Mono Hull
Configuration of the Hull Displacement unit
Exterior design by Espen Øeino International
Interior design by Alberto Pinto and Studio Laura Sessa

Who owns Ocean Victory yacht?

Russian Billionaire Yacht

Russian billionaire and business tycoon Viktor Rashnikov is known as the owner of the Ocean Victory since 2018. He is the chairman of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. As of February 2019 Rashnikov was known to have an estimated net worth of $9.1 billion.

“When you own a multi-million dollar yacht, you automatically come in the category of the most successful billionaires.”

The Ocean Victory yacht was last valued at $300 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive yachts in the world. According to a report published by Forbes in 2022, Viktor Rashnikov is still known as the Ocean Victory yacht owner.

Ocean Victory yacht price

As a yacht that is 459 ft in size, the price of the Ocean Victory yacht is estimated to be $294 million. The value of this yacht was confirmed and set from Cayman islands.

Speculations and rumors about its arrival in Dubai

Early 2021, a video showcasing the Ocean Victory docked close to the La Mer beach in Dubai was circulated all over the internet. Yachting enthusiasts were stunned to see this mega yacht arrive in Dubai, speculating about its arrival and the reasoning behind it.

One of the reasons which led to the speculation about this superyacht was due to its oligarch owner. Viktor Rashnikov was placed under several sanctions by the United State of America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. This was a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Furthermore, in September 2022, Hungary voted for Rashnikov to be dropped off the sanctions list.

The sanction placed on the owner of the yacht was the primary cause for all the speculations about it. Statements like; “Rashnikov has brought the yacht to Dubai to protect it from the war in Russia,” were made across several online platforms. Perhaps, there are no official statements made by the billionaire himself to confirm the situation.

Location of the Ocean Victory – Where is this superyacht now?

The Ocean Victory was last spotted in the Persian Gulf (25.26648 N / 55.28418 E). However, since then Global Marine Tracking Systems have not been able to track its current location. It is said that the transponders of the yacht have been intentionally shut down to make its location unavailable to the authorities.


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Ocean Victory, a superyacht known for the good and the bad

Luxury Yachts Dubai

What’s essentially one of the most stunning superyachts, Ocean Victory is recognized for its brilliant design but is popular in Dubai for all the wrong reasons. The speculations as we discussed above brought awareness of this particular superyacht, in the yachting community. Nevertheless, when you consider the Ocean Victory yacht at its face value, it’s still a stunning piece of engineering that shows exceptional craftsmanship both on the exterior and interior.


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