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What to wear to a yacht party

It is necessary to wear the right clothes and footwear to have a great time during a yacht party regardless of the time or season. While there are no hard and fast rules, keeping a mental note of the dos and don’ts of what to wear to a yacht party in Dubai is a good idea to avoid mishaps.

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Yacht party outfit ideas for women

Unless there are specific rules set by the organizers, a yacht party is an opportunity to relax in a casual environment in an elegant yet comfortable dress. Women generally wear flowy dresses or shorts to stay cool in the summer heat. Mentioned below are some of the outfit ideas for a yacht party.

Consider the occasion

If a specific formal event is going on, like a corporate or anniversary party, for example, you can wear a dress, preferably without sleeves and made of lace. Or else, a regal jumpsuit or a neutral-colored blouse with pants will also suffice for the occasion.

For a more upbeat party with a DJ, it is ideal to wear clothes that don’t prevent you from dancing away, such as denim shorts or pants and a flared top. These make for a perfect yacht party outfit.

If the event is completely casual, wear something fun and loose like a kaftan or a kimono with your swimming wear.

yacht party outfits for women

Choose the right accessories

While the right accessories and ornaments can elevate your yacht party outfit, a lot of women prefer to skip them while on a yacht trip, particularly for casual events. However, it is all based on personal preference. Make a mark with a signature necklace, or keep it classy with simple hoop earrings- it is all up to you.

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Pick your footwear smartly

A lot of veteran yacht partygoers consider high heels to be a big no. This is because it is not really comfortable to move around during a charter trip while wearing high heels. Instead, opt for stylish flats or sneakers to complete your look. You can even wear sandals or fun flip-flops if the party vibe is casual.

These are some of the best female yacht party attire ideas you can consider to dress up in style.

Yacht party outfit trends for men

yacht party outfits for men

For formal events, the best yacht party outfit is a suit with formal shoes. You can choose to wear either a tie or a bow as per your comfort level. This is a particularly good option for corporate yacht charters. Make sure to keep the accessories minimal; wear only what is actually necessary. Make sure to wear sunglasses for daytime events.

When it comes to casual parties, wearing shorts and a half-sleeve button-up shirt or T-shirt is ideal. You can put on comfortable sneakers or sandals to complete the look. While denim pants are also fine, shorts will keep you cool during parties in the summer. Also, take your beachwear along if you are hoping to try out some adventure sports or swim in the sea.

What to wear to a yacht party at night

While partying on a yacht at night, it is not necessary to take any swimwear with you, which means that you have the chance to dress more elegantly than on a day trip. Wear comfortable clothes that match the weather- make sure to layer up if it is chilly. It’s important to consider your comfort and convenience while choosing a yacht party outfit.


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Choosing your party dress in Dubai based on the season

The answer to the question of which yacht party outfit to wear in Dubai tends to vary because the weather of the emirate changes drastically throughout the year. Generally, the summer season in Dubai runs from June to August. During this period, the weather is really hot during the day, and therefore night yacht parties are more popular. Even at night, it is not necessary to layer up as it tends to be warm. So you can wear shorts if you wish to.

However, the situation is different during the winter season, which is usually from November to March. It gets quite cold during the day and even colder during the night. Therefore, while partying on a yacht at night during the winter, make sure to layer up to prevent yourself from catching a cold. During the daytime, you can wear loose summer clothes.

The transition months in Dubai fall between April to May and September to October. These months are ideal for exploring yacht party opportunities in Dubai as the weather is perfect. You can wear elegant outfits without the need to layer up or dress down due to the weather during this period. These are some essential pro tips to choose the right yacht party outfit.

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Yachting essentials that are not to be missed

What to wear to a yacht party

Regardless of which yacht party outfit you choose to wear, there are certain essential items that you need to carry with you during your yacht party trip. The most important ones are as follows:


It is vital to pack your sunglasses for your party if it happens during the daytime to block off the sun’s glare. This is particularly important to note while partying during the summer season onboard a yacht rental in Dubai or nearby. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to go with a casual yacht party outfit.


Apply loads of sunscreen before, during, and after your yacht party charter trip to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Dubai’s sun can get quite hot, and it is vital to take the proper precautions to avoid issues.

Lip balm

It tends to be quite windy in the middle of the sea, and the salty air can dry your lips up quite quickly. Therefore, carrying lip balm is important for proper moisturization.

Sweaters and jackets

This is a necessity for your winter yacht charter trip. Often, guests do not feel the need to take winter clothes on a yacht trip as it is not that cold in the city. However, it is hard to predict what the weather is like while in the middle of the sea. Taking weather conditions into consideration is important while deciding a yacht party outfit. Therefore, it is advisable to carry some jackets or sweaters during your trip.


Wearing a hat during your summer yacht party is a trendy and practical way to keep the sunlight off your face. Pick a sunhat that matches the vibe of your outfit and you are all set.

A yacht party in Dubai is a bucket-list-worthy experience that is not to be spoiled by poor wardrobe choices. Whichever yacht outfit you choose, remember to prioritize your comfort and to check the weather conditions beforehand.

Yacht party outfit ideas: Showcase your style at a luxurious yacht party

Now that we have provided you outfit ideas for a yacht party and the factors to consider, you can show up to a party in style. You can celebrate any occasion on a luxurious yacht with a suitable yacht party outfit to match the theme.

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