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Alfa Nero- An Award-Winning Luxury Yacht

Featuring a 12m swimming pool that is one of the largest ever on a luxury yacht, Alfa Nero has been designed to impress. She is owned by the Russian oligarch Andrey G. Gurvey and has won several awards for her unconventional design.

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Alfa Nero yacht

The best features of the Alfa Nero yacht

Passengers do not run out of things to do on the Oceanco motor yacht Alfa Nero; there are plenty of unconventional facilities to try out, such as the following:

  • A beauty room that provides luxury salon-like treatment for the hair and body
  • One massive infinity pool with a glass aft overlooking the ocean views- to make things interesting, it transforms into a helipad or a dance floor when the need arises. The floor can be elevated to accommodate children safely as well.
  • A state-of-the-art gym for those who don’t want to skip their workout even during vacation
  • An elevator to take passengers through the multiple floors of the yacht
  • A private deck for relaxing and suntanning complete with a jacuzzi.
  • High-speed WiFi connectivity and air conditioning

The capacity and performance of the custom yacht

Alfa Nero bedroom

The yacht has a distinct black body made of aluminum and steel. She weighs close to 2,500 tonnes. There are 2 dual MTU engines that take the yacht to a speed of up to 20 knots. This is above average for a yacht of this size.

There are 6 spacious and aesthetically designed suites inside the 269 ft (81.27m) yacht Alfa Nero that fit up to 12 guests. This includes a master suite room, 3 twin cabins, and 2 VIP cabins.

By limiting the number of guests, there is a high level of privacy and comfort offered during the sailing period. There are 14 cabins in which 28 crew members reside, and they are available to take care of the guests’ needs at all times.

The master suite has a number of impressive features including a hot tub. It has been designed to provide an opulent sailing experience for its residents, and an overnight experience onboard is wonderful.

There is a steam shower and a private patio area with another hot tub for the occupants to relax in. The suite has an office space and a dressing room, all aesthetically designed.

Are there any water toys available onboard the superyacht?

The Alfa Nero yacht comes with a range of water toys to choose from to keep the guests excited. There are WaveRunners onboard that let you cruise at high speeds across the sea. There are plenty of other standard water sports activities to choose from and a collection of inflatable water toys.

Passengers can enjoy thrilling jetski rides during the sailing period on the yacht. A factor that many passengers love about the yacht is that it comes with equipment for scuba diving and three tenders. It is an ideal yacht for a luxury sailing trip, such as a yacht rental in Dubai or a weekend charter in Monaco.

The superior interior and exterior design of the yacht

Alfa Nero pool

The appealing design of the yacht has fetched several awards, and it is easy to see why. From the quirkily attractive striped furniture to the gigantic transforming swimming pool, each element of the design has been planned to perfection.

Art deco-style interior

The overall interior design of the yacht Alfa Nero stays true to the art deco style based on the works of Roy Lichtenstein. Alberto Pinto is the man behind the design, who has tried to blend the classic art deco style with the modern and futuristic amenities of the yacht.

The overall tone is therefore vibrant with unique patterns and a leather, woodwork, and upholstery finishing. There are no vintage elements to the design, and much care has been taken to keep it fresh and creative.

There is no doubt that the yacht is incredibly spacious, but what stands out is how the designers have used that space to represent luxury. There is a noticeable sense of openness and vastness throughout the yacht that the smaller ones and cruise ships lack.

The passengers are not crammed into small cabins that are close to each other but spread out across the vast interior of the yacht. There are plenty of spaces to lounge in, from lavish dining halls to comfortable sofas all over the vessel.

Luxury lifestyle-oriented exterior

The design for the yacht’s exterior was drawn up by Carlo Nuvolari. Superyacht living takes on a whole new meaning with all the exterior design features of the Alfa Nero yacht.

There is a beach club area that has everything a person needs to enjoy a full-blown summer party. The water from the infinity pool flows out elegantly to create an attractive waterfall effect. There are sunbeds on both sides of the pool where passengers can catch the morning sun rays with ease.

Who owns Alfa Nero?

The yacht is owned by the multi-billionaire Russian entrepreneur Andrey G. Guryev. His net worth was around $4.2 billion in 2016. He was once the head of a major fertilizer company called PhosAgros. Apart from the luxury yacht, Guryev has a $90 million private jet.

Awards won by the yacht throughout the years

Alfa Nero sailing

Alfa Nero boasts several awards, making it a highly popular yacht charter option among the elite.

  • The yacht won the 2008 Indian International Boating Award in 2008 in the ‘Most Innovative Yacht Design’ category.
  • In 2010, the yacht was a finalist for an award under the category ‘Design & Technology’ during The ShowBoats Design Awards show.
  • The Asia Boating Award show gave the Alfa Nero yacht an award under the ‘Most Innovative Exterior Yacht Design of the Year’ in 2008.
  • During The World Superyacht Awards in 2008, the yacht won awards in both the ‘Best Interior Design – Motor Yacht’ and ‘Best Exterior Styling – Motor Yacht’ categories.
  • In 2008, the yacht won the ‘Best Power 65m+’ award during the International Superyacht Society Awards show.
  • The Showboats Awards 2008 show picked the yacht as the winner in the ‘Best Motor Yacht (over 75m)’ category.
  • The award of ‘Most Innovative Custom Motoryacht (over 40m)’ was given to the yacht in 2008 by World Yachts Trophies.

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What is the cost of Andrey G. Guryev superyacht?

The superyacht owned by Andrey G. Guryev is worth $120 million. It was modified later to match the owner’s needs. The yacht was originally developed in 2007 by Oceanco for Theodore Angelopoulos. He sold the yacht for $190 million in 2009. It was in 2011 that the price of the yacht came down.

The annual running cost of the yacht spans between $6 million and $12 million. The yacht charter options are available on a weekly basis. The prices for doing so start from $740,000 and go up close to a million dollars.

All in all, the superyacht is quite impressive in both design and performance, and it is therefore not surprising why it is sought out by yacht enthusiasts all over the world.


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