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Tesla Yacht - The Self-Sustaining Electric Yacht

Tesla recently unveiled its design for the $700 million self-sustaining electric Model Y yacht. The vision represents everything you would expect from the creative and game-changing team at Tesla. The company has already made great strides in the automotive industry by revolutionizing electric cars and has now decided to venture into the yacht space.

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Tesla yacht sailing

The features of the Tesla Model Y superyacht

What makes the Model Y Tesla yacht worth over $700 million is the wide range of features and performance-based innovations the design promises. The Tesla yacht concept seems to carry the DNA of a true Tesla. The recently shared digital render showcases a 131-foot (40 meters) long yacht with Tesla’s color scheme and a low-flowing body, somewhat reminiscent of that of a spaceship.

When it comes to powering up this superyacht, the Tesla does not need to dock for fuel or even plug into an electric power output. The Tesla yacht is designed to be self-sustaining. Its lithium batteries are recharged in two ways: One through a turbine generating hydroelectric power placed below its hull, and second through solar panels placed on the roof of the yacht.

A large roof covers the boat’s deck from stern to mid-section and features hundreds of skylight openings that convert to LED lights in the dark, replicating starlights in the night sky. The stern of the Tesla yacht contains a small lounge area with deck chairs and a Jacuzzi. A foldable door with the Tesla logo can be extended and retracted as and when needed to cover the Jacuzzi. The starboard side of the Model Y Tesla yacht features a spa room, with the port side containing a seating area with panoramic views.

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Electric vehicles the future of transportation

With the potential to reduce emission levels, the use of electric vehicles has become increasingly popular. What was once a skeptical outlook has now become mainstream usage. Tesla, with its range of electric cars, brought electric transportation into the mainstream car market.

Governments across the world are implementing tighter emission norms and encouraging manufacturers to move towards an electric future. Apart from Tesla, companies like Rivian, Lucid motors, Volta charging, and many others produced electric vehicles exclusively. Big brands like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and Audi, among others, have also introduced an electric car segment in their lineup.

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Release date of the Model Y Tesla yacht

Tesla yacht lights and design

The design of the Model Y yacht is still in its conceptual stage. Hence no official dates have been announced regarding the Tesla yacht release. But with the company’s vision of creating sustainable and future-oriented mobility, seeing a Tesla yacht in the sea is not too far from reality. This means that luxury enthusiasts might have the option book a yacht in Dubai, Monaco, or Sardinia from the Tesla series in the near future.

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Elon Musk – the visionary behind Tesla

Elon Musk, the founder and visionary behind Tesla, believes in sustainability as the way forward. Companies like Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity were founded on the principles of affordability, reusability, and sustainability. Having dominated the electric car and the space rocket-building industry, it was only a matter of time before he ventured into the marine business. However, Elon Musk is said to have no direct involvement in the Tesla yacht project. The luxury Tesla yacht is actually a concept by Dhruv Prasad, an Indian designer whose vision is to bring the boat from a concept to the sea.

Electric powertrains and the transformation of marine technology

With growing concerns about global warming and climate change, companies across the spectrum have adopted eco-friendly and sustainable methods to operate their businesses. The yacht industry is also witnessing innovation in the electric segment.

Tesla is one of the first companies to produce and sell all-electric vehicles. Their success has encouraged other leading automotive brands to add electric and hybrid vehicles into their product lines. The applications of electric powertrains are being implemented across various industries, like aircraft and marine.

Pontoon boat

General Motors acquired a 25% stake in 2021 in Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based electric outboard motor manufacturing company, to step into the electric boat-producing business. In January 2022, the company unveiled its first product, the electric pontoon boat. It is available in single and twin outboard motor versions. The single motor model is expected to reach a top speed of 22 km/h and 37 km/h for the twin motor version.

Arc Boats & Alav Yachts

Arc Boats, another Los Angeles-based company co-founded and led by the creative team of former SpaceX engineers, is revolutionizing the electric boat segment. In March 2022, the company announced a fully-electric cruiser known as the Arc One. Alva Yachts, a Turkey-based company, has also recently showcased six different types of electric yacht concepts with their specifications and amenities.

C-8 electric boat

Swedish Tech company Candela recently announced its flying electric craft, known as the C-8. The boat uses hydrofoil wings to keep most of the boat above water, reducing drag and uses 80% less energy compared to conventional boats. The top speed is expected to be 30 knots, that’s 55.5 km/h roughly, and it can travel 93 km on a single charge.

Electric yachts and boats are the future of marine technology. Many of the established yacht manufacturers are working towards developing fully-electric boats powered by solar and hydro-propulsion technologies. Electric yachts do not compromise on standard ergonomics compared to conventional yachts but only differ in terms of the powertrain, going from combustion engines to electric motors.

lounge area of a yacht

Why is it important to consider buying electric vehicles?

Natural resources like crude oil are depleting. Moreover, the world that we live in is facing a serious climate change crisis. Automobiles, boats, and aircraft, among other industries, are factors contributing to the growing emission levels. To bring positive change and make the planet a better place to live, electric vehicles should become more mainstream in usage. Most nations have taken an oath to become fully self-sustaining and all-electric over the next 20 years. The path towards sustainability and reusability starts now with the adaptation of electric-motor technology.

Tesla Model Y yacht- is it worth the wait?

People relaxing on yacht

If you are looking for a Model Y Tesla yacht, you will have to wait until further announcements are made by the company. However, the project is expected to be game-changing. Yacht manufacturers from around the world are working towards building innovative, electric-powered yachts. Most people prefer to charter a yacht from luxury yacht rental companies that provide exciting yacht packages. They also offer an elaborate collection of luxury yachts to select from at competitive prices.


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